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Exploring Solus Decor UK’s Innovative Product Launches

Solus Decor Elevated Halo outdoor gas fire pit fire table

Transform Your Garden with Solus Decor’s Innovative Outdoor Features


Solus Decor UK has consistently pushed the boundaries of outdoor design with their innovative and stylish fire pits, water features, and accessories. Over the years, they have showcased their latest products at prestigious events, earning accolades for their creativity and quality. Here, we take a closer look at some of the standout products launched by Solus Decor at various events. This highlights the Solus Decor garden innovations that have transformed outdoor spaces.

Chelsea Flower Show 2022: Debut of the Water Box

The Solus Decor Waterbox - a white concrete box with stones and a water dome

At the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, Solus Decor unveiled the Water Box, a striking addition to their collection of water features. The Water Box is a contemporary design that combines clean lines with the soothing presence of water. It is a versatile element for modern garden spaces, designed to fit seamlessly into various garden styles. From minimalist urban settings to lush, natural landscapes, the water box is an elegant solution.

The Water Box stands out with its rectangular form and reflective surface, which creates a mesmerizing mirror effect. This design not only adds visual interest but also enhances the sense of tranquility in any outdoor space. The feature’s construction from high-quality materials ensures durability and longevity, making it an excellent investment for any garden enthusiast.

This launch at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 highlighted Solus Decor’s dedication to creating innovative and stylish products that elevate outdoor living. The Water Box received positive feedback for its elegant design. It brought a peaceful ambiance to the show gardens, reinforcing Solus Decor’s reputation for excellence in outdoor decor.


Pacific Rim at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

Solus Decor Pacific Rim outdoor gas fire pit and water feature

In 2019, Solus Decor made waves at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show with the launch of their Pacific Rim water feature. This contemporary piece was designed to bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to any garden space. The Pacific Rim features a sleek, circular design that allows water to cascade smoothly over its surface, creating a soothing visual and auditory experience. This fire and water feature quickly became a favorite among garden designers. Homeowners looking to add a touch of modern sophistication to their outdoor spaces need look no further.

The Pacific Rim’s success at the Chelsea Flower Show underscored Solus Decor’s commitment to blending form and function in their products. The feature was praised for its minimalist design and the calming effect of its water flow. The Pacific Rim makes a perfect addition to both private gardens and public spaces.

The Metal Table Top at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Solus 36 Hemi LPD with metal drinks ring in Cinder

The 2018 Chelsea Flower Show saw Solus Decor unveiling another innovative product: the metal table top for their Hemi fire pit. This versatile accessory enhances the functionality of the Hemi fire pit. It transforms the fire pit into a practical and stylish table when the fire is not in use. The metal table top can be used in two configurations: as a full table top or with a central drinks ring. This allows easy access to the fire while still providing space for beverages and snacks.

This product launch highlighted Solus Decor’s ability to combine utility with aesthetics. The metal table top was well-received by both the public and the media, with its sleek design complementing the modern look of the Hemi fire pit. This accessory is ideal for those who want to maximize their outdoor living space without sacrificing style.


Solus Decor UK has consistently showcased their dedication to innovation and design excellence through their product launches at major events like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The Pacific Rim water feature exudes calming elegance. The metal table top for the Hemi fire pit offers versatile functionality. Solus Decor continues to create beautiful and practical outdoor living solutions. The debut of the Water Box at the 2022 show proves their ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. Solus Decor garden innovations will inspire homeowners and designers alike with their cutting-edge products. Their garden innovations set new standards in outdoor decor.


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10 Reasons to Attend the Chelsea Flower Show with Solus Decor

Step into a world of blooming beauty and horticultural wonder at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show, where Solus Decor proudly presents its exquisite fire pits and water features amidst the floral extravaganza. Join us on a journey through the top ten reasons why attending this prestigious event is an unmissable experience for garden enthusiasts, professionals, and nature lovers alike.

Immerse Yourself in Floral Displays:

Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours and scents as you explore meticulously curated floral exhibits. Each stunning display demonstrates the power of nature’s artistry.

Solus Decor’s waterbox display at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022.
Solus Decor’s display at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022. The Chelsea Flower Show is held annually in May at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

Indulge your green thumb with a visit to the bustling marketplace, where treasures abound. Explore Solus Decor’s booth and marvel at the exquisite collection of fire pits and water features, each crafted with precision and elegance to be a work of art.

