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Solus Halo Fire pit lit

Hospitality, the Trade and how we work with both

Solus Decor works with hospitality and industry professionals to provide the best quality of fire pits and water features that exist in the marketplace today. Our fire pits and water features are built to withstand one of the toughest climates on the planet – Canada!  It is with this mindset that we seek out the highest quality materials we can find to produce the best product on the market, anywhere in the world.

Working with industry is a little different than residential. Time, knowledge and expertise in addition to a range of products, colours and warranties to back it up.  We stand behind the quality and functionality of everything that we make and work relentlessly to improve our products, ensure they are easy to install and simple to care for. All of Solus fire pits are fully certified as complete appliances for Canada, USA, UK and EU installation.  We will work together with you to choose the best products for your project to make it outstanding, beautiful and functional. Working with professionals inspires us and pushes us to continuously innovate and improve.

What to expect:

Our products specialists will work with you and help to find the optimal solution for your project. Please email your inquiries to [email protected] or call us at 44 0208 819 1495.

Specifications documents and drawings  Testimonials from Commercial Clients Commercial Client Listing Photo Gallery

Elevated Halo Firepit with food dishes, Fairmont Empress, Victoria, BC BC
Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC, Elevated Halo
Solus Firetable Outdoor Fire pit
Drinkwaters, Sproat Lake Landing, BC Canada – Firetable
The Modern (Waikiki) with Solus Hemi 36 firepit in halva colour
The Modern Honolulu Hotel, Waikiki, Hawaii – Hemi Firebowl
Ocean Edge Resort, Cape Cod – Firebowl
Solus Firetable Outdoor Fire pit at The Sobro, Nashville TN
The Sobro, Nashville TN – Firetable
Predator Ridge-Hemi 48 firepit from solus shown lit at sunset
Predator Ridge Resort, Vernon BC – Hemi 48 with ring
Halo Firepit outdoors lit Loews - Santa Monica
Loews  Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Elevated Halo
Solus Halo Elevated Fire Pit Outdoor Lit
Hyatt House Hotel, Raleigh NC, Elevated Halo 48
The Brass on Baltimore, Kansas City, MO – Elevated Halo
Solus Halo Elevated Fire Pit Outdoor Lit
St. Regis’ Resort, Bora Bora, Elevated Halo
Snow King Resort, Jackson WI, Elevated Halo
Hemi Outdoor Fire Pit Solus
Hyatt Regency Waikiki featuring Hemi Fire Bowls
Loews Hotel Santa Monica
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel poolside cabana
The Four Seasons Hotel, Houston, Tx – Firetable
The Brass on Baltimore Club Kansas City
Helix Architecture + Design, The Brass on Baltimore Club


Drawings and Technical Documents

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Title Download
Terms of Business – Fire Features
  1 files      59 downloads
Terms of Business – Water Features
  1 files      39 downloads
*1.Solus Fire Pit Installation and User Manual
  1 files      985 downloads
Video: Water Dome in Action
  1 files      44 downloads
*SCUPPER with Box Installation Operation Manual
  1 files      75 downloads
~Scupper 26 with Concrete Box Spec Sheet
  1 files      103 downloads
~Scupper 36 with Stainless Box Spec Sheet
  1 files      74 downloads
~Dome 48 Spec Sheet
  1 files      87 downloads
~Dome 36 Spec Sheet
  1 files      114 downloads
~Dome 26 Spec Sheet
  1 files      120 downloads
*1.Dome Installation Operation Manual
  1 files      117 downloads
~FIREBOX Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      111 downloads
~FIREBOX Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  1 files      168 downloads
~FIREBOX Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      107 downloads
~FIRECUBE Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      129 downloads
~FIRETABLE Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      100 downloads
~FIRETABLE Manual Spec Sheet
  1 files      173 downloads
~FIRETABLE Auto Ignition Spec Sheet
  2 files      179 downloads
~HEMI 36 with RING Manual Lit Spec Sheet
  1 files      140 downloads
Fire Pit Limited Warranty
  1 files      214 downloads
~Scupper 48 Spec Sheet
  1 files      67 downloads
~Scupper 36 Spec Sheet
  1 files      93 downloads
~Scupper 26 Spec Sheet
  1 files      73 downloads
Care and Maintenance – Firepits
  1 files      65 downloads
~FIRECUBE Ethanol Spec Sheet
  1 files      98 downloads
Video: Uncrating your Solus Product
  0 files      41 downloads
Video: Assembly & Installation of Your Solus Propane Firepit
  0 files      49 downloads
Video: Lighting & Extinguishing Your Solus Ethanol Burning Firepit
  0 files      48 downloads
Video: Moving & Installation of Your Solus Concrete Firepit
  0 files      42 downloads
z-Solus ASTM Results
  1 files      315 downloads
*2-ETHANOL FIREPIT Installation and Operation Manual
  1 files      262 downloads
Video: Assembly of Hemi 36 Ethanol
  0 files      68 downloads
Video: Electronic Firepit Hookup (RA)
  0 files      203 downloads
Video: Conversion from NG to LPG for flame supervision (manual and electronic) (RA)
  0 files      199 downloads
Video: Adding River Rocks
  0 files      120 downloads
Certificate of Conformity – UK and EU – CE
  1 files      61 downloads
Solus Water Feature Warranty
  1 files      26 downloads
Questions you should ask
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Solus Hemi firepit shown with metal ring at duskI have purchased a number of the firebowls from Solus over the years for clients as well as one for my personal use. My clients and I have been extremely happy with the purchase. Customer service has been great, always ready to help.

Customer service and quality are unsurpassed.

Working with Kris and Brad is so easy – they find the right product, walk our customers through all of their options, and , when there is a deficiency they work to fix any items immediately.

Both your fire table and service are of excellent quality and surpass our client’s exacting expectations.

As Landscape Architects, we are quite impressed with the quality of the material we received form Solus. The concrete work on the HALO fire table we received was excellent, the product arrived timely and in perfect shape. We are confident specifying Solus’ product and will continue to do so for many projects in the future.

5 Star service well deserved rating

We have had an excellent service experience with solus. We had a small issue with the fire table we purchased. Solus was fantastic with dealing and immediately resolving the issue with a smile.

Solus Firetable gas firepit
Solus Firetable gas firepit

Scupper water bowl trickles into a beautiful contemporary pond.I have used Solus water features and fire pits in my garden design business for my clients. They are a product of great quality, with a pleasing aesthetic. They can be featured in various styles of well-designed gardens and deserve an appropriate setting and backdrop to show them off to their full potential.

Provided a great looking product when I needed it, without any fuss, even though I was often not ready for it. Good back up and communication, all the way through the process. Very easy to work with.

What is it about the Canadians, so friendly and relaxed, but able to deliver on craftmanship and customer satisfaction?

I have ordered fire bowls for clients on two projects. The web site is great because I am able to show clients photos and spec sheets at meetings.

Staff is friendly and easy to talk to, but take care of business as well.

I am happy with quality and service.

As a designer I frequently get asked for fire bowls/pits within landscapes. I find the Solus products to be beautiful, functional and of superb quality.

Solus Hemi Fire pit lit
Hemi firepit shown on stone terrace with garden