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Solus raises $7000 at 2013 Crystal Ball for kids with disabilities

On November 16th at the 2013 Crystal Ball in Toronto, Solus Decor raised over $7000 for the Reach for the Rainbow charity to benefit kids with disabilities. As mentioned previously, we donated 2 fire pits, one Hemi firebowl and one Halo fire pit.

The night proved a major success. Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, was a smash hit engaging the entire audience for smiles and cheers.

Don Felder performing
Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, performing

Our beautiful Halva coloured Hemi firebowl stood majestic on stage waiting to be auctioned.

Hemi firebowl
Hemi firebowl up for auction at Crystal Ball

Our Portland coloured elevated Halo fire pit was a hit amongst the outdoor décor items.

Elevated Halo fire pit
Elevated Halo fire pit up for auction at Crystal Ball

Once again, a special thanks goes out to Jennifer Bannon of Bonavista Pools & Spas in Toronto for representing us at the 2013 Crystal Ball. They are one of our cherished dealers and we thank them for being there on our behalf.


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Solus Decor to donate 2 fire pits to the 27th Annual Crystal Ball Charity Auction in Toronto

It is with great pleasure that Solus Decor announces that we will be donating 2 fire pits; 1 Hemi firebowl and 1 Elevated Halo fire pit to the 27th Annual Crystal Ball Charity Auction which is Reach for the Rainbow‘s signature fundraising event. This event is to take place on November 16, 2013 in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know:

“[It] is considered one of the top black tie revenue generating galas in the country. This one-of-a-kind event now in its 26th year draws the who’s who of Corporate Canada including the elite, the affluent and the philanthropic.”


It’s important for us to give back to the community as often as we can to help those less fortunate than us. This past September, we donated a Hemi firebowl to the IDSwest Laneway House Auction to the benefit of the Alzheimer’s Society of BC. At this event, our 2 fire pits will be auctioned off to help raise money for Reach for the Rainbow which serves to help the lives of the children and young adults with complex developmental and physical disabilities, as well as their families. Although we can’t make it, we are thrilled that we are being represented by none other than Jennifer Gannon of Bonavista Pool & Spas, one of our best dealers in Toronto. We hope that the money raised by our two fire pits will help make even a modest difference.

Crystal Ball 2012

If you are in the Toronto area or would like to attend the 27th Annual Crystal Ball Charity Auction, download the ticket order form or contact them for more info.