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Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020

Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

This year RHS Chelsea Flower Show goes virtual as the rest of the world has in light of the current health crisis.  We’re taking the opportunity to reflect on our last four years of exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show and looking back at some of our favourite show gardens.



2016 marked our debut at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show and we embarked on a collaboration with award winning designer; Jack Dunkley who designed a fantastic garden featuring a selection of our our fire and water products.  A selection of palms, lavender and ferns set against a white backdrop giving a mediterranean feel to the space enhanced by the sunshine that we were blessed with during the week.



Speaking to Brad Carpenter, CEO of Solus about the highlights of 2016, he recalls the fantastic field of poppies; a breathtaking display of thousands of handmade poppies adorned the vista from the showground to the Royal Hospital. This combined with the sheer scale of the flower show and the work undertaken by those building the show gardens was inspiring.



Solus make their second appearance at Chelsea Flower Show. An independent trade stand, working with outdoor living brands that compliment the Solus Decor brand and ethos. We worked with Greenmatters UK to create this fantastic green wall as the backdrop to our scupper waterfall, which was a huge talking point and many clients asking about how they could create the same design at home. We added this with an engineered decking from Silvadec, which provided a great anti slip flooring for our stand. All of this was built and installed by the fantastic TKE Landscaping.


Chelsea Flower Show 2017


We took great inspiration from the best fresh garden winner; Kate Gould with this urban inspired garden. Showing how you can incorporate green spaces within the city and allow you to make the most of the outdoors.


A more contemporary look from Solus this year with striking dark panels from Screen with Envy, the launch of our metal table top and drinks ring, celebrity visits to the stand and beautiful sunshine throughout the week and the start of a sensational summer.


Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Looking at the show garden highlights from 2018, our team couldn’t help but celebrate the gold award winning feat of the Yorkshire garden featured in 2018.  The end result was incredible but having seen the build from start to finish, Brad recalls this – “It was herculean and I went by a number of times and marvelled, there were guys standing up to their knees in muck, digging away – it was incredible. ”


2019 marked the debut of our first combined fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show; The Pacific Rim and what a highlight it was for all of us. The Pacific Rim was a huge hit! We were blessed with beautiful weather and we met fantastic people throughout the week.

Chelsea Flower Show 2019


We asked Lisa from Solus Decor what her highlights were having been part of the show experience since 2017.  Lisa described the  D Day 75 garden, by John Everiss as a stand out. It delivered on all levels and was extremely emotive.

Another favourite of Lisa’s was The Silent Pool Garden. Lisa says ” I love the planting, water element, copper swing chair plus the gin!”

We’ll miss seeing you on the stand but we’re excited to share in virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020. We’d love to hear from you if your feeling inspired and looking to make the most of your outdoor space.



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Solus at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Launch New Modern Accessory for the Outdoor Gas Firepit.

Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 exhibiting fire pits, fire bowls, water features and accessories in London, England

We are looking forward to once again showcasing our fantastic garden terrace fire pits as we preview what else is in store for visitors at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London.

This year Solus Decor are excited to launch a new accessory for the Hemi fire bowl. The metal table top  can convert into a drinks ring for the 36 and 48 Hemi fire pit and hence adds a new dimension to the use of this contemporary and sculptural firepit. A simple disk table top is also available for the 26 Hemi. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore they are perfect for social gatherings in residential or commercial settings.

Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. The metal table top turns this firepit into a modern table when not lit.
Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. The metal table top turns this firepit into a modern table when not lit.

Chelsea is at the forefront of the shows for the garden industry. This year is no exception and we are excited to see the CHERUB HIV Garden: A Life Without Walls designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen. Naomi is working with HIV partnership CHERUB to help raise awareness about young people living with HIV in the UK and beyond. Featuring a Solus Water Dome, Naomi has designed a space that could be recreated within a home garden context. The garden uses specialist planting and design to take visitors on a powerful symbolic journey helping to promote acceptance and understanding about the condition.

