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Location, Location; Solus fire pits around the world

What do all these locations have in common?

The Modern Hawaii
Hemi 36″ firebowls at The Modern Resort (Hawaii)
St Regis Resort
Elevated Halo 48″ firebowl at the St-Regis Resort (California)
  • 5-star resorts in the Caribbean 
  • A palace in Saudi Arabia
  • Casual restaurants in Toronto
  • Golf courses in Alberta
  • Wineries in Washington
  • Hotels in California
  • Breweries in Texas
  • Ski hills in Colorado
  • Theatres in Kansas
  • Condo associations in Montreal
  • Community centres in Vancouver
  • Universities in BC
  • Churches
  • Public gardens
  • Medical centres
  • Funeral homes

They are all recipients of Solus fire pits and water features. It never fails to amaze the crew at Solus in what wonderful and weird locations our products end up or in what corner of the world.

Having successfully shipped to every continent including Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and Europe, we have just South America and Antarctica to fill our global quest to ship to all corners of the earth.

As you may be aware Solus has expanded and opened its overseas office in the UK to sell all over Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa with CE appliances in early 2016.  Plans in 2017 include Australasia.

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.

Snow King resort
Elevated Halo 48″ firepit at The Snow King Mountain Resort (Wyoming)
Hemi 36 at Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver
Hemi 36″ firebowl Fairmount Pacific Rim Presidential suite (Vancouver)