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Disaster Decks features Hemi firebowl on nautical-themed deck

How many of you have had a deck that was falling a part and for whatever reason, chose to cover up the damage as a short term way of dealing with it?  That’s exactly what happened with Barb & Brent Hates. Not having the knowledge or know-how to fix it up, they, believe it or not, used boats to cover up the damage on their rickety, old deck.

In this episode of Disaster Decks featured on HGTV, Paul Lafrance and his team gave Barb & Brent Hates a nautical-themed deck that shows off their waterfront view. In order to allow the Hates to spend as much time as possible on the deck during the year, they chose to include the Solus 26″ Hemi firebowl. This will keep them toasty warm while enjoying the waterfront view and entertaining friends, neighbours and family. The addition of the plinth (below the bowl) elevates the firebowl to the height of their chosen deck furniture.


Smaller in size than the 36″ Hemi firebowl but packing an equally big punch, the 26″ is perfect for smaller deck circumferences while not compromising on heat.

Watch the complete episode of Disaster Decks on HGTV and view photos from it below.


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