Celebrate Tradition

Join a tradition that spans over a century, celebrating the timeless beauty of gardens and outdoor living. Join in the celebration, where history, artistry, and the wonders of the natural world converge in a harmonious symphony of beauty and tradition.

Gardening Inspiration

Wander through enthralling garden designs that ignite your imagination and stir your soul. Witness firsthand how Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features serve as focal points, infusing each landscape with style and sophistication.

Solus Decor's Water Box featured on display at Chelsea Flower Show
This display was featured at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022, using Solus Decor’s Dome Water Feature.


Learn from the Experts

Engage with seasoned gardening experts and landscape designers as they share invaluable insights on cultivating thriving outdoor spaces. From plant selection to layout design, these sessions offer practical tips to enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality.

Embark on a Botanical Adventure

Explore a treasure trove of rare and exotic plants from around the world, each more captivating than the last. Experience the magic as Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features harmonize with nature’s wonders, creating captivating outdoor environments.

Connect with Fellow Plant Lovers

Connect with fellow garden enthusiasts, professionals, and industry insiders as you share your passion for all things green. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or an admirer of botanical beauty, you’ll find valuable connections and shared experiences to enrich your gardening journey.

Solus Decor Waterbox modern outdoor water feature
This year’s Chelsea Flower Show will be held on 21st-25th May 2024, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

Spot the Celebrities

Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity sightings as famous faces mingle among the blooms. Experience the star power of Solus Decor’s designs as they capture the attention of celebrities and influencers, such as Lucy Willcox’s recent spotlight on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club.

Get Hands-On

Dive into interactive workshops and sensory experiences that engage all your senses. Participate in immersive workshops led by experienced gardeners and artisans, where you’ll learn practical skills and innovative techniques to elevate your gardening game.

Feel the Love

Experience the warmth and camaraderie of fellow attendees who share your passion for all things green. Connect with Solus Decor enthusiasts who have transformed their outdoor spaces with our fire pits and water features, united by a love for beautiful gardens and stylish outdoor living spaces. The versatility of Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features lends it creating cozy gatherings around the fire to tranquil moments by the water that soothe the soul.

Final Thoughts

As you immerse yourself in the breathtaking displays and vibrant atmosphere of the Chelsea Flower Show, let Solus Decor’s stunning fire pits and water features inspire your outdoor dreams. Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of outdoor living, where every garden becomes a masterpiece with Solus Decor’s signature touch.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, the Chelsea Flower Show 2024 promises an unforgettable experience. Join us from May 21st to 25th as we celebrate tradition, innovation, and the timeless allure of botanical excellence. For tickets and to plan your trip, visit the Royal Horticultural Society.

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Unveiling Elegance: Our Fire Pits Shine on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Solus Gas Hemi 36 Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden

Step into a world where fire dances gracefully amidst lush greenery and stylish design. Our fire pits have become the talk of the town, captivating the hearts of gardening enthusiasts everywhere. Recently, on the illustrious stage of ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, the visionary garden designer Lucy Willcox unveiled her masterpiece, featuring none other than our exquisite fire pits. Join us as we delve into the enchanting tale of how our fire pits brought warmth and allure to Lucy’s personal garden sanctuary.

Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Embodying Sophistication
In the realm of garden design, elegance reigns supreme. Lucy Willcox, a master of crafting captivating outdoor spaces, handpicked our fire pits to adorn her latest creation. With their timeless allure and impeccable craftsmanship, our Hemi fire pit seamlessly integrated into Lucy’s design, elevating the ambiance and enchanting all who beheld them. The Hemi fire pit was carefully selected to complement the surrounding landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of the garden while adding a touch of refined luxury.

Functional Artistry
Beauty, they say, lies in the harmony of form and function. Our fire pits embody this philosophy with finesse. Meticulously crafted from premium materials and engineered for performance, they stand as testament to the marriage of artistry and utility. Whether casting a warm glow over intimate gatherings or serving as the centrepiece of grand soirées, our fire pits radiate both warmth and functionality. Designed with safety and durability in mind, they provide peace of mind while enhancing the outdoor experience for homeowners and guests alike.

The Visionary Behind the Design: Lucy Willcox
Central to the enchanting garden featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club is the creative genius of Lucy Willcox. With a passion for blending nature with artistry, Lucy has earned acclaim for her stunning garden designs that seamlessly unite form and function. Through her meticulous attention to detail and innate understanding of space, Lucy transforms outdoor landscapes into breathtaking havens of beauty and tranquillity. Explore Lucy’s portfolio at Lucy Willcox Garden Design to witness the magic she brings to each project.

Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Versatile Brilliance
In the world of outdoor living, versatility is key. Our fire pits, with their array of sizes, styles, and fuel options, offer boundless possibilities for customisation. Whether nestled in a cosy corner or commanding attention as a statement piece, our fire pits effortlessly adapt to any setting. Transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries. From our popular Hemi Fire Bowl, to the practical Tavolo Fire Table, there’s a perfect fire pit for every aesthetic preference. With endless design possibilities, customers can let their creativity soar and create outdoor spaces that reflect their unique style and personality.

A Blaze of Inspiration
The feature on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club has ignited a spark of inspiration among gardening aficionados nationwide. As Lucy Willcox’s visionary design captivates audiences, our fire pits steal the spotlight, capturing imaginations and fuelling dreams of outdoor splendour. With each flicker of flame, a new chapter in the story of outdoor living unfolds, inviting all to bask in the warmth of elegance and inspiration. From cosy nights under the stars to lively gatherings with friends and family, our fire pits set the stage for unforgettable moments and create lasting memories in the garden.

As our fire pits bask in the glow of admiration on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, we extend an invitation to join us on a journey of elegance and enchantment. With a growing community of satisfied customers, we are proud to be at the forefront of the outdoor living revolution, bringing warmth, style, and sophistication to gardens across the country. From their captivating design and sustainable ethos to their unmatched versatility and timeless appeal, our fire pits stand as beacons of sophistication in the world of outdoor living.

Embrace the allure of fire and transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth, beauty, and enduring style with Solus Decor. With our fire pits, every garden becomes a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls, contact us; | 020 88191495

Make an appointment for a product demonstration at our UK showroom; Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

Visit our stand on Pavilion Way PW191 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London 

For more information on Lucy Willcox Garden Design, visit;

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Chelsea Flower Show 2024 – An Exclusive Look

Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive look


The Chelsea Flower Show 2024, held in the vibrant heart of London, continues its legacy as a pinnacle of horticultural excellence and innovation. This illustrious event draws garden enthusiasts and professionals from across the globe, eager to witness the latest trends in garden design. As we explore the highlights and captivating displays at this show the Chelsea Flower Show once again proves to be a melting pot of creativity, sustainability, and groundbreaking garden aesthetics. It is an event Solus Decor is proud to be a part of and has been a source of inspiration, encouraging collaboration with numerous designers and clients. Consequently, it has enhanced our ability to deliver the ever evolving wants and needs for functional and beautiful products that the Chelsea Flower Show covets.


Exploring the Show’s Highlights

The 2023 show was particularly notable for its celebration of diverse gardening styles and the restorative power of gardening. From the meticulously manicured traditional English gardens to bold, contemporary installations, each exhibit offered a unique perspective on garden design. A significant highlight was the emphasis on sustainability, with many designers showcasing eco-friendly approaches to landscaping, including water-saving techniques and sustainable practices.


The Gardens and Exhibits – A Spectacular Display

The range of gardens displayed at Chelsea is always a feast for the eyes. Last year, Harris Bugg Studio, Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg designed Horatio’s Garden ( which was a standout, with accessibility being a key focus of their design. Meanwhile, Rosemary Coldstream’s, Feels Like Home ( showcased a beautiful garden inspired by New Zealand. Carefully choosing plants and colours that reminded her of the natural landscape as well as her childhood garden.


Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive look


In-Depth with Garden Designers

The garden designers at Chelsea are the stars of the show, and their insights provide a deeper understanding of the art and science behind each garden. These conversations often reveal the inspiration behind the designs, whether it’s a personal story, a particular landscape, or a global issue like climate change. The designers also share their challenges, from dealing with unpredictable weather to sourcing rare plant species.


Trends and Innovations

Trends at Chelsea often set the tone for the gardening world in the coming year. Last year, we saw a surge in the use of native plants, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of supporting local ecosystems. Another trend was the integration of outdoor living spaces within the gardens, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors and reflecting a lifestyle that embraces nature. This falls within Solus’ expertise as we strive to provide warmth and ambiance with modern gas fire pits that extend the usability of a garden throughout the year.


Focus on Sustainability

A significant aspect of the 2023 show was its focus on sustainability. Gardens showcased creative ways to reduce environmental impact, such as using drought-tolerant plants and creating wildlife-friendly spaces. This focus aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promotes gardening practices that are not only beautiful but also beneficial to the planet.


Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive lookThe Art of Garden Design

Another highlight was the sheer artistry displayed in garden designs. This year’s show featured gardens that could be considered outdoor galleries, with intricate layouts, stunning color palettes, and innovative use of materials. These designs pushed the boundaries of traditional garden aesthetics, offering visitors a fresh perspective on what a garden can be.


The Role of Solus Decor

At Solus Decor, the Chelsea Flower Show is more than just an event; it’s a source of inspiration that influences our fire pit designs and product offerings. We take cues from the show’s trends and innovations to create outdoor fire features that resonate with contemporary gardening and outdoor living styles.

More information on the Chelsea Flower Show can be found here:

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Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Rain Chain with self-circulating 36" Water Feature in Cinder and Stainless Steel

Highlights from Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

2023 has been bigger and better than ever before with a full outdoor living experience in collaboration with our partners at Cedar Nursery.


Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has been an opportunity to show our fire and water products in a real outdoor living space that can be recreated at home; complete with outdoor kitchen, sauna, and the perfect outdoor funiture to enjoy the space.

A highlight at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has also been the opportunity to launch our latest products, which have had fantastic feedback from visitors to the show. We have launched the Luna fire pit; an adaption of our classic Hemi fire bowl. The Luna has a soft oval shape which we teamed with elegant planting from Cedar Nursery at the show.

The show stopper of the show was the new Rain Chime; designed in collaboration with Robert Studer.  A unique evolution of our classic water domes reimagined to bring height and an element of scuplture with the rain chime forming part of the self circulating water feature.

The rain chain created the wow factor on the stand with it’s sculptural qualaties which many were eager to recreate in their own gardens.

Of course it was not just us at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 and once again we were bowled over by the talent and hard work that went onto the show gardens.  Here are a few of our highlights.

Eastern Eye Garden of Unity designed by Manoj Malde

Manoj Malde
Easter Eye Garden of Unity design by Manoj Malde


A colour palette of orange and pink is inspired by Manoj’s Indian heritage and the boldness of clashing sari colours worn by Indian women. There are marigolds used in Hindu worship and colourful spices set out on the table alongside little oil lamps (diya), which are used at festivals and religious ceremonies.

Bright posts positioned around the garden with sentences in braille, demonstrate that gardens and gardening are for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality or disability – a space to garden and be included with kindness and humanity is every person’s birthright.

The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey

Tom Massey
The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey


An outdoor laboratory, built into a hillside, takes visitors down into the landscape, offering an ‘insect’s eye view’ and a space in which to study. The lab’s roof structure is inspired by a compound insect eye and the lab is used for real scientific research, monitoring and studying insects visiting the garden.

Diverse topography across the site — rammed earth floors, hoggin pathways, dead wood, piles of rubble, bare sand and gabion walls — provide numerous and varied habitats for insects. Water in still pools and flowing streams provides additional important insect habitats and adds interest to the aesthetic and soundscape of the garden.

Feels Like Home Designed by Rosemary Coldstream

Rosemary Coldtsream
Feel Like Home designed by Rosemary Coldstream


This garden is inspired by the Rosemary’s childhood in New Zealand. Plants, colours and natural materials are used to create a green oasis in which to relax and be in a place that ‘feels like home’.

These materials include, handmade clay pots, charred timber cladding, sliced boulder paving, a bench seat made from reclaimed kauri (an ancient New Zealand native timber sustainably sourced) and a bespoke stainless steel water feature of a fern leaf.
Get in touch with us  to find out more about our full range of fire and water products or visit us at our showroom at Cedar Nursery for full outdoor living experience.

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An Autumnal Outdoor Santuary

solus decor autumn

This year at Chelsea Flower Show we created an Autumnal outdoor sanctuary as the show was held in September.  We opted for warmer tones and materials, which gave us more of a woodland feel. Here’s a look at our trade stand and how we created this sanctuary.

We collaborated with some fantastic brands to add the design elements to the stand that really brought it to life. We were fortunate enough to work with Artizans of Devises, which inspired the woodland element of the stand.  Artizans of Devises launched their National Trust tile range earlier this year and we were thrilled to be able to use the Woodland Glade Porcelain tile as part of our stand. The Woodland Glade tile was the starting point for the overall look of the stand and fueled the mood board.

With a move to a more autumnal, woodland feel we knew that we wanted to go with warmer tones with both paint and decking. Having previously worked with Envirobuild at both Chelsea and our UK showroom we were keen to incorporate their Hyperion decking into the design.  Having previously opted for their grey tones we knew that we needed to add warmth with the decking on this occasion and opted for their oak Hyperion decking which compliments the colour palette of the Woodland Glade tiles perfectly

For the overall framework of the trade stand that created the all weather cover we used venetian fence panels painted with Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell paint in Livid. This Little Greene paint is designed for outdoor use with excellent coverage and the colour complimented the woodland autumnal feel.

