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Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?

Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?

Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?


Making the most of your outdoor space can be tricky in London, either due to lack of space, the weather, or living in a smoke-controlled area. However, gas and propane fire pits could be the perfect solution. All of Central London (except for the county of Newham) and most of Greater London are smoke-controlled areas, meaning that wood burning fires and fire pits aren’t legal in commercial or residential areas. However, making your outdoor space warm, comfortable, and beautiful can still be done! 


Natural gas, propane and ethanol fire pits are legal commercially and residentially in London and the rest of the UK as they are clean-burning appliances that create virtually no smoke. Outdoor fire pits are subject to a few specific safety regulations and generally must meet CE and UKCA certification. However, this won’t be a concern with Solus Decor as all of our appliances are CE, UKCA, ANSI & CA certified in their entirety (not just the burner). 

Are fire pits legal in London, UK?

UK regulations state that fire pits must maintain a safe distance from combustible materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and positioning. Safety is of utmost importance to us and these rules are simple and easy to follow with gas or propane fire pits. Providing a controlled burn that doesn’t spark, there are no flying embers that often cause unintentional fires and injuries. Additionally, their clean-burning nature and controlled flame allow these fire pits to be used in covered patios (with adequate ventilation), whereas wood burning fire pits cannot.

Wood burning fire pits are a well-loved tradition in many British homes. They typically produce more heat, are more portable than other fire pits and are less expensive. However, our clients frequently come to us with complaints of smoke that stings their eyes and the smell it leaves in their clothes and on their hair. Furthermore, wood burning smoke that is considered a nuisance could lead to complaints from neighbours that the local council is obligated to investigate, possibly raising fines (of up to £1000) or rendering your fire pit unusable. Our fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables not only avoid this, but allow heat output to be controlled with little to no storage requirements for fuel such as with kindling and logs. 


Luna, modern gas and propane fire pit

Equally, natural gas fire pits require some preparation to be installed as they have to be connected to a natural gas line that should run under your deck or patio. Once installed however, fuel supply isn’t a worry and there are no unsightly pipes or hoses. Propane fire pits also require a connection to a propane tank which UK guidelines suggest should be stored outdoors, in a well ventilated area. This may seem like a hassle that you would rather avoid, but finding firewood storage, wet firewood and maintenance of a wood burning fire pit will require more time and cleaning long-term. A particularly low-maintenance option from Solus are ethanol burning fire pits which don’t require the pipes or hoses that gas and propane do, however we don’t provide this option outside of the UK or EU. 


To summarise, gas and propane fire pits are perfectly legal in London and are a modern and clean-burning alternative to your classic wood burning fire pit. Virtually smoke free, safer, and easy to maintain, we believe that they are the best alternative for Londoners that want to make the most of their outdoor space and keep toasty this winter.