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Feature Project: Maui Vacation Home

We are featuring a recent residential installation as part of a fantastic project in Maui, Hawaii.



The client made contact with us directly as they began to look at the landscaping of the exterior of the major development they were undertaking in Maui, Hawaii. As things progressed with the majority of the build their attention soon turned to the landscaping element of the project and how they would develop this to compliment the architectural design of the main house.  The client is Canadian and were familiar with the Solus product given its Canadian roots and despite living overseas for many years they were keen to incorporate an element of the Canadian design into their new beach side home.


Feature Project Maui with Halo Low 36″


The overall concept and design of this sensational space was designed by the prestigious architect, Rick Ryniak.  Rick Ryniak is a Hawaii based architect who has built a solid reputation for creating sensational designs for the rich and famous in Hawaii. Rick’s design ethos is built around creating designs that work for his client’s lifestyle by understanding the way they live to incorporate these elements into his designs.  This house is no exception and we are thrilled to see our products in such incredible surroundings.


Feature Project Maui with Halo Low 36″


The client opted for the Halo Low 36″ fire pit to compliment their landscape design and architecture. Each Halo cradles its flame, allowing the flickering fire light to reflect on its polished concrete surfaces.  Recessed bases create the impression that the concrete tops float, adding visual lightness for a modern feel.  The Halo Low is available in 36” and 48”with the option of natural gas, bio ethanol fuel and liquid propane making then easily adaptable for any outdoor space.


Feature Project Maui with Halo Low 36″


We can’t think of a better place to sit back, relax and watch the sun go down.

To find out more about the Halo Low and our other products to create your dream outdoor space don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.