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Garden Trends and Ideas for Spring 2024

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024

In 2024, garden trends are redefining outdoor living as a year-round experience, while emphasising planet-friendly practices and biodiverse planting techniques. From cosy balconies to sprawling country gardens, enthusiasts are crafting multifunctional havens that seamlessly blend sustainability with style. Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship, gardeners are incorporating native flora, drought-resistant plants, and pollinator-friendly species into their landscapes, fostering vibrant ecosystems that thrive throughout the seasons. Even the smallest outdoor oasis can offer boundless possibilities for connection with nature and sustainable living. By maximising every inch of available space through innovative design and clever utilisation of vertical elements, the concept of outdoor living is evolving beyond mere summertime leisure.

Planet Friendly, Biodiverse Planting

Whether you ask a garden designer or just your average “hobby gardener”, they will say that gardening trends are shifting to focus on eco-friendly changes that encourage local flora and fauna to thrive. Cottage style gardens with mixed flower beds, edible plants and medicinal plants are extremely popular due to trends in natural wellness and self-sufficiency. Even those with limited space can incorporate containers of garden herbs or potted fruits and veggies (tomatoes are a great choice for container cultivation!).

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024

If you want to make your garden a beautiful and interesting place to be, encouraging more life, movement and variation is essential. Gardens that support local wildlife such as birds, insects, invertebrates as well as the animals that rely upon them are rising in popularity. For instance, if you have the space for a pond or flowering tree, these are fantastic for creating biodiversity. Berry-bearing shrubs and pollinator friendly plants are also great options if you can’t swing something quite so substantial. Moreover, spring pollinator plants such as lilac, crocuses and lilies of the valley are not only easy to get your hands on at any local garden centre, but fit into almost any style or type of garden.

If you really wish to lean into the wild and natural aesthetic, wildflowers such as bluebells, foxgloves, wild thyme and poppies add vibrant pops of colour to long patches of grass. Moreover, a less manicured lawn means less mowing! However, if you prefer a cleaner look, creating a wildflower border still promotes biodiversity whilst keeping your space sleek and simple. 

Water Saving Ideas

A great way to promote biodiversity, encourage critters and create a peaceful atmosphere is installing a water feature into your outdoor space. Self-circulating water features keep your water bill low whilst providing a water source for birds and small mammals.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Scupper Water Feature

Drought- resistant plants are also a trending gardening idea. Resilient plants such as succulents are not only eye-catching and unique but are also perfect for drought resistant bedding. If you’re looking for eco-conscious and water saving plants that can thrive in sand and gravel rich soil here are a few ideas: 

  • Aloe
  • Aeonium
  • Delosperma cooperi
  • Drosanthemum
  • Crassula 
  • Lampranthus
Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Aeonium, Drosanthemum and Aloe

Outdoor Living Year-Round

Making the most of your home inside and out is particularly important in a day and age where housing costs an arm and a leg, especially if you are lucky enough to have a garden. Therefore, comfortable living and entertaining spaces that can be used year-round are going to be even more popular in 2024. All-weather quick-dry furniture can be costly, but quality seating is a good investment for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Additionally, incorporating outdoor kitchens into these entertaining spaces are rising in popularity, accompanied by weatherproof pergolas and fire pits for extra warmth.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Luna Firebowl

If you’re looking to make your outdoor space more multi-functional, integrating “well-being zones” such as cold plunges and saunas may be for you. Cold water exposure is often used to improve your mood, immune system, reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. Heat therapy tools such as saunas are also great for aches and pains in your joints and muscles, as well as stress management, cardiovascular function and improving blood circulation. They don’t have to take up much space either! If you are looking for some at home self-care whilst saving space, try immersing your cold plunge or sauna within your planting areas. This will keep a cohesive look to your garden and create a peaceful surrounding whilst you relax.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024, saunas
Thermalux Sauna

Although the dark and gloomy months are nearing their end, English weather is never predictable. So, why not brighten up dreary days with some colour? The neutral aesthetic has been popular for a long time and although it is understated and elegant, colour is vastly undervalued in outdoor spaces. We are not advocating for a neon yellow accent wall by any means, but blues, peach tones, and purples will complement your plants and make your space pop. However, if you’re not into colourful walls, tiles, or furniture, try some colourful plants! Tulips can come in dozens of colours, Continus Coggygria are a royal purple tone, Zinnias are a stunning lime green and African daisies are not only multicoloured but drought resistant! 

Making the Most of Small Space

If your garden space is limited there are still plenty of options to maximise what you have. Visual interest can be added through the use of elevated decking, raised beds or hanging baskets. Also, standing plant pots and repurposed containers are great eco-conscious ways to give your balcony, patio or garden a facelift. If your outdoor area is partially or fully shaded, Azaleas and Camellias are fantastic flowers to brighten up your space. They can either be planted in containers, small gardens or even used to fill gaps in borders (note that they work well together as they both prefer acidic soil).

