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Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Solus Decor's display at Chelsea Flower Show 2024, with two fire pits and a water feature


The Chelsea Flower Show 2024, held in the heart of London, brought together the best in horticulture, garden design, and innovative landscaping. With 2024 marking our eighth appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show, Solus Decor was thrilled to showcase our stunning products and contribute to the event’s outstanding displays. Here are some of our Chelsea Flower Show 2024 Highlights.

Major Highlights

  • Award-Winning Gardens
    This year’s show featured numerous award-winning gardens emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and the use of native plants.
  • Solus Decor’s Contribution
    Our latest designs, including the elegant Water Dome and classic Fire Pits, were prominently featured in several gardens, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty and artistic layouts.
  • Collaborations
    Collaborating with renowned designers and nurseries, our displays highlighted a perfect mix of modern aesthetics and traditional elements.

Water Features: A Prominent Role

Water features were a standout element at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024, adding tranquillity, movement, and a touch of luxury to the garden designs. Our water features demonstrate their versatility and appeal, adding elements not only enhance the aesthetic value but also promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Water features played a critical role in this year’s show, underscoring the importance of water management in contemporary garden design. The soothing sound of flowing water, combined with the visual appeal of sparkling water elements, created a serene and inviting atmosphere in many gardens. Our water features, such as the Dome Water Feature, provided both aesthetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Aesthetic Enhancement
    Water features added a dynamic visual element to gardens, creating a focal point that drew visitors’ attention and complemented the surrounding plant life.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Incorporating water features into gardens can help support local wildlife by providing a habitat for birds, insects, and other creatures. They also contribute to the cooling effect in urban environments, reducing heat islands.
  • Therapeutic Effects
    The presence of water in a garden can have calming and stress-relieving effects, making gardens a peaceful retreat for visitors. The gentle sound of water flowing can mask unwanted noises, enhancing the tranquility of the space.

Water features are increasingly recognized for their multifaceted benefits, from enhancing garden aesthetics to promoting environmental sustainability and mental well-being. At the Chelsea Flower Show 2024, these features were used creatively to transform gardens into tranquil havens.

Solus Decor's 48" Dome Water Feature at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024
Solus Decor’s 48″ Dome Water Feature at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Special Highlights

WaterAid Garden

WaterAid's Chelsea Flower Show 2024 garden
WaterAid’s Chelsea Flower Show 2024 garden

This garden focused on the vital role of water in our lives and communities, featuring sustainable water management practices and our water features to highlight the beauty and necessity of water conservation. The WaterAid Garden highlighted issues of clean water access, using water to symbolize the flow and purity of water resources.

Flood Resilient Garden

Flood resistant Garden
The Flood Resistant Garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Designed to showcase innovative landscaping techniques for flood-prone areas, this garden utilized water features to manage excess water effectively while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment. The garden demonstrated how intelligent design and effective water management can coexist beautifully.

Carrie Anne Funnell’s Water Features

Carrie Anne Funnell's display featuring a large glass water feature

Carrie Anne Funnell’s (    stand was another highlight. Featuring stunning glass water features that captivated visitors with their vibrant colors and intricate designs. These unique pieces showcased the fusion of art and functionality, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garden setting.



Collaborative Stand with Partners

Solus Decor’s stand at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024 was a testament to the power of collaboration. Partnering with Cedar Nursery, Trex UK, Thermalux UK, and Kitchen in the Garden, we created a comprehensive display that highlighted the best in garden design and outdoor living solutions.

  • Cedar Nursery: Renowned for their high-quality plants and garden supplies, Cedar Nursery provided a lush, vibrant backdrop for our water features and fire pits.
  • Trex: As a leader in composite decking, Trex’s sustainable and durable materials were used to create stylish, functional garden pathways and decks that complemented our products perfectly.
  • Thermalux: Known for their innovative outdoor saunas, Thermalux products integrated seamlessly with our fire pits, offering warmth and ambiance to the garden settings.
  • Kitchen in the Garden: Specializing in outdoor kitchen solutions, Kitchen in the Garden showcased how outdoor cooking spaces can be both beautiful and practical, blending effortlessly with our garden designs.

This partnership allowed us to present a holistic vision of modern outdoor living, combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

Solus Decor's display at Chelsea Flower Show 2024, with two fire pits and a water feature
Solus Decor’s display at Chelsea Flower Show 2024

New Trends in Garden Design

The Chelsea Flower Show 2024 showcased several emerging trends in garden design:

  • Sustainability: There was a strong emphasis on eco-friendly gardening, with many exhibits using recycled materials and promoting biodiversity. This trend reflects a growing awareness of environmental issues and a commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Water Features: Water elements like fountains, small ponds, and streams were popular, adding tranquility and aesthetic appeal to garden designs. The integration of water features in various forms highlighted their versatility and importance in modern landscaping.
  • Compact Spaces: Innovative solutions for urban gardening were highlighted, demonstrating how even the smallest spaces can be green sanctuaries. Designers showcased vertical gardens, container gardens, and other space-efficient designs that cater to urban dwellers.

The Chelsea Flower Show 2024 was a rich tapestry of creativity, sustainability, and innovation. The show provided a glimpse into the future of garden design, where beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

Common Questions from the Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Our Solus Decor reps receive a wide variety of questions, however some came up regularly! Here are a few of our favourite and most important questions:

1. Is the water feature solar powered?

To ensure consistent electric supply for a smooth flow of water, all of our water features are powered through outdoor electrical connections.

2. Is it real fire?

It certainly feels real! We don’t recommend testing it with any items or body parts you care about.

3. Where’s the gas?

Our two Fire Features were powered through propane, with pipe laid beneath the decking. All of our fire features can be powered either through propane or directly to your mains gas.


The Chelsea Flower Show 2024 was a testament to the creativity and passion within the horticultural community. Solus Decor is proud to have been part of this prestigious event, showcasing our latest innovations and contributing to the garden designs that inspire and delight. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in future shows and bringing the best of garden design to our customers.

Solus Decor's Luna Fire Bowl and Tavolo Fire Table at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024
Solus Decor’s Luna Fire Bowl and Tavolo Fire Table at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024


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