We teamed these outdoor living range products with a range of products from our high performance concrete fire and water products; including the new Tavolo fire table and the bio fuel Pacific Rim combined fire and water feature to give the wow factor and heat to our autumnal outdoor sanctuary.


We were very privileged to work with the very talented artist; Carrie Anne Funnel on a bespoke glass dome for our 36″ water dome. Carrie Anne worked with the colours in the Artisan of Devizes tiles to create a beautiful bespoke element to our outdoor sanctuary.

water dome chelsea flower show

Get in touch with us to find out more about the range of products on display at Chelsea Flower Show





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Solus Decor launch new fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor launch “The Pacfic Rim” the new fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show


Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The launch of The Pacific Rim; combined fire and water feature

Solus Decor launched the new combined fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show last week. The fire and water feature is called the Pacific Rim,  which takes inspiration from our Canadian roots. For years people have asked if they can have the best of both our products. As a result our team in Canada have worked hard over the last year to create the pacific rim. The pacific rim creates a spectacular focal point in any outdoor setting. You can hear the water gently cascading over the metal surface while you enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Pacific rim
The Pacific Rim, fire and water feature


The Trade Stand

Solus Decor worked with a number of suppliers to create the ideal outdoor setting to compliment the concrete fire and water features designed and produced by Solus Decor.  The stand was build by Thorburn Landscapes. This year we have been fortunate  enough to work with Envirobuild who supplied us with a fantastic composite decking. The composite decking compliments our products like our fire and water features it is designed to withstand the elements. Anti-slip and reversible Hyperion Decking comes with up to 25 year limited residential warranty against splits, splinters, rot and fungal decay. This low maintenance solution is perfect choice for any commercial space or residential garden deck. We used the Hyperion Pioneer decking in silver  birch and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result.

solus fire pits

Our planting was provided by Worlds End Nurseries a beautiful oasis in Chelsea. A sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. Worlds End Nurseries is a family run business that has been serving the local area for decades and if you haven’t visited it’s a must!

The final special touch was bespoke chairs from Brent Comber Originals from our home town in Vancouver. Brent created the perfect seating for our fire and water feature made from hand carved cedar. The Brent Comber chairs share the same curved design as the Pacific Rim, which created an inviting space for guests to enjoy the calming sounds of the water and the warmth of the fire.

Brent Comber originals chair

We were thrilled to be part of the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show and receive such wonderful feedback about the new fire and water feature; the Pacific Rim .  To find out more about the Pacific Rim or any of our other fire and water products get in touch with our team.








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D Day Celebrations at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

D Day 75 Garden

Solus Decor are exhibiting for the fourth time this month at RHS Chelsea Flower Show; the most renowned horticultural and outdoor living show across the world.


75th Anniversary of  D-Day Landing

RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. Royal Hospital Chelsea is the home of the Chelsea Pensioners. The Chelsea Pensioners have become as much a part of the Flower Show as the gardens on show. This year is an extra special year for the Chelsea Pensioners at the Chelsea Flower Show as it marks the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings on 6th June 2019.

D Day 75 Reasons


The D-Day 75 Garden

The ‘D-Day 75 Garden’ will be exhibited at the Royal Hospital Chelsea during this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 21st-25th May and will celebrate the lives of our Normandy veterans.75 veterans have been invited to take part during Chelsea Flower Show. They will share their incredible stories with the Chelsea pensioners and the public. The garden will then be gifted by the veterans to the town of Arromanches in Normandy. The ceremony will take place on 6th June 2019.


D Day 75 Garden


We can’t wait to see this fantastic design created by John Everiss, a multi RHS gold award winner at Tatton and Chelsea.  To find out more about “75 Reasons” and see how you can donate take a look at D Day Revisited.

To find out more about Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show take a look at our blog with our high lights from last year including the launch of our new metal table top and drinks ring. We look forward to seeing some of you at the show this year. Visit us at trade stand #608 and see new products for 2019.


