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Solus Decor at RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

Solus Decor hemi fire pit at RHS Tatton

Solus Decor had the opportunity to collaborate with award winning garden designer Leon Davis at this year’s RHS Tatton Park Flower show this month. Leon Davis won gold and best in show for his garden.

Solus Decor fire pit at RHS Tatton Park
From Hop to Glass. Designed by: Leon Davis. Sponsored by: JW Lees at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2018

The garden design for RHS Tatton Park entitled From Hop to Glass was sponsored by JW Lees brewery in celebration of  the 190th anniversary of the brewery . The design draws inspiration from the brewing industry, interpreting materials, features and processes in a contemporary style and composition.

The design is in part framed by glass screens, providing a foil for grasses, which are mixed with deep red and amber perennials to represent the inviting flow and texture of a freshly-poured pint.

From Hop to Glass Leon Davis at RHS Tatton Park
Red and amber planting in from Hop to Glass designed by Leon Davis at RHS Tatton

Within the planting is a circular shallow stream, which encloses relaxing spaces to sit and relax combined with the familiar textures and elements that are synonymous with a traditional pub. The curved bench gives the feel of the serving bar and the warm and inviting atmosphere is provided by the Solus Decor fire pit and the brass details around the garden.


Hemi fire bowl at RHS Tatton Park
Solus Decor Hemi Fire Pit in JW Lees: From Hop to Glass. Designed by: Leon Davis at RHS Tatton 2018

Leon Davis has incorporated the Hemi fire bowl in the garden design.  The Hemi fire bowl is available in three sizes, three fuel options and twelve colour options. The Hemi fire pit converts into a table with a hardwood table or metal table top depending to suit your style.

To find out more about the Hemi fire pit or any of our other fire and water features get in contact with us.



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Memorial Garden at Trinity Western University

A scholarship and courtyard renovation honour the life of Jordan Thiessen.

A very special fire pit was installed at the Trinity Western University in British Columbia.

It is in memory of the life of Jordan Thiessen who was a student at the university. During his time at the university Jordan felt that the unloved and uncared for Douglas Courtyard could be a beautiful space. With some planting and a fire pit it would offer a place for students to relax and enjoy on campus.  Something he shared with his parents during a campus visit.

When Jordan sadly lost his life on October 18 2012, just 12 days after he married his university sweetheart, the family wanted to do something in his memory. His parents, Shirley and Carey set up the Jordan Thiessen Memorial Scholarship endowment but they wanted to do more. They recognised the deep impact that the University had on Jordan’s short life. They felt that making over the Douglas courtyard would not only honour Jordan, but it would also benefit all future students. Shirley threw herself into raising funds for both the scholarship and the courtyard project. The Jordan Thiessen Memorial Courtyard was dedicated September 14, 2013. On what would have been Jordan’s 24th birthday.


Hemi Fire Pit at Jordan Thiessen Memorial Garden at Trinity Western University

The memorial garden is now a wonderful place for students to enjoy, which gives great pleasure to Jordan’s parents.  If you would like to give to the courtyard project, or to the Jordan Thiessen Memorial Scholarship, please email Shirley Thiessen at

For more information on Solus fire pits and water features please contact us.  TF:44 0208 819 1495 E: W:


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Feature Project: A residential redevelopment in San Francisco

San Francisco fire pit

Our feature project is a look back at a fantastic redevelopment in the Noe Valley area of San Fancisco as featured in Dwell.


A tech industry couple made the decision to make the move from Palo Alto to seek out a new life in San Francisco.  They were keen to create a contemporary property that could take on their style and smart technology that encompasses their day to day lives.  After much searching they eventually found the right property in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco but it needed considerable work to make their dream a reality.  In order to make their dream a reality they called on architect Christi Azevedo. Christi is a San Fancisco based architect with an impressive portfolio with an eclectic mix of property styles who is well know in the San Francisco area for her expertise in giving worn out houses a new lease of life.  The property in Noa Valley was a compartmentalized 1970s style property and Christi Azevedo transformed the property into an open plan living space with an emphasis on indoor outdoor living, by careful focus on the materials used both indoors and outdoors.


