With their clean lines and functional tops these fire tables set the scene for friendly gatherings.



Feast around the firetable

Modern, concrete firetable which houses a central fire truly makes this fire pit stylish and yet very functional. The simple, rectalinear configuratio plus smooth, concrete top sections provides a curved edge detail that slopes towards the fire opening and reflects the flickering light of the flame.  At 460mm high the fire table provides a perfect height to set your coffee, canapes or wine upon.  Placed alone or in pairs end to end, the clean lines and straight forward design of this fire tables makes them at home in a variety of environments from spare modern to rustic traditional. Appropriate for use in commercial and residential projects.

The Solus firetable is available in all ten colours.  The firetable is not stocked in UK but it is available via air freight or via our regular container service.  All of our natural gas and propane firetables are fully certified appliances ( CE Mark ).  The firetables are available as either manual ignition or electronic start ignition ( this requires an electrical connection ).   It is also available in bio fuel ( ethanol ) with manual lit start.  Available for sale to home owners and professionals world wide.  Every one of our Solus fire pits come with optional all weather cover and extensive warranties.

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