Metal Table Tops w Fire Ring

Drawing of Solus metal fire ring table top
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These tops come in two styles. The metal ring tops are designed to fit a Hemi 36″ or 48″ firepit, while top for the Hemi 26″ is disc shaped without a ring.  The centre of the ring top removes so the firepit can be lit, leaving a ring table that can be used for drinks. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel.


These metal tops come in two styles. The ring tops are designed to fit a Hemi 36″ or 48″ firepit, and a simple disc top fits the Hemi 26″ firepit. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel. It is safe to leave the table top outdoors in the elements. The aluminum is hard anodized to create a scratch resistant surface that is integral to the aluminum itself. This surface is hard, but may be susceptible to scratching from fine grit particles drawn across the surface.

Please use a clean damp cloth to wipe down. For more information on product characteristics please see care instructions included with product.

Product Details

Top: 6061 Aluminum
Anodize type: Type II Hard
Screws: S.S. (counter sunk)

Specifications Documents

Seeking professional CAD drawings? See our full portfolio on CAD details.

Title Download
~Metal Tabletop 36 Spec Sheet
  1 files      85 downloads
~Metal Tabletop 48 Spec Sheet
  1 files      62 downloads
Care of Metal Ring Top
  1 files      46 downloads

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  • Solus  table tops are available direct through Solus to both homeowners and professionals who have purchased a Solus product.
  • Our wooden tops are generally in stock and will ship with your fire pit order.
  • Tops ordered on their own will be packaged in robust cardboard boxes and shipped within 6 – 10 weeks if in stock.
  • In the event that we are experiencing a supplier delay and cannot ship your top with your order you will receive notification and we will expedite your top to you via Fedex once our stock has been replenished.


World wide shipping options include:

  •  Kerbside delivery places your crates or pallets on the street in front of your location where they can be unpacked. Lifting of the products into place is not included with this delivery option..
  •  Airfreight by special request.

Please contact us to discuss your specific shipping requirements and we will work with you to find a solution.

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