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Mi Casa, Mi Concrete Casa!

“Every Home is A Castle”, or at least one would hope that one would feel that way about where you park your body, mind and soul each day.

Happy at home by the Fireplace

A sense of happiness and security is a wonderful balance to achieve in your own home.

It’s also lots of fun to take a look into other people’s ‘castles’ – especially when they build and live in a modern day version of them. We’ve come across a couple of fascinating concrete versions of this style of domain to share with you.


The Contemporary Castle:
The many levels of interior and exterior walkways and walls create moat-like definitions, courtyards and “hanging” rooms in this contemporary ‘castle’. A secluded and secure living space impresses the writer in this article

The Concrete Castle Compound:
And for something truly fascinating – especially for those who love concrete – here is a former concrete factory that has been converted to a castle-like compound over the past 25 years. The before picture will give you a sense of size and scope of this incredible and on going project.

What about you? Do you feel your home is your castle? What makes you feel this way?

Castle Fireplace reminiscent of Solus Arch surround