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Solus Elevated Halo featured in Telus Garden building

Telus Garden Building rooftop deck with Solus Elevated Halo firepit
Image: Telus – Solus Elevated Halo firepit on rooftop deck at the Telus Garden Building

We are thrilled to announce that the TELUS Garden building, Vancouver’s first LEED Platinum certified office tower, has chosen to include a Solus Elevated Halo 36″ fire pit on their rooftop deck.

There’s an extra special reason why we’re happy about this decision though and it’s not just because the TELUS Garden building is being billed as an architectural icon. Our luxury products are sought out worldwide by architects so we’re familiar with being included in architectural feats. We’re happy because like the TELUS Garden building, our products are also sustainable.

Telus Garden
Image: Telus

For starters, we make our concrete with post-industrial waste materials like fly ash and silica that would otherwise be landfill. As for our carbon footprint, we strive to keep it low so largely use locally sourced and manufactured materials cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions from transport . As for energy consumed, our products take very little to produce, in fact, most of the energy used is human powered. And with regards to the curing of our products, they’re cured at ambient temperatures, reducing the need for super heating. Our products off gas nothing more than trace amounts of water and we reuse wash water and all packing materials. We could go on but it’d be easier for you to read our complete sustainability practices.

We look forward to providing warmth in a beautiful environment to those visiting this rooftop deck throughout the year.

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.