Chelsea 2018: The CHERUB HIV Garden designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen and featuring a Solus Decor Water Dome.
Chelsea 2018: The CHERUB HIV Garden designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen and featuring a Solus Decor Water Dome.

Another must-see garden will be The Myeloma UK Garden, designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell. It will highlight the work of Myeloma UK. A bold 7 tonne, 12 feet high sculpture will rise from the garden as its centrepiece and as a result, promises to be unique and contemporary.

Chelsea 2018: The Myeloma UK Garden Designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell.
Chelsea 2018: The Myeloma UK Garden Designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell.

On the Solus Decor stand on Pavilion Way PW/608, we will of course be displaying and demonstrating a selection of our best-selling fire pits and water features.

Next to us will be Chilstone on stand PW/607. This year Chilstone are proudly celebrating 65 years of handmaking cast stone in Britain and always have a fabulous display.

If you are visiting this year, please come and see both stands. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact us for more information on Solus products. Or visit our website: Made in Vancouver, Canada. Shipped worldwide.

For more information on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show visit:


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FAQs when specifying a fire pit

Solus Fire pit

Why is your product expensive relative to others?

Expensive is a relative term but as they say “you get what you pay for”. What do we do and is it any different than anyone else?  You be the judge. Here is what happens behind the scenes.


  1. Certification is painful, expensive, time consuming, laborious and requires deep technical expertise.  The Solus plant undergoes regular unannounced audits by the certification lab to verify what we are doing and our testing procedures and paper trails are in order.  Each and every fire pit we make must be burn tested and checked for ignition, leaks and performance.
  2. We use brass burners – not anodized  pan metal burners so we can give you a 25 year warranty (with the purchase of an all weather cover) on the burners. Best in the business
  3. Our brass “top side” burners means that our fire is projected up and out (therefore efficient) and does not lose heat out of the bottom. It is why you can use our fire pits on wood decks – many burners and metal fire pits cannot be used on a wooden deck due to heat being directed into the bottom.  The amount of KW is only relevant if it burns at close to 100 % efficiency. We design our own burners to maximize heat to provide maximum customer experience.
  4. We design, fabricate and continuously improve our designs based on constant direct customer feedback.  As we handle our own customer and technical service calls, direct feedback is the most important thing we do.
  5. We offer ten different colors with no difference in price
  6. Depending on stock levels and customer urgency we can ship within 1-6 weeks depending on project necessity.
  7. We offer hardwood table tops for our Hemi 26″ and 36″ bowls and our Firebox 30″. We design for both form and function.
  8. We offer bio fuel ( ethanol ) and a propane tank table for unusual plumbing situations.
  9. Electronic versions offer adjustable flame height regulation– a unique Solus feature
  10. Options including hardwood table tops, drinks rings, covers that fit, adjustable electronics all designed and made by Solus – we know our products.
  11. Solus has incorporated a recycled fly ash into its mix designs and has an active recycling and sustainability program with 75% of our byproducts recycled.
  12. Firestone – made to mimic riverstone – specifically made for Solus and is included in your purchase – Safety plays a large part in our philosophy. As an option we can sell additional firestone for that rock effect.
  13. Our Solus pits are finished by hand which creates the inimitable Solus fire pit each and every time – they are not mass produced by robots or overseas low cost labour factories.
  14. We build our products for tough Canadian climates and have thousands of fire pits in the field – Built tough with elegant designs for people who appreciate quality and durability.
  15.  Solus products leaving Vancouver are packed in museum quality crates and our ship rate has a 99.3% success rate. Our products are so well packed we have many testimonials raving about not just the product but the manner in which they are shipped.
  16. We represent ourselves – if you do have an issue in the field you call us – not a foreign call centre or clueless retailer who has no idea what they have sold you.
  17. Our testimonials speak for themselves – we have reviews on Houzztrust pilot and many reference our price being worth it.  Take a look!013-1024x683

As a designer I frequently get asked for fire bowls/pits within landscapes. I find the Solus products to be beautiful, functional and of superb quality.”

