Fire Stones

Refractory concrete river stones add visual interest and functionality. Available for purchase with one of our fire pits and to owners of existing Solus fire features.


Refractory concrete river stones add visual interest and functionality.

River stones are visually compelling. Added, in place of lava rock, as a full surface topping they change the character of each fire pit. The repeating forms and varied tones of the stones provide an interesting, textured surface that stands in contrast to the smooth, seamless concrete of our vessels. Castings of actual river rocks, our lightweight refractory concrete fire stones look and feel like the real thing while being stable when exposed to high heats. Each set consists of four colours in a variety of shapes and sizes and will not split, spall or fracture. Our fire stones are made exclusively for Solus, by hand in Canada.

Please note that our fire stones are available for purchase with a Solus Fire pit or to clients who already own one. We cannot currently accomodate the volume of individual sales and apologise for any inconvenience.

Standard and Full Sets

  • All of our natural gas and popane fire features come standard with lava rock to cover the entire surface and a set of 40 stones which will cover the area around the burner jets and can be used to shape the flames.
  • Ethanol models include lava rock to fill he fuel receptacle and a set of 14 fire stones for flame shaping and aesthetics.
  • Sets of 80 stones are available for purchase to create full or partial coverings for all of our fire pits. Contact us determine how many bags you require.
  • Please note: Burner flames are very hot. Only stones that have been tested and approved for use in high heat environments should be used in Solus fire pits. Untested stones may explode or fracture causing injury or damage.

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