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Delivery Times and Stock Availability in 2021

outdoor living spae

The last year has been unprecedented for any company on the outdoor world and like so many other businesses this has impacted Solus in many ways.  As we move into the summer, we wanted to take the opportunity to update you on a few changes and how this impacts you as the client when ordering.


Hemi fire pit
26″ Hemi fire pit


Solus designs, manufactures and ships all our products from our workshop in Vancouver, Canada where the business was originally founded. As we continue to ship our products to the UK, we can’t deny that the impact of both the pandemic and Brexit has had an effect on our lead times combined with a growing demand for outdoor living products in the UK.

outdoor living spae


As a business we have hired multiple new staff and are currently running  seven days week to cope with the high number of orders. However, we are still impacted by increased shipping times.  We know this is frustrating as a client so we are doing are best to provide as much information as possible to help you plan your garden projects and ensure you can place orders ready for the next shipment.

solus hemi fire pit

To assist you we have updated the website to include details of items currently in stock in the UK and items available in our next shipment arriving in August and available for immediate sale.  Should the item you are looking for not be in stock or available in the August shipment get in touch with us now to ensure you secure delivery in October. Should you require faster delivery please contact us to discuss air freight options which we are able to facilitate.


Don’t miss out, take a look at our current stock page and get in touch to make the most of your outdoor space!





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Shipping Fire Pits To Moscow with Love…

… and to LA, Montreal, Zurich, Sydney and many points in between! Crated FirePit heading to Moscow, Russia

Solus fire pits of all shapes, sizes and colors are being made, packed, crated and shipped to the far corners of the world. Finding the perfect gas concrete fire pit or fire table- in a standard production unit – is worth the cost of shipping for many designers and home owners all over the world over. Solus is proud of the care that we take in preparing a product for shipment.

In fact, as much care is taken in packing and crating our fire feature products as is taken in their creation. After curing and finishing, each fire pit is carefully wrapped and placed in a purpose built wooden crate.

A liquid foam is placed in between the wood form of the crate and the wrapping that protects the product.
Liquid foam sprayed into crate
This foam “hard forms” around the fire pit as it dries, taking in its unique shape as well as the way it is sitting in the crate. This hard form now helps to secure the product in place and helps to reduce movement and vibration of the product within the crate, while it is being moved and handled in the shipping process.

Whether shipping down an interstate corridor, over a continent by rail, or across oceans by ship, Solus products get to their end destination unscathed and as beautiful as the moment they were packed and crated.
Liquid foam drys and hardens around product to prevent vibration and movement in crate Stacked fire pit crates ready to ship to long distance destination.