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Disaster Decks features Elevated Halo for ageing deck reno

Picture a beautiful, century old, brick schoolhouse that was converted into a home for a family of 5. Sounds like an architect’s dream, right? Now imagine the shape of its 100-year old rotting deck. Not great, huh? For Linda & Asad Hates, this was the embarrassment that took away from the charm of the home they adored. Their rotting deck had holes, a broken hot tub and benches with makeshift railings. Fortunately, in the Linda & Asad Hates episode of Disaster Decks, Paul Lafrance came in to help give this charming schoolhouse’s deck a dream renovation job which included the Solus Elevated Halo 36″ fire pit.


The Solus Elevated Halo 36″ Fire Pit is a modern interpretation of the primordial campfire raised to coffee table height to invite conversation and to place a drink or canapé on the surrounding table surface. Handcrafted in smooth high-performance concrete, this serene outdoor fire pit cradles its flame in a beautifully, sculptural concavity. A peaceful floating slab, the Solus Elevated Halo’s glow invites reflection and intimate gatherings.

Enjoy these images from the Linda & Asad Hates episode on Disaster Decks

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