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O Solo Mio! Can I Set up a Solus Firepit by myself?

O Solo Mio!  Setting up a Solus Firepit on your own?

Many people contact Solus and want to know if they can assemble and hook up their new Solus firepit on their own.  Well, there are two parts to the answer of that question.

If you are using Liquid Propane, the simple answer is – Yes you can!  With a little help from two strong friends, (four friends for the FireTable and 48” Elevated Halo),  you can place and connect a liquid propane fire pit yourself.   We’ll show you how in a video that we’ll send you with your new fire pit purchase.   You will also have a full set of instructions for both the actual burner and the assembly of the fire pit.

If you are using a Natural Gas supply, you and your strong friends can place the Solus Firepit near its final location, but a licensed gas fitter will need to come and run the line, as well as hook up the appliance to your gas feed.  They will ensure a safe and proper seal for your hook up and make sure that there are no gas leaks.

Interested in more information?  You can view some more of our uncrating, lava rock and fire stone set up and lighting video at

You can also contact our sales department at 1-877-255-3266 and let them know that you are interested in setting up your own firepit, and they will steer you to the right information.