“The solid brass burners will last unlike the cheaper thin stainless burners found on other fire pits”

“Of all the fire pits I looked at, this is the best designed, sleekest and most beautiful. I love it!”

Is the fire pit Certified as an Appliance and why should you care ?

It means that the burner inserted into the vessels or enclosure is also certified to CE standards and tested as such (and CSA/ANSI in North America) .


Most fire pit companies buy an off the shelf burner simply insert a “certified CE” burner into their vessel which means the two have not been tested in relation to each other.  This is changing due to regulatory and insurance changes in the field.  In North America many states and provinces are introducing new code for fully certified fire pits as appliances.  The proliferation of fire pits in big box retailers and on line has spawned a wave of regulatory and insurance changes and therefore the code and compliance of fire and fire pits in residential and commercial settings.


What is happening the world of fire pits that matters to you ? 

In many jurisdictions in North America the gas fitter or inspector has rejected burners that have been set into uncertified vessels or enclosures built on site. States and provinces in North America where we know this to be on the radar as of 2015 based on Solus fire pit inspections include:  New York, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. It is our anticipation that many other jurisdictions across North America will follow suit and reject non certified fire pits in the coming year.  It is very likely that this will start to infiltrate the UK market as gas fire pits become more common in the UK and the rest of Europe. Fire pits in the UK and Europe in general have traditionally been thought of as wood burning only but this has its limitations due to the smoke, burning embers, wet wood and smell, which consequently limits the usage and the locations on where these can be installed given the additional work required to set up a wood burning fire on each occasion.  People in Europe are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a gas fire pit given their “plug and play” nature and the flexible nature of their installation catering to both town and country.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

solus decor chelsea flower show

We’re back in the office this week and have a chance to reflect on the highlights of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017; the planting and flowers, sensational gardens and the colourful characters visiting the show.


The weather is always a question mark over the Chelsea Flower Show as it is in the majority an outdoor event, this year we had been anxious as the build up had seen torrential rain almost everyday.  However as the show opened the sunshine arrived and stayed for the duration, we couldn’t have wished for better weather; showing the gardens and all the outdoor products at their very best and putting a smile on all the visitor’s faces.



Best in Show

The gardens are the big draw for most visitors offering inspiration and insight into the incredible hard work involved in creating the show gardens for Chelsea Flower Show.  The Best Show Garden was the M&G Garden designed by James Basson.  The designer’s vision of a garden was created from a disused limestone quarry including a large botanical range of flora from Malta. Designed with great impact it delivers a hard message about the vulnerability of Malta’s natural landscapes and resources.



M&G Garden designed by James Basson
Best Show Garden designed by James Basson


The Best Fresh Garden was designed by Kate Gould, City Living showing a an imagined space in an urban apartment block, providing the occupants with attractive and useable small gardens.  These multi-level gardens highlight the importance of greening inner city spaces, not only for residents’ enjoyment but also to benefit the environment as a whole.


Best Fresh Garden designed by Kate Gould


The Best Artisan Garden was the Walker’s Wharf Garden supported by Doncaster Deaf Trust and designed by Graham Bodle. The garden reflects the beauty of industrial decay embellished by restrained plantings of conifers including pines and larch as well as lush woodland perennials.


best artisan garden 2017
Best Artisan Garden deigned by Graham Bodle




This year we decided to collaborate with WaterAid by selling our concrete tea light holders at the show with all proceeds going to WaterAid, this proved a huge success and we are pleased to announce that we have raised £1,200, which will enable WaterAid to supply a school sanitation block for 250 children (£1050) and three wheelchair accessible toilets (£50 each) in Bangladesh.


Water Aid
Solus Decor collaborate with WaterAid at Chelsea Flower Show




People Watching at Cheslea Flower Show

Of course RHS Chelsea is mainly about the gardens and flowers but it’s also a great spot for fantastic people watching; whether that’s getting a glimpse of a Chelsea Pensioner in their full regalia, a celeb spot on press day or simply somebody with fantastic style to match the gardens.




