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Below are all our specifications documents, drawings, support documents, warranty documents and videos. If you ware seeing professional CAD drawings they are in our portfolio on CAD details. You can search all documents below by product name, type of product, fuel type of ignition or type of document. These documents are also available on the product pages in the ‘Specifications Documents’ tab section.  Or visit these links to see specific tables by type:





Water Features


Title Download
*1.Solus Fire Pit Installation and User Manual
  1 files      1315 downloads
~HEMI 36 with RING Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      162 downloads
~HEMI 36 with RING Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      208 downloads
Fire Pit Limited Warranty
  1 files      342 downloads
Video: Conversion from NG to LPG for flame supervision (manual and electronic) (RA)
  0 files      328 downloads
Video: Electronic Firepit Hookup (RA)
  0 files      335 downloads
z-Solus ASTM Results
  1 files      472 downloads