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You can choose any available Hand-crafted Solus Fire and Water Features IN STOCK and in the UK ( or in Spain ) and get faster shipping. See some of our featured in stock items below or use the menu above for our complete inventory. 

We have the very versatile and beautiful Hemi 26 and Hemi 36.  Hemi 26 are available in cinder portland, linen and shiitake.  Hemi 36 in Cinder, Halva, Portland ( some of these with special high output 31 kW burner ).  Call for details    These are ready to ship within 3-7 days of approved purchase. 

We also have Elevated Halo 36 in Portland, Halva, Cinder and Linen – ready to ship within 3 -7 days.

Our Solus-Designed and Highly Efficient Rust-Proof Brass Burners come in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas.  These burners are backed by the Industry Best Solus Lifetime Warranty.

For the water features, we offer both the exquisite and elegant Dome 26″ and 36 with choices of either brass or stainless-steel dome discs to match your setting.  Dome 26 in Cinder, Linen, Halva, Portland, Shiitake, or Portabello. 

Dome 36 available in Cinder, Nori, Pistachio and Portabello.  [See coloursThese are available to ship within 3-7  days.

For any fire or water designs and configurations, you can call +44 (20) 8051 9531, complete the Contact Us Inquiry Form, or send us an email to and one of our sales representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions.