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Enhance Your Hospitality Spaces with Fire and Water Features

Solus Decor fire pit spa hotel


In the competitive world of hospitality, creating a memorable and inviting atmosphere is key to attracting and retaining guests. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues can significantly enhance their appeal by incorporating fire and water features. These elements not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of a space but also create a unique ambiance that can set a venue apart from its competitors. Solus Decor UK offers a range of high-quality fire and water features that are perfect for transforming hospitality spaces.

Solus Decor Hemi outdoor gas fire pit

The Allure of Fire Features

Creating Warmth and Ambiance

Fire features such as fire pits, fire bowls, and fire tables are not only functional but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They serve as focal points where guests can gather, socialize, and relax. The warmth and light from a fire feature can extend the usability of outdoor spaces, making them comfortable and enjoyable even on cooler evenings.

Versatility and Design

Solus Decor UK offers a variety of fire features that cater to different design preferences and functional needs. From modern minimalist designs to more traditional styles, there is something to complement any hospitality setting. These fire features can be powered by gas, ensuring ease of use and safety, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ease of Use with Automatic Ignition

One of the standout features of Solus Decor’s fire products is the option of an automatic ignition system. This feature makes starting and maintaining the fire extremely simple, even for those who are not technically inclined. With the push of a button, users can ignite the fire, ensuring a hassle-free experience that enhances guest comfort and convenience. This user-friendly feature is particularly beneficial for busy hospitality environments where staff efficiency is crucial.

solus water dome in spa
Hotel Ivy Minneapolis, a Luxury Collection property, with the newly renovated luxury Anda Spa.

The Serenity of Water Features

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Water features such as fountains, ponds, and waterfalls add a sense of tranquility and elegance to hospitality spaces. The soothing sound of flowing water can create a calming atmosphere, which is especially beneficial in bustling environments like hotels and restaurants. Water features can serve as stunning focal points in lobbies, courtyards, or garden areas, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Promoting Relaxation and Well-being

In addition to their visual appeal, water features have been shown to promote relaxation and improve well-being. The presence of water can lower stress levels and create a sense of peace, making it an excellent addition to any hospitality venue aiming to provide a serene and rejuvenating experience for guests.

Combining Fire and Water for Maximum Impact

Creating a Balanced Environment

Combining fire and water features can create a balanced and harmonious environment that appeals to the senses. The dynamic interplay of these elements can transform any space into a captivating and immersive experience. For example, placing a fire bowl near a water fountain can create a stunning visual contrast and enhance the sensory experience for guests.


solus fire pit at fairmont empress hotel
Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire pit on the Fairmont Empress Hotel terrace at sunset

Practical Considerations

Safety and Maintenance

When incorporating fire and water features into hospitality spaces, safety and maintenance are crucial considerations. Solus Decor UK provides fire features that are designed with safety in mind, offering options with automatic shut-off and easy-to-use controls. Similarly, water features are designed for minimal maintenance, with durable materials that withstand the demands of high-traffic environments.

Enhancing Guest Experience

Ultimately, the goal of integrating fire and water features into hospitality spaces is to enhance the guest experience. These elements create inviting and memorable environments that encourage guests to linger and return. By investing in high-quality fire and water features, hospitality venues can significantly boost their appeal and stand out in a competitive market.


Incorporating fire and water features into hospitality spaces is a powerful way to enhance their aesthetic appeal and create a unique ambiance. Solus Decor UK offers a wide range of customizable and high-quality fire and water features that are perfect for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues. By thoughtfully integrating these elements, hospitality venues can create inviting, memorable, and captivating environments  and that delight guests and encourage repeat visits.


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Exploring Solus Decor UK’s Innovative Product Launches

Solus Decor Elevated Halo outdoor gas fire pit fire table

Transform Your Garden with Solus Decor’s Innovative Outdoor Features


Solus Decor UK has consistently pushed the boundaries of outdoor design with their innovative and stylish fire pits, water features, and accessories. Over the years, they have showcased their latest products at prestigious events, earning accolades for their creativity and quality. Here, we take a closer look at some of the standout products launched by Solus Decor at various events. This highlights the Solus Decor garden innovations that have transformed outdoor spaces.

Chelsea Flower Show 2022: Debut of the Water Box

The Solus Decor Waterbox - a white concrete box with stones and a water dome

At the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, Solus Decor unveiled the Water Box, a striking addition to their collection of water features. The Water Box is a contemporary design that combines clean lines with the soothing presence of water. It is a versatile element for modern garden spaces, designed to fit seamlessly into various garden styles. From minimalist urban settings to lush, natural landscapes, the water box is an elegant solution.

The Water Box stands out with its rectangular form and reflective surface, which creates a mesmerizing mirror effect. This design not only adds visual interest but also enhances the sense of tranquility in any outdoor space. The feature’s construction from high-quality materials ensures durability and longevity, making it an excellent investment for any garden enthusiast.

This launch at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 highlighted Solus Decor’s dedication to creating innovative and stylish products that elevate outdoor living. The Water Box received positive feedback for its elegant design. It brought a peaceful ambiance to the show gardens, reinforcing Solus Decor’s reputation for excellence in outdoor decor.


Pacific Rim at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Solus Decor Pacific Rim outdoor gas fire pit and water feature

In 2019, Solus Decor made waves at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with the launch of their Pacific Rim water feature. This contemporary piece was designed to bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to any garden space. The Pacific Rim features a sleek, circular design that allows water to cascade smoothly over its surface, creating a soothing visual and auditory experience. This fire and water feature quickly became a favorite among garden designers. Homeowners looking to add a touch of modern sophistication to their outdoor spaces need look no further.

The Pacific Rim’s success at the Chelsea Flower Show underscored Solus Decor’s commitment to blending form and function in their products. The feature was praised for its minimalist design and the calming effect of its water flow. The Pacific Rim makes a perfect addition to both private gardens and public spaces.

The Metal Table Top at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Solus 36 Hemi LPD with metal drinks ring in Cinder

The 2018 Chelsea Flower Show saw Solus Decor unveiling another innovative product: the metal table top for their Hemi fire pit. This versatile accessory enhances the functionality of the Hemi fire pit. It transforms the fire pit into a practical and stylish table when the fire is not in use. The metal table top can be used in two configurations: as a full table top or with a central drinks ring. This allows easy access to the fire while still providing space for beverages and snacks.

This product launch highlighted Solus Decor’s ability to combine utility with aesthetics. The metal table top was well-received by both the public and the media, with its sleek design complementing the modern look of the Hemi fire pit. This accessory is ideal for those who want to maximize their outdoor living space without sacrificing style.


Solus Decor UK has consistently showcased their dedication to innovation and design excellence through their product launches at major events like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The Pacific Rim water feature exudes calming elegance. The metal table top for the Hemi fire pit offers versatile functionality. Solus Decor continues to create beautiful and practical outdoor living solutions. The debut of the Water Box at the 2022 show proves their ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. Solus Decor garden innovations will inspire homeowners and designers alike with their cutting-edge products. Their garden innovations set new standards in outdoor decor.


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Industry-Leading 25-Year Warranty on our Gas Fire Pit Burners

Roof top terrace with four white chairs and the Solus Decor Halo fire feature

At Solus Decor UK, we are proud to offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty on our gas fire pit burners. This extensive warranty is a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. In this blog, we explore why we provide such a comprehensive warranty, how we craft our products to stand the test of time, and what this means for our valued customers.

Why We Offer a 25-Year Warranty

Commitment to Quality

At Solus Decor UK, quality is not just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our business. Our 25-year warranty on the burner is designed to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected for decades. This warranty is a reflection of our confidence in the superior craftsmanship and materials used in our products.

5 friends standing around the Solus Decor Hemi Fire Bowl in the snow

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that purchasing a fire pit is a significant investment. By offering a 25-year warranty, we aim to provide our customers with the assurance that they are buying a product that will not only enhance their outdoor space but also offer long-term reliability and enjoyment.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

It’s important to note that our 25-year warranty covers the burner, provided it is installed and maintained properly. We emphasize the importance of following our installation guidelines and regular maintenance schedules to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our products.

Built to Last: Our Manufacturing Process

In-House Production

One of the key reasons we can offer such a robust warranty is that we manufacture all our products in-house. This allows us to maintain stringent quality control throughout the entire production process. From the initial design to the final product, every step is carefully monitored to ensure it meets our high standards.

Solus Decor warehouse employee hand making Hemi fire bowl

Premium Materials

We use only the finest materials to construct our fire pits. Our products are made from Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), which is renowned for its durability and resistance to the elements. This ensures that our fire pits can withstand the harshest weather conditions without compromising their aesthetic appeal or functionality.

Rigorous Testing

Before any of our fire pits leave the factory, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our exacting standards. This includes testing for durability, safety, and performance. By the time a Solus Decor fire pit reaches our customers, we are confident that it will perform flawlessly for many years to come.

Benefits of Our Warranty

Peace of Mind

Our 25-year warranty on the burner provides unparalleled peace of mind. Customers can enjoy their fire pits without worrying about potential defects or performance issues. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our warranty ensures that the problem will be promptly addressed.

Increased Property Value

High-quality outdoor features like our fire pits can significantly enhance the value of a property. A long-term warranty adds even more value, making our fire pits an attractive feature for potential buyers.


Investing in a product that is built to last is a sustainable choice. Our durable fire pits reduce the need for frequent replacements, which not only saves money in the long run but also reduces waste and the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new products.

Roof top terrace with four white chairs and the Solus Decor Halo fire feature


At Solus Decor UK, our industry-leading 25-year warranty on our gas fire pit burners is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. By manufacturing our products in-house, using premium materials, and adhering to rigorous testing protocols, we ensure that our fire pits are built to last. This extensive warranty provides our customers with the assurance they need to enjoy their outdoor spaces for many years to come.


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