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6 smart ways to position seating around a modern gas fire pit in the backyard

The majority of visitors to our show room know that they absolutely want a modern, gas fire pit. However we do meet clients on occasion that are unsure about how best to arrange their outdoor seating around one.

So Solus have compiled a selection of the simplest ways in which fire pits can be arranged for your outdoor space. Or our team of sales associates would be happy to plan with you by phone or in person if these layouts don’t work for you.

HEMI 36 PORTLAND Flame Dusk Lava Rock - Mayr 01_crop
A 36″ Hemi firebowl fire pit is perfect for a layout that can be easily changed with individual chairs placed around it .


Hemi 26
The 26″ Hemi firebowl fire pit with plinth works well in the corner of a garden . Just place with chairs or a table around it.


Elevated Halo 36"
A love seat and individual chair(s) can be placed around any fire pit (36″ Elevated Halo)


For those long summer evenings. A sectional sofa works beautifully around the fire pit (36″ Elevated Halo)


ElevatedHalo Loveseats
A social atmosphere can be created by placing a fire pit between 2 loveseats. (36″ Elevated Halo)


Elevated Halo around stools
This is another social space. A fire pit placed in between an L-shaped sofa with stools gathered around the other side (36″ Elevated Halo)