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6 tips to plan a last-minute Labour Day BBQ

The White Party
Plan your own White-themed Labour Day Party

Labour Day is one week from today and as you know, it’s our last long week-end in Summer to celebrate with a BBQ before the weather goes dreary (well, for some of us!). In case this is your last chance to gather friends and family around a fire pit, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to effortlessly put together a last-minute Labour Day party.

1) Send a ‘Save the Date’ invite now
Chances are, 99% of your guests are on Facebook so why not create a Facebook Event now to get everyone to RSVP as quickly as possible? You can always fill in the details later, but the goal is to get them to ‘save the date’ ASAP. Obviously, text or call those who don’t check Facebook regularly.

2) Make it a ‘whiteout’ themed party
Staying in line with the Labour Day tradition, we suggest making it a ‘Whiteout’ themed party where everyone must come in as much white clothing as possible. As the old adage goes, no white pants (or shoes, or clothing) after Labour Day so why not have fun with this and encourage everyone to come in white? This may be their last chance after all. You could also work this colour theme into your decorations (napkins, table clothes, foods) should you choose.

3) Make it BYOF and BYOB
Having a Potluck is a great way to take a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders and most guests will be more than happy to bring a dish. In order to make sure you don’t end up with 8 dishes of guacamole, assign everyone a category to have an even assortment of dips, snacks, side-dishes, salads and desserts. For guests that aren’t ‘food savvy’ ask them to help with drinks. See if they can also bring coolers and ice so drinks can stay outside and you can minimize the people walking in and out of your home.

4) Main course – Your bring it, we grill it!
With the amount of dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian) and food preferences (organic, grass-fed, free-range) guests have these days, it’s almost impossible to know what guests will and won’t eat. A better way to entertain is to offer a ‘you bring it, we grill it’ option so that everyone is satisfied with their meals. Perhaps have some hot-dogs and veggy-dogs on hand just in case. Do offer the condiments and buns though. For the ‘gluten-free’ guests, have some gluten-free buns or iceberg lettuce available for lettuce buns.

5) Don’t forget the marshmallows
One of the benefits of having a fire pit is that you can cook marshmallows directly over it just like a real campfire. A note of caution, there might be some gooey mess to clean up the next day in the burner, but hey, at least the party will be fun. Designate some kids to find some sticks beforehand so they are all ready for when the kids (or parents) arrive. Also, if you have any vegetarian guests, you might consider picking up some vegan marshmallows as well (yes, there is such a thing). Obviously, exercise the same amount of caution roasting on a fire pit as you would a real campfire. As for hot dogs or skewers, we recommend using the actual BBQ.

6) Set up ample seating around your fire pit
Lastly, in case you haven’t already, set up ample seating around your fire pit as you’ll surely want to take advantage of this social feature to warm your guests as the sun sets. A fire pit is such a great way to have guests spend time with one another. In case you’re unsure, here are 6 ways to  position seating around a fire pit.