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Contest winner chooses firebowl over hot tub

Before & After reno
Hemi Firebowl featured in winning renovation design

We are thrilled that Melissa Tolsma, from Nanaimo, BC, who won $10,000 in a Fortis BC renovation contest, chose to include a Solus Decor Hemi 36-inch firebowl to make her dream backyard design come true.

As one of three finalists in the contest, she received a rendering of her space by Sarah Gallop Design.This breathtaking design featured a multi-leveled deck, a hot tub along the back of the house and a fire pit area on the side of the house. This dream of a design inspired Melissa to get everyone she knew to vote for her, eventually leading her to winning the contest.

As reality would have it, however, Melissa knew that $10,000 wouldn’t be enough to cover everything set forth in the rendering. Thus, the big decision to choose a hot tub versus a fire pit commenced. Melissa knew that although lovely, the hot tub would eat up the majority of the budget taking away from the deck and other finishing touches. Plus, a strong benefit to having a fire pit is that entertaining is much more spontaneous, frequent and convivial around a round shaped firebowl which creates that campfire feel at home. Thus, she decided to go with a fire pit for the final design.

Melissa ended up contracting Jonker Custom Building who specialize in sustainable designs to redesign her backyard. As seen in the image above, our Hemi firebowl was made the star of the yard while leaving enough space for a vegetable garden on the side.

We are thrilled that Melissa chose to include our Hemi 36-inch firebowl amongst her design and make it apart of her lifestyle. We know she will be more than satisfied, as well as toasty warm during the September to May chilly months.

The renovation is currently underway and we will update you with pictures once completed.