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Sneak Peak into contest fire pit name suggestions

It’s been a month since we launched our ‘Win a Solus Decor Fire pit’ Contest and we have been dumbfounded by how many amazing contest entries have come in.

  • Some used an international flare with Mauna Loa, Pacific Rim and Vesuvius.
  • Some made us question our high school geometry with Cube 3 and Rhombus.
  • Some got a little witty with The Chatter Box, The Conversation Cube and Mata Hari.
  • Some got a little cheeky with The Burning Bush, Hot Box and My Precious.
  • Some tested our ability to use Google Translate with Anillo de Feugo, Fiero and Flambeau.
  • Some tested our Greek with Pegasus, Helios, Kybos and Olympic.
  • Some evoked a feeling with Solara, Aurora and Serenity Sphere.

Our most popular entry thus far is Ring of Fire, although only the first entry counts (measured by time stamp).

So what would you call it? There are only 4 days left to enter this contest to win either our ‘conical’ or ‘cube’ fire pit and we’d love to hear your suggestion if you haven’t already entered!

Cube fire pits