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Specifying commercial fire pits

Outdoor Fire Pit Elevated Halo 36
Elevated Hale fire pit on patio

As a design professional, have you ever had difficulty specifying or recommending a fire pit? Were you ever confused about where to start? We’ve put together a list of questions so you know exactly what to consider on behalf of your client in order to maximize their satisfaction.

Who’s the fire pit for?

  • The primary question is who ultimately will be interacting with the fire pit and how? If you are considering a lounge or a restaurant there are different considerations than an amenity or public space.

Permit considerations

  • Each county, province or state will have its own set of regulations permitting the use of gas appliances. This has become much more of a consideration within the last year across many provinces and states.

Fuel sources

  • There really are only three options: Natural gas, LP (liquefied petroleum) or propane. On occasion there can also be biofuel or ethanol.   If there are issues as to where to run the gas line – a propane tank could be considered. Check if there are any considerations as to the running costs of the gas line though.
Hemi 36 Linen Flame w glass
Hemi 36″ firebowl with glass shield

Some maintenance issues to consider

  • Warranty issues – most commercial products need to last. Many products are just not suitable to withstand the test of time.
  • Electronic issues – how to wire it for electronic start if necessary. Wall switch, timer or lock box.   Manual lit can work – just depends on the staff.
  • Glass shields and barriers might be a good option – and then again perhaps not. This is often a regulatory issue and not necessarily a safety issue. There are just as many issues with glass as there are no glass.
  • Purpose of fire pit – Is it meant to serve as primarily a heating source, an aesthetic statement or to create ambience and atmosphere?
  • Seating height – what seating is around the fire pit – what is the optimum height?
    How will the elements interact with the fire pit and are its components robust enough to withstand wind, heat, rain, sleet and snow?
  • Are fire pits within the budget of the client? How do you measure the quality of the fire pit?

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