Solus Decor at Chelsea Flower Show
Solus Decor CEO, Brad Carpenter learning about the history of the Chelsea Pensioners




Fashion at Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Fashion and Flowers; A glamorous couple spotted at Chelsea Flower Show





We have to give a big thank you to the fantastic suppliers who helped to create our stand for Chelsea Flower Show 2017; TKE Landscaping, Silvadec, Brooks Bros, Flybird Installations, Kyoto Design, Greenmatters UK and KG Lifestyle & Interiors.  Here a some highlights from our stand which showed our fire and water features in a great outdoor living space:




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New Product of the Year Award Finalist 2016 at the Chelsea Flower Show!

Finalists for New Product of the Year Award – Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor UK is very pleased to have been selected as a finalist in the New Product of the Year Award 2016 at the Chelsea Flower Show.



A Fire Pit for Everyone

This is our very first year displaying at the Chelsea flower show. We are pleased to be participating in this prestigious event. We met so many people who visited our display – all with different sized gardens and patios. Our Firecube 16 is versatile for all of these applications. Small enough to fit a cozy apartment or small garden, this fire pit has the advantage of a biofuel (ethanol) burner. For larger gardens and outdoor spaces, the Firecube looks wonderful displayed in tiered clusters of 2 or 3 or placed in a seating area in multiples. The Firecube is also available with a Natural Gas or Propane burner. This makes it very convenient to burn for extended periods of time. Firecube 16 is compact and modern with a surprising amount of heat output for its small size. Clean-lined and functional, it fits easily into gardens and spaces of any size. It also transitions into a table when paired with its concrete lid.

Firecube 16 is compact and modern with a surprising amount of heat out put for its small size

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Can a fire pit add value to your home?

Solus Hemi 36 Firebowl Photo credit: Houston Landscaping
Solus Hemi 36 Firebowl Photo credit: Houston Landscaping

About 3 million outdoor firepits/fireplaces are installed every year in North America according to the Hearth Patio & Barbeque Association, as part of an overall trend toward more extensive outdoor living spaces”

Reinforcing this growing popularity is the results from a recent Residential Landscape Architecture trends survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, which found that fire pits are the 3rd most popular outdoor feature after lighting and dining.

“Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” said ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth friendly.”

When considering a firepit you can expect to see a range of costs – from a few hundred dollars for a small portable fire pit that will last for a few years, to a few thousand for a luxurious fire pit that makes an architectural statement and will be a permanent feature of your home. There are also several fuel options for your fire pit – such as natural gas, propane or ethanol (bio fuel).

The convenience of natural gas or propane gas fire pits are well known. In many communities wood burners are either not allowed or banned during many parts of the year that you would probably want to be outside by a fire. The mess a wood burner creates can be substantial.

Other considerations include non combustible clearances to overhangs, the amount of heat you may or may not need and how your outdoor seating may interact with the firepit.

Like fireplaces, there are numerous questions about firepits and a Solus Decor Design Consultant would be happy to assist you with your project.

Give us a call at 1+ (877) 255-3146 or visit our firepit gallery at

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What the Brits are saying about Solus Decor

The District Post

Earlier this summer, we launched our fire products into the UK at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. Since then, Landscape Architects around the UK have been enamoured with the idea of our fire pits due to the warmth, ambience and  conversations they bring to the world renowned British gardens.

Recently, an article was published in The District Post in the UK about our fire products and we’re very excited for what the Brits are saying about us. Read the entire article here:


Solus Decor – Fire for your Room Outside (The District Post)

Fire pits are a relatively new feature in the UK design and gardening world. They came over from warmer regions such as California, where the trend started, and are a luxury accessory that can easily be incorporated into garden designs in the UK as they are perfect for generating some warmth in our chillier alfresco lifestyle.

