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Solus Decor Dazzles in the Dressing Room

In the run up to the Winter Olympic Games, Solus had the honour of crafting a wall tile installation based on a precise design for Vancouver’s most prominent sports club. Elton Huard of Huard Custom Stone & Tile installed the large concrete tile at the dressing room entrance.

With 11 years of experience installing hundreds of Solus fireplace surrounds and tiles, Elton was the right man for the job. He was able to focus on the project, work around the media, and complete the project on time.


The work was painstaking. Elton matched the curves from the concrete tiles to a pattern etched on the stainless steel dressing room doors, whilst manipulating rectangular tiles to create an angled slant. We wanted to know more about how he pulled together such beautiful work.

“The tools I used are the ones I use on all my Solus jobs. A 36 wet saw, a five-inch grinder with a diamond bladeand another grinder that smoothes the edges down, and a small stone to sand the curve.”

Elton would cut the angles on his wet saw, then dry fit each piece using the 109” radius template that he created. He would then hand grind his line and smooth the curve with a small piece of sanding stone.

“The product from Solus that we used on the (team) dressing room was the concrete with fiber in it which gave it strength, made it better for cutting and very durable… Solus tiles are heavier, and in this case quite large, they were 16 x 54, I believe.”

Elton continued to explain the differences and similarities between Solus concrete tiles and other materials: “The main similarity is it cuts like a limestone but is strong like a porcelain. It chips like other tiles and stone we use, so to avoid the chipping when handling the tile on the stainless steel, we would tape the steel with painter’s tape.”

When asked about his long standing relationship with Solus, Elton enthused, “Solus has been excellent to deal with … they are very helpful. I feel we work together as a team to maximize the customer service, and making the product look as good as it should.

I always stand back and admire the work we do, I take a lot of pride in these installations and always try my very best to make things look as good as I can. I love what I do. I find it very satisfying when I am finished the product … You guys stand behind the product you make, I stand behind anything I install.”

Elton’s words can be taken quite literally as the site of this Solus hand cast large format concrete tile installation is often used as backdrop for televised team interviews.

For more information on how to locate Elton and other Solus independent concrete installers in your area, please contact us at 1 877-255 3146.