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Chelsea Flower Show 2021

nhs tribute garden chelsea flower show 2021

This year at Chelsea there was an emphasis on sustainability and the idea of your outdoor space being a space for sanctuary and relaxation. These are key elements that have been prominent to all of us during the pandemic and it was lovely to see these themes evolve this year.

Many of us have used the garden as a place of sanctuary and over the last couple of years as we have worked from home and had limited or no face to face contact with family and friends. The sanctuary gardens was an area that we particularly enjoyed at the show this year; it shows how to make the most of your outdoors space even if this is limited in size.

Here are some of our highlights from the Sanctuary Gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2021:

Boodles Secret Garden 

The Boodles Secret Garden is inspired by the well-loved children’s story by Frances Hodgson-Burnett, and is an interpretation of the journey to an enchanted, life-changing sanctuary.

From naturalistic planting of tree ferns, grasses and spires of Verbena hastata in a palette of muted greens and creams in the outer beds, the viewer is enticed to look through an intricately carved, louvred oak wall into an enchanted, secret garden brimming with jewel-like plants.

The Finish Soul Garden

Finnish Soul Garden depicts a seaside garden intended to be used as a recreational facility by city dwellers. Situated near a public beach on a secluded peninsula, it features natural Baltic seaside vegetation, sauna and cool-off area. The garden provides an open view to the sea and nearby islands. It is a haven with an atmosphere of relaxation, recuperation and recreation.

The key features are a contemporary Finnish sauna with a vegetated roof and a water feature. The garden recreates the natural green seaside environment and, in the planted cool-off area, the flowers reflect the understated charm of autumn. This communal sanctuary reflects traditional seaside life in harmony with the surrounding nature. The Nordic tradition of seaside life has continued virtually unchanged for centuries.

Finding Our Way: An NHS Tribute Garden 

This garden celebrates the relentless work of the NHS to provide care and support during the Covid pandemic not just nurses and doctors, but also physiotherapists, pharmacists, porters, technicians and other unseen and unsung staff who keep the health service running. At the same time, the UK universities were working flat out to find treatments and vaccines.

Keep a look out for our next blog where we feature our very own sanctuary garden using our fire and water features that you can create at home.