Solus Decor is a Canadian company founded 17 years ago by Brad Carpenter. They are unique in that their products are crafted almost entirely by hand and their ethos is very much geared towards sustainability. “The design is obviously a key feature of our fire pits,” says Brad, “but it’s also really important to us that they are sustainable. We strive for a small footprint – we use certified lumber, recycled materials and draw the bulk of our energy from human power. We believe sustainability and longevity go hand-in-hand.”

From humble beginnings, Solus Decor have now shipped their products all over the world to continents including Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and Europe. They launched the British arm of the business at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this year and hope to expand their business all over Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa in early 2016, with plans to include Australasia in 2017.

After the discovery of fire many hundreds of thousands of years ago, it’s believed that fire pits were created by our ancestors to control the flames and the output of heat. They were initially holes dug in the ground, fuelled by wood and were designed for warmth, to ward off predators, to be a signalling beacon and later to cook food on. Fire pits in 2015 are – as you would imagine – far more sophisticated. Solus Decor fire pits can be fuelled by natural gas and bio fuel and are products of real beauty. They don’t need to be fixed into the ground and can be moved.

Before their launch this year, Jack Dunckley met with Brad and was really taken with his products. He is now incorporating them into some of his landscape designs. “The British are world renowned for their garden design, however the one thing we don’t tend to do is incorporate heat into our gardens, which is surprising considering our climate!” says Jack. “I think they are a great conversation starter, providing atmosphere and warmth and can really add a dimension to a garden.

According to the ASLA (American Association of Landscape Architects), fire pits are the number one design feature sought by clients for outdoor living spaces in America – who knows, in the next few years BALI (British Association of Landscape Architects) might be saying the same!

 In the UK, you can order our fire products through Jack Dunckley’s Birchfield Nursery. Tel. 01273 494058
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Specifying commercial fire pits

Outdoor Fire Pit Elevated Halo 36
Elevated Hale fire pit on patio

As a design professional, have you ever had difficulty specifying or recommending a fire pit? Were you ever confused about where to start? We’ve put together a list of questions so you know exactly what to consider on behalf of your client in order to maximize their satisfaction.

Who’s the fire pit for?

  • The primary question is who ultimately will be interacting with the fire pit and how? If you are considering a lounge or a restaurant there are different considerations than an amenity or public space.

Permit considerations

  • Each county, province or state will have its own set of regulations permitting the use of gas appliances. This has become much more of a consideration within the last year across many provinces and states.

Fuel sources

  • There really are only three options: Natural gas, LP (liquefied petroleum) or propane. On occasion there can also be biofuel or ethanol.   If there are issues as to where to run the gas line – a propane tank could be considered. Check if there are any considerations as to the running costs of the gas line though.
Hemi 36 Linen Flame w glass
Hemi 36″ firebowl with glass shield

Some maintenance issues to consider

  • Warranty issues – most commercial products need to last. Many products are just not suitable to withstand the test of time.
  • Electronic issues – how to wire it for electronic start if necessary. Wall switch, timer or lock box.   Manual lit can work – just depends on the staff.
  • Glass shields and barriers might be a good option – and then again perhaps not. This is often a regulatory issue and not necessarily a safety issue. There are just as many issues with glass as there are no glass.
  • Purpose of fire pit – Is it meant to serve as primarily a heating source, an aesthetic statement or to create ambience and atmosphere?
  • Seating height – what seating is around the fire pit – what is the optimum height?
    How will the elements interact with the fire pit and are its components robust enough to withstand wind, heat, rain, sleet and snow?
  • Are fire pits within the budget of the client? How do you measure the quality of the fire pit?

More questions? Don’t be afraid to call Solus Fire and Water 1877 255 3146 or visit



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Certification of Fire Pits in the USA and Canada

Hemi firebowl

                           Certified Solus fire pits are designed from the inside out !

Beauty is only skin deep as the expression goes.  Solus fire pits in our opinion are not only the most beautiful pits in the marketplace but they are as beautiful inside as they are out. We apply exactly the same design discipline for the “inner” Solus workings of parts and final assembly as we do for the appearance of Solus fire pits.

In many jurisdictions and municipalities the state and provincial licensing bodies for gas fitters have implemented new regulations ( particularly for commercial applications but residential as well ) to certify the fire pits as an appliance NOT just the inserted certified burner.  This is a new development. In the last year our fire pits have been “flagged” for inspection in New York, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.  In each circumstance we successfully passed the inspection and permits were granted without additional costs.  In each of these cases our customer was told by the agency granting the final permit that the entire appliance needed a ANSI Z21.97-2014/CSA 2.41-2014 – Outdoor Decorative Appliances certification which included the concrete fire pit it was housed in. Traditionally certified burners were sold separately and were inserted into a brick, metal or concrete pit that was not part of the certification process. These inserted burners although technically “certified” will have a high probability of being denied a final permit because the entire pit is not certified.  It is a trend that is being circulated at a national level in both Canada and the US.   Many states such as Massachusetts require a fire pit to pass their state regulatory body and be on their approved list. Solus is on the MA list. ( )

What did we learn about going through the certification process besides it being intense, expensive and time consuming.  We learned to make a better product. We aligned it with best practices and better quality control.  As a manufacturer we take control for the design of the finished fire table or pit and the design of the inner workings.  By optimizing the control of parts and assembly we are able directly deal with challenges of burners, electronic components and the concrete.  If something goes wrong in the field Solus is on the receiving end of the complaint.  We don’t blame it on the burner manufacturer or the concrete manufacturer – Solus is both. Our CSA/ANSI certification depends on it. Our success rate in the field is just under 98 %.  Which means on an occasion when we have an issue our own technical support team solves the problem directly and adapts changes to the product if necessary.

We have an independent certified gas fitter who tests and fires up each and every electronic fire pit that leaves our facility.  Certification means that we have random inspection by the certifying laboratory of our quality control measures and our assembly methods.   It also means that we are comfortable giving the best warranty in the business.  25 years on our  burner ( with cover ) and 3 years on electronics ( with cover ). The best in the business. You won’t find another manufacturer like Solus.  Beautiful inside and out.

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Summer is here and the party is on the patio – around the fire pit

Tap & Barrel fire pit
Tap & Barrel restaurant (Olympic Village), Vancouver (Canada)

Commercial fire pits have been showing up in all sorts of locations where 2 or 3 years ago they would never have been considered.

It is not uncommon to find Solus fire pits on a communal patio for high rise condos, in senior’s centres, golf courses, ski hills, wineries, restaurants and resorts of all types and classifications.  One of our highest profile fire pit installations will never be seen or photographed as it went into the private winter garden area of a palace! Don’t think we are ever getting shots of that one!

Drake Hotel firebowl
Drake Hotel, Toronto (Canada)

Having successfully placed hundreds of commercial fire pits we’ve come up with solutions one wouldn’t normally have considered. At Solus we have built up a great deal of expertise on what it takes to get them into virtually every location in North America. Although most jurisdictions follow a similar line as to certifications, there have been many “curveballs” thrown as of late.  To the credit of the Solus fire pit team we have handled every one of them.  We are, to our knowledge, the only supplier of fire pits who has actually certified the entire vessel – not just the burner. It has taken hours, days, and months of testing, lab work and reports, but Solus fire pits are now certified in their own right – not just for their burners, but for the VESSELS also. Solus fire pits are certified to CSA and ANSI standard for any jurisdiction in North America.

In California, British Columbia, and Ontario, glass shields in commercial locations are becoming quite common.  Electronic start is a requirement with timers, wall switches and smart-home capability.  As fire pit designers of custom fire pits that can cost multi thousands of dollars, we have to be confident in not just designing and building the vessel but finding and building an appropriate fuel source.

Hemi 36 Linen Flame w glass
Firebowl with glass shield

Sometimes it is better for the customer to tell our Solus story.  Here is a recent shot from the Tap and Barrel restaurant which is nestled on the shores of the Olympic Village in Vancouver, BC complete with some beautiful patrons and the magic of Vancouver and beautiful BC Place in the background.