San Francisco Azevedo Design
San Francisco Project by Christi Azevedo


San Francisco project Azevedo Design
Rear Terrace of San Francisco Project by Christi Azevedo


The external facade of the building was transformed by the use cedar boards that were charred using the ancient Japanese art of shou sugi ban. The couple researched the technique extensively, and even considered doing it themselves, before Azevedo convinced them to outsource the job to a Texas studio, Delta Millworks.  The couple were thrilled with the results and love the contemporary back drop this creates for the outdoor living space that is opened up fully thanks to the installation of bifold doors.  To complete the renovation of the exterior the rear patio was raised to bring in line with the level of the kitchen and the original redwood decking was reused and supplemented with recycled pieces from other projects.  The couple added a Solus Hemi fire pit to complete this well designed outdoor living space. The couple selected the cinder finish to compliment the overall color scheme to the external facade.


Solus Hemi Fire Bowl San Francisco
Exterior as featured in Dwell featuring Solus Hemi Fire Bowl


The Hemi fire bowl creates a contemporary focal point to an outdoor seating area, and ideal spot to relax in the evening as the sun goes down and perfect for the weather in San Francisco, ensuring that the indoor outdoor living space can be used all year round even in the cooler months of the year. Available in three sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Our ‘cross-jet’ and ethanol burners provide ample flames and are built to last. As with all of our fire pits, Hemi 26, 36 and 48 are fully certified and come with warranties on parts and performance.


Hemi Fire Pit Cinder
Solus Hemi Fire Bowl in Cinder



We are thrilled to see our fire pit featured in such a sensational design, to find out more about the project read the full article on Dwell.  To find out more about the Hemi fire bowl or any of our other project get in touch.



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Can a fire pit add value to your home?

Solus Hemi 36 Firebowl Photo credit: Houston Landscaping

About 3 million outdoor firepits/fireplaces are installed every year in North America according to the Hearth Patio & Barbeque Association, as part of an overall trend toward more extensive outdoor living spaces”

Reinforcing this growing popularity is the results from a recent Residential Landscape Architecture trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, which found that fire pits are the 3rd most popular outdoor feature after lighting and dining.

“Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” said ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth friendly.”

When considering a firepit you can expect to see a range of costs – from a few hundred dollars for a small portable fire pit that will last for a few years, to a few thousand for a luxurious fire pit that makes an architectural statement and will be a permanent feature of your home. There are also several fuel options for your fire pit – such as natural gas, propane or ethanol (bio fuel).

The convenience of natural gas or propane gas fire pits are well known. In many communities wood burners are either not allowed or banned during many parts of the year that you would probably want to be outside by a fire. The mess a wood burner creates can be substantial.

Other considerations include non combustible clearances to overhangs, the amount of heat you may or may not need and how your outdoor seating may interact with the firepit.

Like fireplaces, there are numerous questions about firepits and a Solus Decor Design Consultant would be happy to assist you with your project.

Give us a call at 1+ (877) 255-3146 or visit our firepit gallery at

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Retirement deck renovation features Hemi firebowl on HGTV

Solus Decor is yet again pleased to have the Hemi 36″ firebowl featured on HGTV’s Disaster Decks! In the Deck Anne Hates episode, designer Paul Lafrance helps a retired couple, Anne and Paul, rebuild their 30 year old decaying deck that was becoming not only mossy, but dangerous.

The goal was to build an oasis of a deck that Anne and Paul could enjoy their retirement on. Thus, it would be a no-brainer to include a Solus firebowl that adds an artistic architectural element to any outdoor space.  We think Paul Lafrance did a stunning job making the Hemi firebowl the focal point of this beautifully designed deck, which will now provide warmth and ambiance throughout their golden years.


The Hemi firebowl creates an instant gathering place for relaxed conversations, dining atmosphere or backyard campfire marshmallows. (Yes, you can actually roast marshmallows on them!).  In addition to their beauty, they are a wise choice for a deck one has invested in as they are built to withstand the extreme climates of Canadian weather due to them being made of our ultra high performance concrete which is unique to Solus.


