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Fire Pits – Light One Up and Relax, We’ve Got you Covered!

Are you curious about how to light up a fire pit? Wondering how a custom fire pit cover gets put together? Solus Decor has quite a few “how-to” videos posted on our web site video page. We’re currently working on a new series of videos. Here’s a preview of two items that we’ll be posting very soon.

Lighting a Gas Fire Pit

Lighting a “match-lit”, liquid propane or a remote start natural gas fire pit can be a pretty simple procedure. With a bit of practice you probably won’t think twice about it… though we suggest you always stay mindful about safety. We recommend that you read the manual and safety tips that come with each fire pit. Once you’ve read the “book” so to speak, be sure to view the video accompaniment. Here’s a link to the preview

Fire Pt Covers

A smart and practical accessory, a fire pit cover helps protect your contemporary concrete creation from the elements. Solus has designed two different custom cover styles. The “pop-up” cover actually creates a mini tent to provide separation between the flat surface of the table top style fire pits and the material itself. With room to breathe, the concrete table top remains unblemished from condensation build-up. The Hemi FireBowl family uses a fitted cover that is placed right over a cooled down fire pit, or even an hardwood table top. Preview our new cover video to show you how it’s done!

Stay tuned for more videos including fueling up and lighting an ethanol burner version of our fire pits.

So you can say when it comes to Fire Pits, Solus has got you covered – now you can light one up and relax!