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Feature Project: The Fairmont Empress

solus fire pit at fairmont empress hotel

A look at our fire pit installation at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. What are the advantages of a fire pit in a hotel environment?

The Fairmont Empress Hotel is located in Victoria in British Columbia with spectacular views of the city’s Inner Harbour.  The hotel is steeped in history and first opened its doors in 1908.  In 2017  the Fairmont Empress completed a dramatic transformation. They restored the building’s historical character and added the luxurious and contemporary details expected in today’s 5 star hotels.

solus fire pit fairmont empress hotel
Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire pit on the terrace at the Fairmont Empress Hotel

The redevelopment works at the Fairmont Empress have provided the Willow Stream Spa, world class dining and luxurious guest rooms. However the traditions of the hotel remain. The world famous Tea at the Empress is served in the sophisticated Lobby Lounge as it has been since 1908.

As part of the regeneration of the hotel they have installed Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire pits with views across the Inner Harbour. The fire pits add an element of contemporary design with the backdrop of the historic building.  The use of the Elevated Halo fire pit in these public seating areas provide both warmth and ambiance and consequently provide additional guest seating areas throughout the year. Today the Fairmont Empress Hotel is recognized as one of Top 21 Iconic Hotels in the World by National Geographic Traveler magazine.

solus fire pit at fairmont empress hotel
Solus Decor Elevated Halo fire pit on the Fairmont Empress Hotel terrace at sunset

The Elevated Halo fire pit is ideal for this commercial setting as it provides a focal point to any terrace and the coffee table height offers space for drinks and plates for those around the fire.  The Elevated Halo is available in two sizes, three fuel options and 12 colours making it easily adaptable for any commercial setting.

To see the historic Fairmont Empress book a room or to create your own beautiful terrace why not get in touch?

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.

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Futurescape 2017

Futurescape 2017 at the wonderful Sandown Park Racecourse


For the second year in a row we exhibited our fire and water features at Futurescape together Chilstone showing their bespoke stone work and garden ornaments.  Over the years, this event has secured its place as the largest landscape exhibition in the UK, with guests and exhibitors flocking from across the country for the big day. The event’s success, and growth in size and scope, has transformed Futurescape into the nation’s leading landscape show.  The show has a wonderful selection of exhibitors with all things related to landscape design, whether you are looking at hard landscaping materials, planting, landscaping tools and machinery or decorative items for the garden it is all available at Futurescape, which is exactly why it has become so popular with both suppliers and designers giving the opportunity to meet and reconnect.


Solus Decor stand featuring bespoke stone work and sculptures from Chilstone


The one-day FutureScape event is packed full of networking opportunities, seminars to expand your technical knowledge, and demonstrations of brand new technologies and products.  All events are tailored to help industry professionals ensure they, and their business, stay at the cutting edge in preparation for all your projects in the New Year.


Solus Decor stand at Futurescape 2017 featuring bespoke stonework and sculptures from Chilstone



Elevated Halo fire pit at Futurescape 2017



We look forward to seeing you all there again at the next show in November 2018, if you would like to find our more about our products now get in touch.

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Solus Decor Fire & Water Features in Stock and ready for delivery now

Make the most of your garden this summer with a Solus Fire and Water Feature.

We have a number of products in stock and available for immediate delivery to enable you to make the most of your garden throughout the summer.

Solus Fire Pits

Hemi 26″

Simple and easy to install we have a number of the Hemi  26″ Fire Bowls with ethanol fuel operation making it even easier to add to your garden, simply place in position, add the fuel and light.  The Hemi 26″ is the perfect way to add spark to intimate outdoor spaces. Standing 325 mm tall (without its plinth or 440mm with the plinth) Hemi 26 distributes its heat from a low vantage point providing a place to warm chilly legs and hands. Visually it has a solid, sculptural presence and holds its own in environments of any size. It can be used in conjunction with the included plinth to raise its height or placed as an elegant stand alone piece for a lower profile fire pit.

We also have a number of Hemi Fire Bowls in stock with natural gas and LPG fuel operation in both 26″ and 36″ in a selection of colours in addition to those shown below.

Elevated Halo 36″

The Elevated Halo is ideal for summer gatherings, coffee table height with space to rest a drink while you enjoy a summer evening around the fire with family and friends.  We have a number of Elevated Halo 36″ Fire Pits in ethanol, LPG and natural gas fuel options in stock and available for immediate delivery so you can add a little something special to your garden this summer. The elevated Halo cradles its flame, allowing the flickering fire light to reflect on its polished concrete surface. Crisp outer edges curve smoothly into their central fire openings, creating a modern, sculptural feel. The tops rest on 750 mm wide box bases which give these modern fire pits a substantial foundation and raises them to coffee table height. With their clean profiles and soft curves the Halo Elevated 36 fits well into a wide variety of outdoor environments.  We have the colours below in stock plus more, get in touch to secure delivery for the summer.

Solus Water Features

If you fancy adding the element of water to your garden to promote calm and tranquility take a look at our beautiful water features.  As with our fire pits they are made from the same high performance concrete with the element of metal creating both a sculptural and architectural quality to their design.  The self circulating nature of our water features makes them even easier to install, all you need is an electrical supply, simply plug and play.

The Scupper with basin

An adaptation of our Scupper water bowls this version combines two concrete vessels to create a simple, self contained water feature. As with our original Scuppers, clean edged, mechanically formed metal and smooth concrete are brought to life by the liquid movement and pleasing sound of water.  We have 26″ Scupper with basins in stock and available for delivery now in cinder and linen as show below.

Water Dome

These water bowls feature polished metal domes that appear to float inside of concrete vessels. Water flows up through the center of each dome to run over the reflective surface of the hand-spun metal and then drop off the edges into the surrounding water creating sound. Like our concrete pieces, each metal dome is handmade and unique.  We have 26″ and 36″ Water Domes in stock and available for delivery now.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our stock items and secure your delivery as soon as possible.

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6 smart ways to position seating around a modern gas fire pit in the backyard

The majority of visitors to our show room know that they absolutely want a modern, gas fire pit. However we do meet clients on occasion that are unsure about how best to arrange their outdoor seating around one.

So Solus have compiled a selection of the simplest ways in which fire pits can be arranged for your outdoor space. Or our team of sales associates would be happy to plan with you by phone or in person if these layouts don’t work for you.

HEMI 36 PORTLAND Flame Dusk Lava Rock - Mayr 01_crop
A 36″ Hemi firebowl fire pit is perfect for a layout that can be easily changed with individual chairs placed around it .


Hemi 26
The 26″ Hemi firebowl fire pit with plinth works well in the corner of a garden . Just place with chairs or a table around it.


Elevated Halo 36"
A love seat and individual chair(s) can be placed around any fire pit (36″ Elevated Halo)


For those long summer evenings. A sectional sofa works beautifully around the fire pit (36″ Elevated Halo)


ElevatedHalo Loveseats
A social atmosphere can be created by placing a fire pit between 2 loveseats. (36″ Elevated Halo)


Elevated Halo around stools
This is another social space. A fire pit placed in between an L-shaped sofa with stools gathered around the other side (36″ Elevated Halo)