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Get inspired with Spire; an accent fire pit

Spire fire pit
Welcome Spire: the newest addition to our fire pit collection

Some of the best Solus products were designed by listening to our audience. When wind atop high-rises and near beaches was affecting our fire pits’ flame, we created the glass shield. When individuals had nowhere to put their wine glasses or plates, we created the Orbital ring. And now, we have listened again to landscape architects and designers who requested an accent fire piece that would hold its own, alone or in a series, by highlighting prominent spaces. Our answer was Spire; the latest from our fire pit collection.

Spire was pre-launched in early Fall 2013 and is now fully available for sale.  They make particularly interesting fire points on the stairways, around pools, large decks or even as centering points to an entry.


Spire is available in all twelve Solus colours.


Spire is available in both propane or natural gas and can be lit manually on the fire pit or controlled by an electronic start (wall switch, wall timer or integrated system). There is also a remote option allowing you to control it from a poolside lounge chair with a martini in hand. Talk with one of our sales reps for more info on this.


This beautiful and elegant conical fire pit flares from the bottom to the top and measures 24”h x 16” (at the base) x 20” (diameter at the top).

Solus Spire firebowl
Up close and personal with the Spire firebowl as shown at IDS design show

If you haven’t yet met Spire, drop by our showroom to see this conical beauty in action. We’d love to help you accessorize your outdoors with her.

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Fire pits are safe to use in Vancouver

Are fire pits legal? Are they safe to use? Do they require permits in Vancouver? These are some common question we get asked so we’d like to take a moment to clarify.

Solus Hemi 36-inch firebowl in Vancouver

First and foremost, fire pits are absolutely legal in Canada and United States. We also ship worldwide. If you live outside of North America and would like to order a fire pit, first check with your municipality/city but we would be surprised if it wasn’t.

As for whether or not Solus fire pits require permits in Vancouver, unlike wood-burning fire pits which are banned by most municipalities, Solus fire pits adhere to municipal bylaws because they are generally fueled by natural gas or propane. Also, because no materials or substances are burned in the fire pit (i.e. waste, paper, plant material, wood or vegetation) you do not require a permit in Vancouver. And if that’s not great news, some burners fueled by ethanol can even be used inside landscape structures such as gazebos. Think of the décor possibilities!

Social benefits of having a fire pit:

Fire has always been a natural draw for those spending time outside. Today’s fire features are more than just focal points; they’re also social magnets. People are just naturally attracted to fire. Most people tell us after they’ve installed a fire bowl, that it becomes a gathering place, a natural conversation pit.

How to choose a fire pit:

Once you have chosen the fuel type (natural gas, propane or ethanol), deciding between a fire pit, fire table or fire bowl comes down to personal preference, functionality and style. The fire table is quite popular because it allows you to place a small plate or a glass on the surface, although we now also offer this ability on our 48″ Hemi firebowl thanks to the new Orbital ring we just launched. Fire bowls on the other hand tend to kick out more warmth and inspire more conversation. Of the Solus product line, the Hemi 36″ firebowl is a big seller.

Solus firetables are great for entertaining

If you’d like to see for yourself which model you’d prefer, feel free to drop by our showroom or give us a call 1(877) 255 3146 so we can answer any questions or concerns you might have.