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Industry-Leading 25-Year Warranty on our Gas Fire Pit Burners

Roof top terrace with four white chairs and the Solus Decor Halo fire feature

At Solus Decor UK, we are proud to offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty on our gas fire pit burners. This extensive warranty is a testament to our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. In this blog, we explore why we provide such a comprehensive warranty, how we craft our products to stand the test of time, and what this means for our valued customers.

Why We Offer a 25-Year Warranty

Commitment to Quality

At Solus Decor UK, quality is not just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our business. Our 25-year warranty on the burner is designed to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected for decades. This warranty is a reflection of our confidence in the superior craftsmanship and materials used in our products.

5 friends standing around the Solus Decor Hemi Fire Bowl in the snow

Customer Satisfaction

We understand that purchasing a fire pit is a significant investment. By offering a 25-year warranty, we aim to provide our customers with the assurance that they are buying a product that will not only enhance their outdoor space but also offer long-term reliability and enjoyment.

Proper Installation and Maintenance

It’s important to note that our 25-year warranty covers the burner, provided it is installed and maintained properly. We emphasize the importance of following our installation guidelines and regular maintenance schedules to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our products.

Built to Last: Our Manufacturing Process

In-House Production

One of the key reasons we can offer such a robust warranty is that we manufacture all our products in-house. This allows us to maintain stringent quality control throughout the entire production process. From the initial design to the final product, every step is carefully monitored to ensure it meets our high standards.

Solus Decor warehouse employee hand making Hemi fire bowl

Premium Materials

We use only the finest materials to construct our fire pits. Our products are made from Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), which is renowned for its durability and resistance to the elements. This ensures that our fire pits can withstand the harshest weather conditions without compromising their aesthetic appeal or functionality.

Rigorous Testing

Before any of our fire pits leave the factory, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our exacting standards. This includes testing for durability, safety, and performance. By the time a Solus Decor fire pit reaches our customers, we are confident that it will perform flawlessly for many years to come.

Benefits of Our Warranty

Peace of Mind

Our 25-year warranty on the burner provides unparalleled peace of mind. Customers can enjoy their fire pits without worrying about potential defects or performance issues. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our warranty ensures that the problem will be promptly addressed.

Increased Property Value

High-quality outdoor features like our fire pits can significantly enhance the value of a property. A long-term warranty adds even more value, making our fire pits an attractive feature for potential buyers.


Investing in a product that is built to last is a sustainable choice. Our durable fire pits reduce the need for frequent replacements, which not only saves money in the long run but also reduces waste and the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new products.

Roof top terrace with four white chairs and the Solus Decor Halo fire feature


At Solus Decor UK, our industry-leading 25-year warranty on our gas fire pit burners is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. By manufacturing our products in-house, using premium materials, and adhering to rigorous testing protocols, we ensure that our fire pits are built to last. This extensive warranty provides our customers with the assurance they need to enjoy their outdoor spaces for many years to come.


For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls | 020 8819 1495

Visit our UK showroom
Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey,
Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

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Seeing Beyond the Surface: How to Spot Quality Firepit Designs

Solus Decor Linear outdoor gas fire pit

When shopping for the perfect firepit, it’s easy to be swayed by striking visuals. However, discerning homeowners and top-tier designers know that true quality is about more than what meets the eye. Solus Decor demonstrates its commitment to excellence by continuously showcasing at the Chelsea Flower Show, where our firepits are not only displayed but are also a chosen feature in designer gardens. This guide helps you look beyond glossy images to choose a firepit that embodies both style and enduring quality.

Solus Decor's Luna Fire Bowl - a fire pit with a fire in it, standing on a deck at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 in London
Solus Decor’s Luna Fire Bowl was revealed at the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show in London.


Understanding the Material: GFRC vs  UHPC

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to environmental damage. We at Solus Decor prefer UHPC for its ability to withstand the test of time, ensuring their firepits are both luxurious and long-lasting. Opting for UHPC can greatly enhance the lifespan and maintenance frequency of your outdoor centrepiece.

Unfortunately, many firepits on the market are constructed from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), which, while lighter than traditional concrete and often less expensive, can compromise durability and strength, especially under challenging weather conditions.

