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Congratulations to the winners of the Name our fire pit contest

The purpose of this contest was to help us name the two new fire pits designed for our Fall 2013 collection, whose working names were the ‘cube’ and the ‘conical’ based on their shapes. In total, we were overjoyed with 235 entries coming in from across North America.

It was a tough task sorting through all 235 name suggestions which were quite well thought out. Although some clever ones made us giggle, it was important for us to choose a fire pit name that reflected the form and function of our two new designs.

So what did we decide?

  • Laura Rayner of Summerside, PEI (Fire cube)
  • Kelly Stewart of Surrey, BC (Spire)

Thanks to Laura Rayner, we went with the Fire cube for our cube fire pit. It seems so obvious but for our team, it wasn’t until we heard it. It was the perfect choice for our new cube as it marries form with function, which is so important for our product names.

As for our conical fire pit, we went with Spire, thanks to Kelly Stewart. We were looking for something inspirational and when we read Spire, we immediately thought of a church spire which is also conical in shape.

As thanks for helping us find the names for our newest collection, Both Kelly and Laura will be receiving their winning fire pit valued at $3,000 CAD. They will be the first people in North America to enjoy them. We hope to share pictures with our winners enjoying the Spire and Fire cube in their new homes shortly.

Fall 2013 fire pit collection:

Both the Spire and Fire cube will be available in all 12 concrete colours. The Fire cube measures 16″ x 16″ and fits perfectly into smaller spaces, making it the perfect fire pit for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space on their patio.  The Spire measures 23 3/4″ high. With 48,000 btus, they both kick out an enormous amount of heat, sure to keep everyone toasty warm in outdoor living spaces. Both the Spire and Fire cube are available with either a gas or propane burner.

The Spire and Fire cube are both set to be launched in the new year. If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact us.