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The Top Six FAQs about Solus Water bowls

Solus Dome water feature fountain
Image: Water dome

Last February, we launched our Solus Water bowls; the latest in West coast design. The feedback and sales have been incredible and complimentary but we felt it was necessary to address some common questions that have come up about them.

1 – Is there any maintenance to consider?
Yes, the first consideration is to drain the bowl if you live in a climate that has a risk of freezing or even frost. The second is to to keep an eye on the water level as it will need occasional replenishment due to evaporation.

2 – Can the water feature be utilized alongside another pump or incorporated into a full pool or pond water feature?
Absolutely! The volume of water is going to dictate the pump that you may need to access if you are looking to incorporate it.

3 – Is the water totally contained within the vessel?
Yes! The domed Solus water bowl and water spigot with basin are totally self contained units where water recirculates on itself.

4 – How hard and how long does it take to set up?
Amazingly easy – set up time varies from 20 – 60 minutes.

5 – Does it come complete?
In North America, it comes with everything but the water. In Europe, due to CE regulations, it comes with the pump and cord but without a plug as specified by governmental regulations.

6 – Does it green or algae up?
The answer is, it depends – on your water, where you place it, if it is on all the time or sits and doesn’t circulate for some period of time. If concerned, there are simple, green additives you can add to the water to prevent algae build up.

Never hesitate to come by our presentation centre and view the water bowls or call us at 1-877-255-3146 ( North America ) or 44 208 819 1495 ( UK & Europe ) to learn more.