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Boost Your Business with a Fire Pit

hotel firepit

Boost your business this winter.  As winter approaches many commercial settings lose out on valuable space as they close their outdoor areas, but that doesn’t have to happen.  Boost your business with the a fire pit. With a firepit you can make use of outdoor areas all year round and see the financial gains.

Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes are always looking to maximise their capacity as this translates into betters profits. However typically at this time of year outdoor dining and drinking become increasingly difficult as the temperatures drop. We have helped many commercial clients with the introduction of a fire pit or numeruous firepits to make these spaces warm and inviting and allow them to remain open all year round.


The Hemi fire pit in use at The fairmont Hotel and Spa in Canada, The Lakeside Hotel and Spa in the UK and Armitice Coffee in Seattle.


Event spaces such as the Brass on Baltimore above can benefit hugely from making use of outdoor spaces throughout the winter months. This allows for mutiple funtions to take place both indoors and outdoors such as Christmas parties to take place at the same time to build revenue during the winter period. The Elevated Halo is shown here which is coffee table height and lend itself perfectly to commercial spaces with the surrounding space perfect for resting a drink or appertizer plate.

Our firepits are available with a range of accesories including hardwood and metal table tops. This allows the firepits to function as a coffee table when not in use making it a multi functional piece of furniture for your commercial setting.  We are often asked if safety is a concern when in a commercial setting, to ease this concern we have a range of glass shields to protect the flame.

Our fire pits are designed and manufactured by our team in Vancouver with a wealth of experince to helo you. Get in touch now to help make the most of your outdoor space and boost your business in the winter months.