Unlike many fire pits on the market, all Solus fire pits are CSA certified as appliances (not just burners) to match new regulations in BC, ON and AB.

Enjoy these photos from the Deck Anne Hates episode on HGTV


If you’d like more info about the Solus Hemi firebowl for your outdoor space or upcoming renovation, talk with one of our design consultants at 1 877 255 3146 or visit

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Contest winner chooses firebowl over hot tub

Before & After reno
Hemi Firebowl featured in winning renovation design

We are thrilled that Melissa Tolsma, from Nanaimo, BC, who won $10,000 in a Fortis BC renovation contest, chose to include a Solus Decor Hemi 36-inch firebowl to make her dream backyard design come true.

As one of three finalists in the contest, she received a rendering of her space by Sarah Gallop Design.This breathtaking design featured a multi-leveled deck, a hot tub along the back of the house and a fire pit area on the side of the house. This dream of a design inspired Melissa to get everyone she knew to vote for her, eventually leading her to winning the contest.

As reality would have it, however, Melissa knew that $10,000 wouldn’t be enough to cover everything set forth in the rendering. Thus, the big decision to choose a hot tub versus a fire pit commenced. Melissa knew that although lovely, the hot tub would eat up the majority of the budget taking away from the deck and other finishing touches. Plus, a strong benefit to having a fire pit is that entertaining is much more spontaneous, frequent and convivial around a round shaped firebowl which creates that campfire feel at home. Thus, she decided to go with a fire pit for the final design.

Melissa ended up contracting Jonker Custom Building who specialize in sustainable designs to redesign her backyard. As seen in the image above, our Hemi firebowl was made the star of the yard while leaving enough space for a vegetable garden on the side.

We are thrilled that Melissa chose to include our Hemi 36-inch firebowl amongst her design and make it apart of her lifestyle. We know she will be more than satisfied, as well as toasty warm during the September to May chilly months.

The renovation is currently underway and we will update you with pictures once completed.

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Help us choose a winner for our Father’s Day contest

Sascha's dad
Sascha’s thankful for her dad who came into her life at 5

Solus needs your help!

We launched our Greatest Gift Father’s Day contest on  May 12th where we will give away 2 Hemi Firebowls ($3000 CAD value, including shipping) to two of the greatest dads out there. In exchange, we were hoping to get the best, the greatest, the most unusual or perhaps the funniest piece of wisdom, advice or joke ever given by one’s dad. And boy did our contest entrants ever deliver. So much so that we need your help in choosing the winners.

We will choose 2 winners from those who receive the most amount of votes. Here are some highlights from some of the entries we’ve received thus far. If any touch you, please visit our contest platform on Facebook and vote for your favourites. And of course, if you would like to nominate your father, you have until this Sunday (June 8th) to enter.

Infinite Gratitude

  • For Sascha Darnell, it was thanks for her dad who came into her life at 5.
  • For Shabi Tabatabaei, it was thanks for her father who acted as both a father and mother when their mother passed away.
  • For Reena Bapniah-Pilgrim, it was thanks for her dad who was a protector, coach and always put the kids first.


  • For Carolyn Aronson, it was thanks for her father who taught her that if she made her mom laugh, she would get extra treats!
  • For Amanda Solomon-Guthrie, it was thanks to her dad for being funny, positive and providing the memory of him pretending to direct traffic coming off a BC Ferries boat.
  • For Brigitte Meehan, it was thanks for her dad who created many family memories around unconventional trips, like the trip to a Kohler toilet factory or playing with 3 NBA stars unbeknownst to him, on a basketball court in Orlando.
  • For Anna Walentowicz, it’s for teaching her to never run with a straw in her mouth!