Tap & Barrel fire pit
Tap & Barrel restaurant (Olympic Village), Vancouver


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Survey says: Fire pits rated top outdoor living feature

It should come as no surprise that more and more consumers are opting for outdoor landscapes that are both relaxing yet entertaining but did you know that more people desire a fire pit than a BBQ? According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits are more popular than BBQs as an outdoor feature according to their recent 2014 survey for hottest outdoor trends.

Halva Hemi 26"
Halva Hemi 26″ overlooking Stanley Park in Vancouver

As you can see below, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces came in third to Lighting (98.3%) and Seating/Dining areas (97.7%) as the most popular or in-demand outdoor living features. It’s no wonder we are seeing a rise in popularity for fire pits. Not only do they provide a substantial amount of heat allowing people to use their outdoor spaces for longer periods during the year, they also provide the perfect, convivial ambiance for social and family experiences that are welcoming, lively and enjoyable. And if that’s not enough, they can also increase the curb value of one’s home.

2014 Outdoor Living Features Percent Rating Popular or Somewhat Popular:

Lighting – 98.3%
Seating/dining areas – 97.7%
Fire pits/fireplaces – 95.4%
Grills – 94.3%
Installed seating (benches, seatwalls, ledges, steps, boulders) – 89.6%
Outdoor furniture – 84.1%
Counter space – 75.5%
Utility storage – 65.5%
Stereo systems – 60.7%
Wireless/internet connectivity – 56.0%
Sinks – 55.0
Refrigerators – 53.7%
Televisions/projection screens – 49.4%
Outdoor heaters – 48.9%
Showers/baths – 46.8%
Outdoor cooling systems (including fans) – 37.2%
Hammocks – 34.1%
Bedrooms/sleeping spaces – 14.9%

Relaxing fire pit
There’s nothing like relaxing around a fire pit…

So what about you? What would your top pick for an outdoor feature be from the above list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Winter promotion: Hemi 36″ firebowl reduced by $900

Hemi 36" firebowl

Solus Decor is excited to announce that our most popular fire pit is now easier to own than ever before. Our Solus Signature fire pit, the Hemi 36″ firebowl, has been reduced by $900!

Long before fire pits became standard features in backyards, patios and rooftops, we ventured into this market with our flagship model, a 36″ round fire pit made from our hand cast concrete.

We have come a long way from this “Vancouver original” firebowl and now offer a full range of fire pit styles, models and burners along with high quality accessories.

As a small business that strives to be on the cutting edge of fire pit development, we invest a lot of time, effort and resources into making a better fire pit experience for our customers.

The Hemi 36″ firebowl has been such a success that we continue to open more and more markets around the world, especially in Europe and Australia. Because of this increased demand, we’ve increased our production which has allowed us to benefit from economies of scale, enabling us to pass these savings onto you.

The Solus Signature Firepit comes in our 4 best selling colours – cinder, shiitake, linen and portland and is available with a certified 60,000 BTU burner.

If you are considering purchasing a fire pit, this is the time to do it as this promotion won’t last forever. Feel free to ask your questions with one of our design specialists today at 1 877 255 3146.

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Congratulations to the winners of the Name our fire pit contest

The purpose of this contest was to help us name the two new fire pits designed for our Fall 2013 collection, whose working names were the ‘cube’ and the ‘conical’ based on their shapes. In total, we were overjoyed with 235 entries coming in from across North America.

It was a tough task sorting through all 235 name suggestions which were quite well thought out. Although some clever ones made us giggle, it was important for us to choose a fire pit name that reflected the form and function of our two new designs.

So what did we decide?

  • Laura Rayner of Summerside, PEI (Fire cube)
  • Kelly Stewart of Surrey, BC (Spire)

Thanks to Laura Rayner, we went with the Fire cube for our cube fire pit. It seems so obvious but for our team, it wasn’t until we heard it. It was the perfect choice for our new cube as it marries form with function, which is so important for our product names.