Additionally, fire pits and water features are great space-saving ways to add a focal point to small areas. For instance, our Hemi 26 is the smallest fire bowl in our Hemi series, perfect for apartment living.If you don’t have access to your own garden, community gardens are also a rising trend for 2024. Shared spaces like this can provide community and a social space for those with a green thumb, giving you all the benefits of being outdoors without having to take care of an entire backyard by yourself!

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024, patios and balconies

In conclusion, the gardening landscape of 2024 is a testament to the evolving relationship between humans and nature. Garden designers are embracing sustainable practices and biodiverse planting techniques to create vibrant ecosystems that thrive year-round. Whether you’re transforming a sprawling country garden or maximising a cosy balcony, the emphasis on planet-friendly gardening is evident in the incorporation of native flora, drought-resistant plants, and pollinator-friendly species. The concept of outdoor living has evolved beyond mere leisure, with the integration of all-weather furnishings, outdoor kitchens, and wellness zones like cold plunges and saunas. Even in the smallest of outdoor spaces, innovative design and strategic use of vertical elements offer boundless opportunities for connection with nature and sustainable living.

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Is Your Fire Pit Ready for Spring?

Halo Elevated 36 Fire Table Ethanol

The All Weather Cover

We have found the best way to clean the cover is the combination of a stiff brush, hot water and dish soap.  Clean it right on top of the fire pit.  It may require a bit of elbow grease depending on where you live and how much “green” is on your cover.

Fire pit ready

The Burner

Once the cover is done – inspect the top side of the burner – remove any detritus – leaves, twigs dirt.  This can potentially block gas flow.   Inspect the top side for any evidence of spiders – particularly inside the pilot cage. Pilot cages are installed in all Electronic Start and Manual Ignition with Flame Supervision Device burners, to protect the pilot assembly from rocks and other debris. However it does not protect from spiders or any crawling insects.  We have seen a few instances where spiders have crawled inside the pilot assembly, clogged the orifice and pilot opening, therefore blocking gas flow.   Visually and carefully inspect the pilot assembly and/or thermocouple for any evidence of last years’  marshmallows or any corrosion. Clean when needed.  Get in touch  if you need replacement parts.

If your system has a cross jet or linear brass burner, (all units sold within the last 9 years), your brass burner should still be in great working condition. These burners come with a 25 year warranty. These jets have tiny pin holes inside and it doesn’t take a lot to block. In most cases, these jets can get clogged by even the smallest dirt or particles. In these cases, we recommend using a compressed gas duster and blow through the system with the nozzle.  This can dislodge the blockage and clear the opening. You could also do this with a vacuum.

Linear Single Stack Gas Fire Pit in Cinder (shown with full bed of rocks)
Linear Single Stack Gas Fire Pit in Cinder (shown with full bed of rocks)


Decorative Rocks

If the decorative rocks are sooty ( black )  as opposed to the black lava,  these can be thrown in the hot water bucket and scrubbed.  Especially for those of you who have propane burners. These rocks are especially made and tested for high temperature usage. If you prefer an “all rock” look and/or require replacement, please visit our new online shop. It has all the parts and accessories you may need.

Glass Shield

If you have a glass wind shield, part of the regular maintenance is to tighten all the fittings with an allen key and clean the inside and outside of the tempered glass.  Glass shields are available for all Solus fire features.

Glass shield

Lava Rock

Every ten years or so we recommend replacing the lava rock, especially if they are beginning to look a little thin. The evidence can be found below your firepit. Take a peek at the bottom by removing the rock and lava rock and lifting up the burner plate. Notice the accumulation of broken down lava particles/sands especially for propane burners. Make sure nothing is blocking the vent holes and drainage holes. Use a shop vac or rinse it out of the bottom.   For those of you in tropical climates make sure when you take a look that a snake hasn’t taken up residence in the bottom of the bowl!

Gas Connections

Before firing your firepit, check and double check connections. Make sure, connections are snugged tight and are connected to where they should be.  Gas leaks are very dangerous. For those of you with a propane tank connection, ensure that the tank you have is full and ready to go.  If the fire pit does not light up after a few starts, your system might need some purging. Purging is the elimination of unwanted substances that accumulated inside your gas line during the idle periods.   For those with extremely long connections it may take more time.

Concrete Surfaces

Mud, dirt and efflorescence (whitish streaks or appearance) are sometimes noticeable from outside the concrete bowl.  To clean the affected surfaces, use hot soapy water and scrub with a scotch brite pad.  Do this on a sunny day to hasten the drying. Once completely dry, re-apply a stone sealer. Stone sealers are available from any good hardware store.  Always test the sealer on a small area first – see instructions on refinishing.

For concrete table surfaces, we don’t recommend using the scotch brite pad. The surface of your table is coated with a special compound that provides its elegant transparent sheen Scotch Brite pad or any sharp and granulated paper can damage the finish.  Just hot soapy water and rinse and let it dry in the sunshine before recovering.  If your surface is marred by debris that has been left on the surface over the winter then try washing first and if unsuccessful call us (0208.819.1495 ) and we will guide you with the next options.

You might be interested to know that we have complementing self circulating water features that might be a nice addition to your fire pit available here.

As always we are available to help.  Give us a call on 0208.819.149

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