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Happy winners of our Father’s Day Contest

We are happy to finally share photos of one of the winners of our Greatest Gift Father’s Day contest from June 2014. Brian Darnell (below) of New Westminster, BC was nominated by his step-daughter Sascha for being the greatest father ever. Our team was touched by her story of how he came into her life at the age of 5.

Here, we can see Brian and his lovely wife Sue, happily enjoying their new Hemi 36-inch fire pit and roasting marshmallows on them (oh yes, you can do that!).

We wish Brian & Sue many warm and toasty evenings around their new fire pit with their family and are happy to have provided them with this gift.

Sue & Brian Darnell; winners of the Greatest Gift Father’s Day contest Sue roasting marshmallows on her new Hemi 36″ fire pit Brian & Sue enjoying their new Hemi 36″ fire pit

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Help us choose a winner for our Father’s Day contest

Sascha's dad
Sascha’s thankful for her dad who came into her life at 5

Solus needs your help!

We launched our Greatest Gift Father’s Day contest on  May 12th where we will give away 2 Hemi Firebowls ($3000 CAD value, including shipping) to two of the greatest dads out there. In exchange, we were hoping to get the best, the greatest, the most unusual or perhaps the funniest piece of wisdom, advice or joke ever given by one’s dad. And boy did our contest entrants ever deliver. So much so that we need your help in choosing the winners.

We will choose 2 winners from those who receive the most amount of votes. Here are some highlights from some of the entries we’ve received thus far. If any touch you, please visit our contest platform on Facebook and vote for your favourites. And of course, if you would like to nominate your father, you have until this Sunday (June 8th) to enter.

Infinite Gratitude

  • For Sascha Darnell, it was thanks for her dad who came into her life at 5.
  • For Shabi Tabatabaei, it was thanks for her father who acted as both a father and mother when their mother passed away.
  • For Reena Bapniah-Pilgrim, it was thanks for her dad who was a protector, coach and always put the kids first.


  • For Carolyn Aronson, it was thanks for her father who taught her that if she made her mom laugh, she would get extra treats!
  • For Amanda Solomon-Guthrie, it was thanks to her dad for being funny, positive and providing the memory of him pretending to direct traffic coming off a BC Ferries boat.
  • For Brigitte Meehan, it was thanks for her dad who created many family memories around unconventional trips, like the trip to a Kohler toilet factory or playing with 3 NBA stars unbeknownst to him, on a basketball court in Orlando.
  • For Anna Walentowicz, it’s for teaching her to never run with a straw in her mouth!

Life lessons

  • For Nils Larson, it was thanks to his father who taught him and his brothers how to fish.
  • For Jane Bassett, it’s for teaching her “when you tee it up in life, you won’t always hit the middle of the fairway. But, even if you land in the rough, you will always get the ball in the cup; it may just take a little longer and it might be a bit harder. Don’t give up”


  • For Kyle Chaudry, it was thanks for his dad who accepted his sexuality and supported him through thick and thin.
  • For Anthony Waggott, it’s thanks to his dad for listening, sympathizing and supporting him through thick and thin.
  • For Alana Wong, it’s for her dad who taught (and showed) her the meaning of love through a serious health issue that she overcame.


  • For Cyndy Anzek, it thanks to her dad who taught her that when she was being bullied, to reframe the situation to see it first, as a compliment (that she was able to protect other kids in that moment from not being bullied) and second, as a duty to serve and protect her fellow classmates.

To vote for your favourite submissions, visit our contest platform on Facebook. To nominate your dad, enter the contest by this Sunday (June 8th).

Please note, contest open to residents of continental US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada (excluding Québec). Click here to see the complete contest rules & regulations.