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Certification of Fire Pits in the USA and Canada

Hemi firebowl

                           Certified Solus fire pits are designed from the inside out !

Beauty is only skin deep as the expression goes.  Solus fire pits in our opinion are not only the most beautiful pits in the marketplace but they are as beautiful inside as they are out. We apply exactly the same design discipline for the “inner” Solus workings of parts and final assembly as we do for the appearance of Solus fire pits.

In many jurisdictions and municipalities the state and provincial licensing bodies for gas fitters have implemented new regulations ( particularly for commercial applications but residential as well ) to certify the fire pits as an appliance NOT just the inserted certified burner.  This is a new development. In the last year our fire pits have been “flagged” for inspection in New York, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.  In each circumstance we successfully passed the inspection and permits were granted without additional costs.  In each of these cases our customer was told by the agency granting the final permit that the entire appliance needed a ANSI Z21.97-2014/CSA 2.41-2014 – Outdoor Decorative Appliances certification which included the concrete fire pit it was housed in. Traditionally certified burners were sold separately and were inserted into a brick, metal or concrete pit that was not part of the certification process. These inserted burners although technically “certified” will have a high probability of being denied a final permit because the entire pit is not certified.  It is a trend that is being circulated at a national level in both Canada and the US.   Many states such as Massachusetts require a fire pit to pass their state regulatory body and be on their approved list. Solus is on the MA list. ( )

What did we learn about going through the certification process besides it being intense, expensive and time consuming.  We learned to make a better product. We aligned it with best practices and better quality control.  As a manufacturer we take control for the design of the finished fire table or pit and the design of the inner workings.  By optimizing the control of parts and assembly we are able directly deal with challenges of burners, electronic components and the concrete.  If something goes wrong in the field Solus is on the receiving end of the complaint.  We don’t blame it on the burner manufacturer or the concrete manufacturer – Solus is both. Our CSA/ANSI certification depends on it. Our success rate in the field is just under 98 %.  Which means on an occasion when we have an issue our own technical support team solves the problem directly and adapts changes to the product if necessary.

We have an independent certified gas fitter who tests and fires up each and every electronic fire pit that leaves our facility.  Certification means that we have random inspection by the certifying laboratory of our quality control measures and our assembly methods.   It also means that we are comfortable giving the best warranty in the business.  25 years on our  burner ( with cover ) and 3 years on electronics ( with cover ). The best in the business. You won’t find another manufacturer like Solus.  Beautiful inside and out.