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Metal Table Top Launch at Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Solus Decor, Chelsea Flower Show. Contemporary Design, fire pits, water features

Another fantastic week at RHS Chelsea completed. Solus Decor launched the new contemporary metal table top as part of the our accessory range and here’s a look at Solus Decor’s highlights at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Solus Decor exhibited for third year in a row and as always it was a highlight of the year. We had a fantastic time at the show launching our new metal table top alongside our contemporary fire and water features. The Solus Decor stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show featured our contemporary fire pits and water features against a back drop of composite decking from Silvadec supplied by  Brooks Bros, bespoke screening from Screen With Envy and electronic awning to offer shade and all weather cover from FlyBird Installations all expertly constructed by TKE Landscaping to create the perfect setting for our luxury contemporary fire and water features.

Solus Decor launch the new metal table top as part of our accessories range:

Solus Decor Metal Drinks Ring Hemi Fire Pit
Metal Drinks Ring on Hemi fire pit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show


The launch of the new Solus Decor metal table top proved a huge success at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year as part of our accessories range. The new metal table top is ideal for those seeking a contemporary addition to their garden design adding both style and function. The new metal table top is available for the Hemi fire pit and can be used in two ways with the drinks ring only when the fire pit is in use or as a full table top.

James Wong BBC presenter, Solus Decor metal table top, hemi fire pit, chelsea flower show
BBC TV presenter James Wong visiting Solus Decor stand and taking a look at the new metal table top.


solus decor, firepits, waterfeatures, sky news., sarah hewson. rhs chelsea.
SKY TV Presenter, Sarah Hewson visiting Solus Decor stand at RHS Chelsea to discuss fire pits and water features


Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Highlights:

The Chelsea Flower Show is set in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners. Always a delight to see the historic architecture of the hospital and the Chelsea pensioners in their uniforms as the setting for the exceptional garden design exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show.

rhs, chelsea flower show, James Doran Webb, chelsea flower show, contemporary design
A Chelsea Pensioner taking in the driftwood sculptures by James Doran Webb


The David Harber and Savills Garden designed by Nic Howard offers both a contemporary and thought provoking take on garden design.

This sensational garden designed by Nic Howard featuring David Harber sculptural pieces definitely caught our attention. Rich and colourful planting leads you through a sculptural tunnel, which draws you in. The garden is designed to show how sculpture and planting can tell a story and encourage reflection. In this garden, the different layers represent mankind’s evolving relationship with the environment.

Savills, RHS Chelsea, Nic Howard, David Harber, Contemporary garden design,
Savills and David Harber Garden designed by Nic Howard at RHS Chelsea


An excellent example of contemporary outdoor living; the LG Eco-City Garden designed by Hay-Joung Hwang

The LG Eco-City Garden represented a contemporary look at residential garden design incorporating the our growing dependence on technology in our lifestyle’s  today.

LG Eco City Garden, Contemporary firepit, contemporary water feature, outdoor living, Hay-joung Hwang
LG Eco- City Garden designed by Hay-Joung Hwang at RHS Chelsea


A green space for residents, workers and visitors was at the heart of the design of the garden by Kate Gould; New West End Garden

Kate Gould’s garden was a space to breath and relax in the hustle and bustle of the the city with carefully thought out ideas to take the strain of city living. Kate Gould incorporated specialist plants that are able to cope with a high level of pollution and toxins in the city air, paving technology using Kinetic energy produced when people walk on the paving to power the lights and light boxes on the walls featuring a grid of London streets that light up as the sun goes down.

Kate Gould, outdoor living, contemporary garden design, urban living, outdoor space
New West End Garden at RHS Chelsea by Kate Gould


If you’re feeling inspired by Chelsea Flower Show  why not get in touch with us to find out more about our new metal table top or any of our other fire and water features and make the most of your garden this summer!

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

solus decor chelsea flower show

We’re back in the office this week and have a chance to reflect on the highlights of RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017; the planting and flowers, sensational gardens and the colourful characters visiting the show.


The weather is always a question mark over the Chelsea Flower Show as it is in the majority an outdoor event, this year we had been anxious as the build up had seen torrential rain almost everyday.  However as the show opened the sunshine arrived and stayed for the duration, we couldn’t have wished for better weather; showing the gardens and all the outdoor products at their very best and putting a smile on all the visitor’s faces.



Best in Show

The gardens are the big draw for most visitors offering inspiration and insight into the incredible hard work involved in creating the show gardens for Chelsea Flower Show.  The Best Show Garden was the M&G Garden designed by James Basson.  The designer’s vision of a garden was created from a disused limestone quarry including a large botanical range of flora from Malta. Designed with great impact it delivers a hard message about the vulnerability of Malta’s natural landscapes and resources.