Life lessons

  • For Nils Larson, it was thanks to his father who taught him and his brothers how to fish.
  • For Jane Bassett, it’s for teaching her “when you tee it up in life, you won’t always hit the middle of the fairway. But, even if you land in the rough, you will always get the ball in the cup; it may just take a little longer and it might be a bit harder. Don’t give up”


  • For Kyle Chaudry, it was thanks for his dad who accepted his sexuality and supported him through thick and thin.
  • For Anthony Waggott, it’s thanks to his dad for listening, sympathizing and supporting him through thick and thin.
  • For Alana Wong, it’s for her dad who taught (and showed) her the meaning of love through a serious health issue that she overcame.


  • For Cyndy Anzek, it thanks to her dad who taught her that when she was being bullied, to reframe the situation to see it first, as a compliment (that she was able to protect other kids in that moment from not being bullied) and second, as a duty to serve and protect her fellow classmates.

To vote for your favourite submissions, visit our contest platform on Facebook. To nominate your dad, enter the contest by this Sunday (June 8th).

Please note, contest open to residents of continental US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada (excluding Québec). Click here to see the complete contest rules & regulations.

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Introducing the Solus firebowl with orbital ring

Hemi 48" fire pit

Solus is pleased to introduce the Orbital ring on our Hemi 48″ firebowl. This ring of concrete is a perfect example of form meets function. Now, there’s room to add plates and glasses while gathering around our largest Solus fire pit and enjoying the flame. But don’t worry, you won’t overheat your wine or food as the burner is still far enough away to not affect them, especially since the heat tends to radiate up, then out.

If your space isn’t plumbed for gas or propane, no worries as we’ve expanded our existing line of manual lit fire pits to include bio fuel, more commonly known as ethanol.

And, did you know that this Hemi 48″ firebowl comes with an electronic start? This adds an element of safety, convenience and energy efficiency. The timer is the perfect addition for firebowls in condominium common areas, commercial estates, office buildings, patio rooftop decks, poolside areas and hard-to-access landscaped areas.

For more info on our orbital ring, call us at 1(877) 255 3146 or come visit us at our showroom.


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Solus participates in Jordan Thiessen scholarship at Trinity Western University

Solus is once again happy to be a part of another great community project, this time at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. Our 48″ Hemi firebowl is now the highlight of their new Courtyard project.

Hemi firebowl at TWU

The premise for the project is unfortunate as it follows the tragic loss of Environmental Studies student Jordan Thiessen, and a memorial scholarship and this Courtyard project were set up to remember his legacy. The Courtyard will serve as an area for students and professors to gather in memoriam for Jordan for both leisure and events around the warm Solus flame.

Hemi firebowl at TWU courtyard

Although the addition of the Hemi firebowl makes a great start to creating this healing environment, more work is still needed. The outdoor walls need to be reskinned, the grounds need landscaping and more outdoor furniture is needed.

If you would like to help contribute to the Courtyard project, simply go to the ‘Giving’ Tab at the top of the page at, and under giving options, click on Scholarships. After filling out your personal information, write in the comments box “Jordan Courtyard” and it will be directed appropriately. Or, a cheque made payable to TWU accompanied by a note stating “Jordan Courtyard” is also gratefully received.



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Solus raises $7000 at 2013 Crystal Ball for kids with disabilities

On November 16th at the 2013 Crystal Ball in Toronto, Solus Decor raised over $7000 for the Reach for the Rainbow charity to benefit kids with disabilities. As mentioned previously, we donated 2 fire pits, one Hemi firebowl and one Halo fire pit.

The night proved a major success. Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, was a smash hit engaging the entire audience for smiles and cheers.

Don Felder performing
Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, performing

Our beautiful Halva coloured Hemi firebowl stood majestic on stage waiting to be auctioned.

Hemi firebowl
Hemi firebowl up for auction at Crystal Ball

Our Portland coloured elevated Halo fire pit was a hit amongst the outdoor décor items.

Elevated Halo fire pit
Elevated Halo fire pit up for auction at Crystal Ball

Once again, a special thanks goes out to Jennifer Bannon of Bonavista Pools & Spas in Toronto for representing us at the 2013 Crystal Ball. They are one of our cherished dealers and we thank them for being there on our behalf.