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Hemi firebowl featured on Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure

Recognize these 2 guys? That’s right! It’s Colin & Justin, 2 Scottish interior designers with global recognition, who just featured our beautiful Hemi firebowl on their show Cabin Pressure. Hemi appears on Episode 4 of Season 2 which airs on Cottage Life.

The Fit the Deck episode is about Colin and Justin who want a bigger deck for their very own cottage. Their plan is to have it run around the entire cottage. At the same time a family of landscapers is doing their best to keep up with Colin and Justin’s big plans and small budget. Part of their design included a Hemi firebowl of course.

What were their thoughts when they finally saw Hemi all lit up on the finished deck?

(Imagine in your best Scottish accent) “You’ve got a fire pit, look at that! I loooove that bowl it’s so sculptural, so beautiful, and actually throws out great heat as well.”

Watch the entire episode here and see how our Solus Hemi firebowl helped make this new deck come alive!

Solus firebowl

Don’t have TV? No worries. Watch the entire episode here!