Water Features

Create tranquil and engaging spaces with our concrete Water Bowls


Introducing a water feature into an environment instantly creates an atmosphere of calm. Water is fundamental to us, its sound, the way the light plays over its liquid surface, and its continuous, fluid movement engage our senses and put us at ease. Solus concrete water bowls are clean, contemporary designs that reference familiar forms and celebrate the relationship between water, polished metal and concrete. They are designed to be suitable to a broad spectrum of aesthetic environments and to fulfill a range of functions. From creating contemplative environments to providing visual focal points and functional watercourse solutions, these water bowls will add beauty and substance to your project.
Solus Water Features are available online or direct through Solus to professionals and homeowners worldwide.

Specifications & Durability

  • Designed, assembled and tested in our Vancouver facility to ensure quality and function.
  • All concrete vessels are cast and hand finished from high performance, fibre reinforced concrete.
  • Locally pressed metal scuppers and hand spun domes.
    German-designed, Italian-made pumps with variable water flow control.
  • Solus water features are made with care from the highest quality components and built to withstand North American winters. They will weather gracefully and last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  • Each of our water features come with a warranty. Warranties are extended with the purchase and use of one of our All-Weather Covers.
  • Available in twelve colours and three sizes.
  • UKCA and CSA certified as well as North American certification.
  • Shipped World wide


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