M&G Garden designed by James Basson
Best Show Garden designed by James Basson


The Best Fresh Garden was designed by Kate Gould, City Living showing a an imagined space in an urban apartment block, providing the occupants with attractive and useable small gardens.  These multi-level gardens highlight the importance of greening inner city spaces, not only for residents’ enjoyment but also to benefit the environment as a whole.


Best Fresh Garden designed by Kate Gould


The Best Artisan Garden was the Walker’s Wharf Garden supported by Doncaster Deaf Trust and designed by Graham Bodle. The garden reflects the beauty of industrial decay embellished by restrained plantings of conifers including pines and larch as well as lush woodland perennials.


best artisan garden 2017
Best Artisan Garden deigned by Graham Bodle




This year we decided to collaborate with WaterAid by selling our concrete tea light holders at the show with all proceeds going to WaterAid, this proved a huge success and we are pleased to announce that we have raised £1,200, which will enable WaterAid to supply a school sanitation block for 250 children (£1050) and three wheelchair accessible toilets (£50 each) in Bangladesh.


Water Aid
Solus Decor collaborate with WaterAid at Chelsea Flower Show




People Watching at Cheslea Flower Show

Of course RHS Chelsea is mainly about the gardens and flowers but it’s also a great spot for fantastic people watching; whether that’s getting a glimpse of a Chelsea Pensioner in their full regalia, a celeb spot on press day or simply somebody with fantastic style to match the gardens.




Solus Decor at Chelsea Flower Show
Solus Decor CEO, Brad Carpenter learning about the history of the Chelsea Pensioners




Fashion at Chelsea Flower Show 2017
Fashion and Flowers; A glamorous couple spotted at Chelsea Flower Show





We have to give a big thank you to the fantastic suppliers who helped to create our stand for Chelsea Flower Show 2017; TKE Landscaping, Silvadec, Brooks Bros, Flybird Installations, Kyoto Design, Greenmatters UK and KG Lifestyle & Interiors.  Here a some highlights from our stand which showed our fire and water features in a great outdoor living space:




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Donate to Water Aid at Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor are collaborating with Water Aid UK at Chelsea Flower Show



We are always keen to give something back and collaborate with charities within our work.  We have worked with a number of charities back in Canada but we have yet to create a link with a UK charity. Given our involvement with water features we were keen to get in involved with a clean water charity that provides a basic resource to developing countries that is so readily available to us in the UK. Water Aid seemed the perfect collaboration and we are thrilled to be raising funds for such an important cause at Chelsea Flower Show this year.


What does Water Aid do?


Clean drinking water, proper toilets and good hygiene are essential, yet millions of people around the world don’t have access to these basic services.  Across the world, women are forced to waste precious time walking long distances to collect dirty water. Girls are dropping out of school because there are no private toilets, and young children are not surviving to see their fifth birthday because of preventable diseases.


Water Aid’s whole approach is about getting safe water, sanitation and hygiene to everyone everywhere by 2030 .  They tackle the reasons why millions of the world’s poorest people live without these most basic human services. With hundreds of partners in civil society, government and the private sector, they deliver water, sanitation and hygiene to those most in need and make transformational change happen so that governments across the world provide all of their citizens with affordable, sustainable services.



What we’re doing?


Last year at Chelsea Flower Show many people were keen to buy our candle holders, which are given to clients as a sample guide showing colour and texture when selecting their water feature.  It seemed appropriate that this year we “sell” these to visitors to Chelsea Flower Show with all proceeds going straight to Water Aid.


Solus candle holders


If you’re at Chelsea this year be sure to visit Solus in the Fresh Gardens at trade stand FR64 and make your donation.


water aid




Find out how you can donate 

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Looking back at Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Every year the world renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held on the grounds of the Chelsea Royal Hospital, home to the Chelsea Pensioners.  For 5 days in May the grounds are transformed into an array of outdoor oasis’, offering inspiration for those visiting the show from near and far.


Last year we had a great time exhibiting with Jack Dunkley and were privileged to feature our fire and water features in the Urban Retreat designed by Jack.  Not only was it our first time at Chelsea but we also launched our Fire Cube in the UK at the show and we were thrilled to be shortlisted for product of the year for the Fire Cube.


The Firecube, shortlisted for product of the year at Chelsea Flower Show 2016


The show is a great opportunity to see new garden and outdoor living products to inspire visitors and for many exhibitors The Chelsea Flowers Show is the perfect opportunity to launch new products. However for many the main draw is the incredible show gardens.  The show gardens take centre stage at the show with incredible vision and creativity displayed, not to mention the huge amount of hard work involved to create the gardens.

