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Feature Project: Urbana, San Diego

Elevated Halo fire pit Urbana San Diego

Urbana is a new take on urban living in San Diego, providing not only accommodation but also a lifestyle.

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Urbana is located in the heart of the East Village a thriving area located east of the Gas Lamp District that has seen significant regeneration in recent years.  The opening of Petco Park in 2004 saw the area change and began the influx of upmarket restaurants, cafes and boutiques combined with the introduction of new apartment buildings for those keen to live in the up and coming area.

Urbana San Diego
Urbana Development, San Diego


Urbana is very much part of this regeneration and they have created a lifestyle rather than just a place to live with preferential rates and discounts with restaurants and local businesses in the area.  In addition to this Urbana offer a range of on site facilities and benefits to enhance the lifestyles’ of residents including on site fitness classes, games room, lounge space and the Vitamin D Lounge roof terrace complete with pool, grill stations and fire pits.


Urbana have incorporated our Elevated Halo fire pits as part of the outdoor living area in the Vitamin D Lounge

Vitamin D Lounge Urbana San Diego fire pit
Vitamin D Lounge, Urbana, San Diego

Our Elevated Halo firepits make the Vitamin D Lounge at Urbana the prefect place to relax and enjoy a drink with friends all year round.  The fire pits create a focal point in the relaxed seating area whilst at the same time creating a space to rest a drink due to the enlarged space around the fire and coffee table height. The Elevated Halo is available in 36″ and 48″ in 10 different colors and 3 different fuel options making it easily adaptable for any commercial or residential installation.

Elevated Halo fire pit Urbana San Diego
Elevated Halo Fire Pits at Vitamin D Lounge at Urbana, San Diego

If you like the sound of Urbana living get in touch with them to check on availability and rates or if you would like to create your own outdoor living space with an Elevated Halo fire pit get in touch with us to find out more.

Products shown: Solus Halo Elevated Fire Pit
Local contact information in San Diego:619.639.1231

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