As for our conical fire pit, we went with Spire, thanks to Kelly Stewart. We were looking for something inspirational and when we read Spire, we immediately thought of a church spire which is also conical in shape.

As thanks for helping us find the names for our newest collection, Both Kelly and Laura will be receiving their winning fire pit valued at $3,000 CAD. They will be the first people in North America to enjoy them. We hope to share pictures with our winners enjoying the Spire and Fire cube in their new homes shortly.

Fall 2013 fire pit collection:

Both the Spire and Fire cube will be available in all 12 concrete colours. The Fire cube measures 16″ x 16″ and fits perfectly into smaller spaces, making it the perfect fire pit for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space on their patio.  The Spire measures 23 3/4″ high. With 48,000 btus, they both kick out an enormous amount of heat, sure to keep everyone toasty warm in outdoor living spaces. Both the Spire and Fire cube are available with either a gas or propane burner.

The Spire and Fire cube are both set to be launched in the new year. If you have any questions regarding them, please feel free to contact us.

Fire cube fire pit


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Shipping Fire Pits To Moscow with Love…

… and to LA, Montreal, Zurich, Sydney and many points in between!

Crated FirePit heading to Moscow, Russia
Crated FirePit heading to Moscow, Russia

Solus fire pits of all shapes, sizes and colors are being made, packed, crated and shipped to the far corners of the world. Finding the perfect gas concrete fire pit or fire table- in a standard production unit – is worth the cost of shipping for many designers and home owners all over the world over. Solus is proud of the care that we take in preparing a product for shipment.

In fact, as much care is taken in packing and crating our fire feature products as is taken in their creation. After curing and finishing, each fire pit is carefully wrapped and placed in a purpose built wooden crate.

A liquid foam is placed in between the wood form of the crate and the wrapping that protects the product.

Liquid foam sprayed into crate
Liquid foam sprayed into crate

This foam “hard forms” around the fire pit as it dries, taking in its unique shape as well as the way it is sitting in the crate. This hard form now helps to secure the product in place and helps to reduce movement and vibration of the product within the crate, while it is being moved and handled in the shipping process.

Whether shipping down an interstate corridor, over a continent by rail, or across oceans by ship, Solus products get to their end destination unscathed and as beautiful as the moment they were packed and crated.

Liquid foam drys and hardens around product to prevent vibration and movement in crate
Liquid foam drys and hardens around product to prevent vibration and movement in crate
Stacked fire pit crates ready to ship to long distance destination.
Stacked fire pit crates ready to ship to long distance destination.

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Solus Lighting Up February 2013 Events!

Solus fire pits are helping to light up two fabulous and informative events for design fans in Vancouver and Toronto this month.

Solus with friends at the BC Home and Garden Show:

We can’t wait to see what our friends at Beneath Your Feet Landscaping and Design will come up with this year at the 20BYF 2012 Halo and Circle gate13 BC Home and Garden Show. They’ll be using a Solus fire pit in Dream Garden #6, February 20th to 24th at BC Place Stadium.  The design and logistics of just setting up landscape displays at this show alone are impressive.

We loved how they used the Halo Fire Pit in their garden oasis last year.  Here are a couple of photos to from the 2012 show.  Rest assured that if you can’t make the show in person, we’ll be sure to post more shots from this year’s landscape extravaganza!DSC_0054

Solus and Eternit paired up at Designer’s Walk in Toronto, Canada.

Solus concrete fire pits paired with Eternit pressed fiber cement chairs and planters have been a big hit with designers, hospitality venues and home owners alike.  All are on display at the Landmark by Crozier show room at Designer’s Walk Resource Centre in Toronto, where you can view and experience the Solus Hemi 36 Firebowl  in the Eternit setting.

36 Hemi Firebowl at Landmark DW TO Landmark is holding a lunch and learn presentation about Eternit on February 14th.  Designer’s Walk is located at 148 Bedford Road.    Click here for more information.