Here’s a reminder of some of the show gardens that made a big impact in 2016:



andy-sturgeon-chelsea flower show
Chelsea Gold Medal Winner by Andy Sturgeon


Andy Sturgeon made a huge impact at the show last year for his garden design, which was not only a gold medal winner but also won best in show .


Vestra Wealth’s Garden of Mindful Living by Paul Martin at chelsea flower show
Vestra Wealth’s Garden of Mindful Living by Paul Martin


The Chelsea Barracks Garden by Jo Thompson at chelsea flower show
The Chelsea Barracks Garden by Jo Thompson


We are looking forward to being part of Chelsea Flower Show again this year and the opportunity to see the wonderful array of exceptional garden design on show once again.

If you would like to visit the show there is still time to book your tickets, click here to plan your visit.  If you are attending be sure to visit us at stand F64.

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Garden Trends and Predictions for 2017

What trends can we predict for Garden Design in 2017?






We sat down with John Wyer from Bowles and Wyer to look at what 2017 has in store for their design practice and what predictions he has for garden design in 2017:


Based near Tring on the Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire border, Bowles & Wyer have become leading landscape and garden designers and contractors, working throughout London, Central England, and the South East. John Wyer officially founded Bowles and Wyer with Chris Bowles in 1993 and since then the business has continued to grow year on year.


Currently their work is 60% residential and 40% commercial with a focus on prime central London, which brings its own challenges with both access restrictions and interesting and unusual spaces where one needs to consider not only the horizontal but also the vertical space.






Garden Design Trends 2017
City Garden, Belgravia, London by Bowles and Wyer






Garden design trends 2017
The Lancasters, Bayswater, London by Bowles and Wyer


2017 looks to be an exciting year for Bowles and Wyer with 3 prestigious commercial projects in the pipeline; working with the Cadogan Estate on the Kings Road, Park Crescent West in Regents Park, and Audley House in Mayfair. As always, they will be combining these projects with their residential projects both in the UK and internationally.  As we talked about the projects for 2017 we discussed the differences between commercial and residential and the challenges that they both bring.  John says that “commercial and residential are very different but not always in the way you think”.  In commercial projects, there are many more meetings, more drawings and more information required due to the larger team that you are part of.  This tends to be a more decisive process due to the super structure in place but given the nature of large commercial projects developers often have bigger worries to focus on meaning the landscaping decisions can be pushed down the priority list.



















Garden design predictions for 2017
Hampstead Roof Terrace, London by Bowles and Wyer

On residential projects, it is always about finding the balance between budget and design, Bowles and Wyer make it a priority to spend time educating their clients prior to the design phase; looking at their database of designs and costs per sqm, allowing the client to understand the true cost of each design.  John finds this key in helping clients understand what they can expect from their project based on their budget.





















Looking at 2017 John Wyer is optimistic for the London market post Brexit. He thinks the effect will be neutral if not positive as he believes foreign investment in London will rise and this will likely be reflected in garden design.  Looking back over the last few years garden design has been very much about twin trends: on the one hand right angles and minimalism, and a second trend for up-cycling and stripped back finishes. John believes these trends were partly caused by the influence of design software such as SketchUp and also the effect of the recession.


Firepits in garden design in 2017
Best in show at RHS Chelsea 2016 by Andy Sturgeon, exploring a different geometry



In 2017 John believes that we will be looking at different kind of geometry, moving away from the right angles, incorporating more curves in design and an introduction of more luxurious surfaces; etched metals and coated finishes.  The advancement in porcelain has also made a significant impact on design and we will likely see more of this in 2017 with substantial developments giving many more options for outdoor floor surfaces.


The use of fire and water in landscape design is something that is here to stay.  Bowles and Wyer have seen an increase over recent years in clients looking to incorporate fire pits into their designs, where they might have previously requested a hot tub or Jacuzzi.  The “plug and play nature” of a fire pit is something that appeals to clients. The biggest challenge with incorporating fire into the design is always about matching the cost to client’s expectations.


Design trends for 2017
London Roof Terrace by John Wyer – shortlisted for SGD Awards 2016






It’s safe to say that it looks to be another successful year for John and the team at Bowles and Wyer and with designs like this it’s not hard to see why. We wish John all the best for the SGD awards on the 27th January for this elegant roof terrace design in London.


Find out more about Bowles and Wyer at or follow John on Twitter.