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Summer is here and the party is on the patio – around the fire pit

Tap & Barrel restaurant (Olympic Village), Vancouver (Canada)

Commercial fire pits have been showing up in all sorts of locations where 2 or 3 years ago they would never have been considered.

It is not uncommon to find Solus fire pits on a communal patio for high rise condos, in senior’s centres, golf courses, ski hills, wineries, restaurants and resorts of all types and classifications.  One of our highest profile fire pit installations will never be seen or photographed as it went into the private winter garden area of a palace! Don’t think we are ever getting shots of that one!

Drake Hotel, Toronto (Canada)

Having successfully placed hundreds of commercial fire pits we’ve come up with solutions one wouldn’t normally have considered. At Solus we have built up a great deal of expertise on what it takes to get them into virtually every location in North America. Although most jurisdictions follow a similar line as to certifications, there have been many “curveballs” thrown as of late.  To the credit of the Solus fire pit team we have handled every one of them.  We are, to our knowledge, the only supplier of fire pits who has actually certified the entire vessel – not just the burner. It has taken hours, days, and months of testing, lab work and reports, but Solus fire pits are now certified in their own right – not just for their burners, but for the VESSELS also. Solus fire pits are certified to CSA and ANSI standard for any jurisdiction in North America.

In California, British Columbia, and Ontario, glass shields in commercial locations are becoming quite common.  Electronic start is a requirement with timers, wall switches and smart-home capability.  As fire pit designers of custom fire pits that can cost multi thousands of dollars, we have to be confident in not just designing and building the vessel but finding and building an appropriate fuel source.

Hemi 36 Linen Flame w glass
Firebowl with glass shield

Sometimes it is better for the customer to tell our Solus story.  Here is a recent shot from the Tap and Barrel restaurant which is nestled on the shores of the Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC complete with some beautiful patrons and the magic of Vancouver and beautiful BC Place in the background.

Tap & Barrel restaurant (Olympic Village), Vancouver