Updated 30th March 2020:

Make Your Home a Haven with a Solus Fire or Water Feature.

We have stock and are still able to deliver from our UK warehouse.  More Fire and Water features are on the way, expected at the end of April.

A fire or water feature adds calm and serenity in a topsy turvy world that we are all encountering at the moment.

Call now to place an order and to discuss any technical queries on 0208 819 1495 – open 7 days a week. 

We consider a sale complete when your products have been installed and you are able to see and enjoy the finished result. Our sales and support team are professional and friendly and we are happy to answer any questions that come up during the process of purchasing and installing our handcast pieces.

Design & Durability

There are few better ways to create conversation, atmosphere and warmth in an outdoor space than the flickering glow of an open fire pit. Solus’ concrete Fire Pits are modern updates of traditional wood-burning fire pits, utilizing clean burning fuels and acceptable in many zones where wood burning may be prohibited.

Solus concrete water bowls are clean, contemporary designs that reference familiar forms and celebrate the relationship between water, polished metal and concrete. They are designed to be suitable to a broad spectrum of aesthetic environments and to fulfill a range of functions. From creating contemplative environments to providing visual focal points and functional watercourse solutions, these water bowls will add beauty and substance to your project.

Sought by clients and Landscape Architects for outdoor patios and decks, our hand cast fire pits and water features are not only exceptionally beautiful, they are durable enough to withstand North American winters and weather gracefully.

All of our Fire Pits and Water Features are shipped world-wide, and are custom crated and individually wrapped to ensure a successful arrival at your front door


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Showing 1–12 of 16 results