The Illusion of the Image: Evaluating Firepit Photos

Be vigilant about the firepit images presented online. Some may use sophisticated photo editing to enhance the appearance of the firepit, misleading potential buyers with perfect flames or flawless finishes. Real fire varies with wind and fuel, so identical flames in photos can indicate digital alterations. Signs of poor craftsmanship, such as blotchy surfaces or an overly smooth finish, might also be masked in photos.

Expert Guide: Selecting a High-Quality Firepit for Your Garden.

When choosing a firepit for your outdoor space, it’s imperative to look beyond mere aesthetics to ensure you are selecting a product that offers both beauty and lasting durability. This guide is designed to help you understand the key features of high-quality firepits, focusing on material integrity, craftsmanship, authentic imagery, and brand reputation:

Material Integrity

For those seeking longevity and resilience in their firepit, Ultra-High Performance Concrete is an exemplary choice. Renowned for its advanced structural qualities and superior resistance to environmental stressors, UHPC ensures that your firepit will endure through the seasons without compromising its integrity or appearance.

Solus Decor’s Hemi Fire Bowl close up image with fire
Solus Decor’s Hemi Fire Bowl, manufactured using Ultra-High Performance Concrete, is built to withstand all of Canada’s harsh weather changes.



Exquisite craftsmanship is not only visible in the seamless finish and symmetry of a firepit but also in its structural finesse and colour consistency. Products crafted with meticulous attention to detail not only elevate your garden’s ambiance but are also more sustainable, resisting common wear and tear with grace.

Real Images

Authenticity in product imagery is crucial. At Solus Decor, we pride ourselves on using real, unaltered photographs that show our firepits in various natural settings. These images give you a true-to-life representation of what you can expect, avoiding the pitfalls of enhanced or deceptive visuals.

Solus Decor's Halo FirePit stands out at night against a backdrop of mountains.
Beautiful during the day or night – Solus Decor’s Halo Fire Pit stands out at night against a backdrop of mountains.


Brand Reputation

We at Solus Decor further highlight our reputation for quality by participating in the Chelsea Flower Show. Leading garden designers regularly feature our quality firepit designs in their gardens, demonstrating their trust and preference. Our commitment to quality is also echoed in our customer reviews and proactive customer service. We offer detailed product information, transparent customer testimonials, and robust support to ensure you make an informed choice.

Positive feedback from Benjamin Walker - Garden and Landscape Designer

Final Thoughts

In the crowded market of firepits, knowing the true value behind promotional images is essential. Whether you’re a designer or homeowner, this guide empowers you to make informed choices, ensuring your firepit is not only visually appealing but also a durable and functional addition to your outdoor living space.

For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls | 020 8819 1495

Visit our UK showroom
Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey,
Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

Visit our RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand
Pavilion Way PW191

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10 Reasons to Attend the Chelsea Flower Show with Solus Decor

Step into a world of blooming beauty and horticultural wonder at the renowned Chelsea Flower Show, where Solus Decor proudly presents its exquisite fire pits and water features amidst the floral extravaganza. Join us on a journey through the top ten reasons why attending this prestigious event is an unmissable experience for garden enthusiasts, professionals, and nature lovers alike.

Immerse Yourself in Floral Displays:

Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours and scents as you explore meticulously curated floral exhibits. Each stunning display demonstrates the power of nature’s artistry.

Solus Decor’s waterbox display at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022.
Solus Decor’s display at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022. The Chelsea Flower Show is held annually in May at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

Indulge your green thumb with a visit to the bustling marketplace, where treasures abound. Explore Solus Decor’s booth and marvel at the exquisite collection of fire pits and water features, each crafted with precision and elegance to be a work of art.

Celebrate Tradition

Join a tradition that spans over a century, celebrating the timeless beauty of gardens and outdoor living. Join in the celebration, where history, artistry, and the wonders of the natural world converge in a harmonious symphony of beauty and tradition.

Gardening Inspiration

Wander through enthralling garden designs that ignite your imagination and stir your soul. Witness firsthand how Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features serve as focal points, infusing each landscape with style and sophistication.

Solus Decor's Water Box featured on display at Chelsea Flower Show
This display was featured at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2022, using Solus Decor’s Dome Water Feature.


