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Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Rain Chain with self-circulating 36" Water Feature in Cinder and Stainless Steel

Highlights from Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

2023 has been bigger and better than ever before with a full outdoor living experience in collaboration with our partners at Cedar Nursery.


Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has been an opportunity to show our fire and water products in a real outdoor living space that can be recreated at home; complete with outdoor kitchen, sauna, and the perfect outdoor funiture to enjoy the space.

A highlight at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has also been the opportunity to launch our latest products, which have had fantastic feedback from visitors to the show. We have launched the Luna fire pit; an adaption of our classic Hemi fire bowl. The Luna has a soft oval shape which we teamed with elegant planting from Cedar Nursery at the show.

The show stopper of the show was the new Rain Chime; designed in collaboration with Robert Studer.  A unique evolution of our classic water domes reimagined to bring height and an element of scuplture with the rain chime forming part of the self circulating water feature.

The rain chain created the wow factor on the stand with it’s sculptural qualaties which many were eager to recreate in their own gardens.

Of course it was not just us at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 and once again we were bowled over by the talent and hard work that went onto the show gardens.  Here are a few of our highlights.

Eastern Eye Garden of Unity designed by Manoj Malde

Manoj Malde
Easter Eye Garden of Unity design by Manoj Malde


A colour palette of orange and pink is inspired by Manoj’s Indian heritage and the boldness of clashing sari colours worn by Indian women. There are marigolds used in Hindu worship and colourful spices set out on the table alongside little oil lamps (diya), which are used at festivals and religious ceremonies.

Bright posts positioned around the garden with sentences in braille, demonstrate that gardens and gardening are for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality or disability – a space to garden and be included with kindness and humanity is every person’s birthright.

The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey

Tom Massey
The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey


An outdoor laboratory, built into a hillside, takes visitors down into the landscape, offering an ‘insect’s eye view’ and a space in which to study. The lab’s roof structure is inspired by a compound insect eye and the lab is used for real scientific research, monitoring and studying insects visiting the garden.

Diverse topography across the site — rammed earth floors, hoggin pathways, dead wood, piles of rubble, bare sand and gabion walls — provide numerous and varied habitats for insects. Water in still pools and flowing streams provides additional important insect habitats and adds interest to the aesthetic and soundscape of the garden.

Feels Like Home Designed by Rosemary Coldstream

Rosemary Coldtsream
Feel Like Home designed by Rosemary Coldstream


This garden is inspired by the Rosemary’s childhood in New Zealand. Plants, colours and natural materials are used to create a green oasis in which to relax and be in a place that ‘feels like home’.

These materials include, handmade clay pots, charred timber cladding, sliced boulder paving, a bench seat made from reclaimed kauri (an ancient New Zealand native timber sustainably sourced) and a bespoke stainless steel water feature of a fern leaf.
Get in touch with us  to find out more about our full range of fire and water products or visit us at our showroom at Cedar Nursery for full outdoor living experience.

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Solus Decor at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Solus Decor fire pit at RHS Hampton Court

Solus Decor have collaborated with the award winning garden designer Rosemary Coldstream at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this month.  Rosemary’s Best of Both Worlds Garden won a gold award at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

The Best of Both Worlds Garden was designed for an imaginary couple who have a small garden but differing tastes. To keep each other happy, they’ve split the garden into two equal halves. One side has a country-garden feel and a palette of blues, purple and pinks.  The other side is more contemporary with a simpler mix of green foliage and golden grasses.

About the Best of Both Worlds Garden

Rosemary Coldstream has incorporated Solus Decor’s elevated halo fire pit in the contemporary side of the garden in a sunken seating area.  The planting in the contemporary area in a more simplified palette of yellow, green, blue and hints of red.  The landscaping is linear in its design in contrast to the country style garden.

The garden was created by landscaping apprentices, trainees and students on BALI’s GoLandscape initiative which is supported by the RHS.  BALI’S GoLandscape initiative encourages young people to pursue a career in horticulture. The young designers, landscapers and contractors have been mentored by designer Rosemary Coldstream and David Dodd of The Outdoor Room as part of the Best of Both Worlds Garden project.

Elevated Halo Fire Pit

Rosemary Coldstream has incorporated Solus Decor’s elevated halo fire pit with biofuel in the contemporary side of the best of both worlds garden. The elevated halo fire pit is available in 36″ and 48″ sizes and with three different fuel options; natural gas, liquid propane and biofuel as seen at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.  The fire pit is ideal for both commercial and residential installations.

Solus Decor Elevated Halo Fire Pit in Cinder

To see the garden in action take a look at this snippet from the BBC commentary on Hampton Court Flower Show with Adam Frost.

Solus Decor elevated halo fire pit at Hampton Court Flower Show
Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire pit in Best of Both Worlds Garden designed by Rosemary Coldstream at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

To find out more out more about the elevated halo fire pit or any of our other products get in contact with us.