Learn from the Experts

Engage with seasoned gardening experts and landscape designers as they share invaluable insights on cultivating thriving outdoor spaces. From plant selection to layout design, these sessions offer practical tips to enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality.

Embark on a Botanical Adventure

Explore a treasure trove of rare and exotic plants from around the world, each more captivating than the last. Experience the magic as Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features harmonize with nature’s wonders, creating captivating outdoor environments.

Connect with Fellow Plant Lovers

Connect with fellow garden enthusiasts, professionals, and industry insiders as you share your passion for all things green. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or an admirer of botanical beauty, you’ll find valuable connections and shared experiences to enrich your gardening journey.

Solus Decor Waterbox modern outdoor water feature
This year’s Chelsea Flower Show will be held on 21st-25th May 2024, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

Spot the Celebrities

Keep your eyes peeled for celebrity sightings as famous faces mingle among the blooms. Experience the star power of Solus Decor’s designs as they capture the attention of celebrities and influencers, such as Lucy Willcox’s recent spotlight on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club.

Get Hands-On

Dive into interactive workshops and sensory experiences that engage all your senses. Participate in immersive workshops led by experienced gardeners and artisans, where you’ll learn practical skills and innovative techniques to elevate your gardening game.

Feel the Love

Experience the warmth and camaraderie of fellow attendees who share your passion for all things green. Connect with Solus Decor enthusiasts who have transformed their outdoor spaces with our fire pits and water features, united by a love for beautiful gardens and stylish outdoor living spaces. The versatility of Solus Decor’s fire pits and water features lends it creating cozy gatherings around the fire to tranquil moments by the water that soothe the soul.

Final Thoughts

As you immerse yourself in the breathtaking displays and vibrant atmosphere of the Chelsea Flower Show, let Solus Decor’s stunning fire pits and water features inspire your outdoor dreams. Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of outdoor living, where every garden becomes a masterpiece with Solus Decor’s signature touch.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, the Chelsea Flower Show 2024 promises an unforgettable experience. Join us from May 21st to 25th as we celebrate tradition, innovation, and the timeless allure of botanical excellence. For tickets and to plan your trip, visit the Royal Horticultural Society.

For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls | 020 8819 1495

Visit our UK showroom
Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey,
Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

Visit our RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand
Pavilion Way PW191

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Unveiling Elegance: Our Fire Pits Shine on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Solus Gas Hemi 36 Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden

Step into a world where fire dances gracefully amidst lush greenery and stylish design. Our fire pits have become the talk of the town, captivating the hearts of gardening enthusiasts everywhere. Recently, on the illustrious stage of ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, the visionary garden designer Lucy Willcox unveiled her masterpiece, featuring none other than our exquisite fire pits. Join us as we delve into the enchanting tale of how our fire pits brought warmth and allure to Lucy’s personal garden sanctuary.

Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Embodying Sophistication
In the realm of garden design, elegance reigns supreme. Lucy Willcox, a master of crafting captivating outdoor spaces, handpicked our fire pits to adorn her latest creation. With their timeless allure and impeccable craftsmanship, our Hemi fire pit seamlessly integrated into Lucy’s design, elevating the ambiance and enchanting all who beheld them. The Hemi fire pit was carefully selected to complement the surrounding landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of the garden while adding a touch of refined luxury.

Functional Artistry
Beauty, they say, lies in the harmony of form and function. Our fire pits embody this philosophy with finesse. Meticulously crafted from premium materials and engineered for performance, they stand as testament to the marriage of artistry and utility. Whether casting a warm glow over intimate gatherings or serving as the centrepiece of grand soirées, our fire pits radiate both warmth and functionality. Designed with safety and durability in mind, they provide peace of mind while enhancing the outdoor experience for homeowners and guests alike.

The Visionary Behind the Design: Lucy Willcox
Central to the enchanting garden featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club is the creative genius of Lucy Willcox. With a passion for blending nature with artistry, Lucy has earned acclaim for her stunning garden designs that seamlessly unite form and function. Through her meticulous attention to detail and innate understanding of space, Lucy transforms outdoor landscapes into breathtaking havens of beauty and tranquillity. Explore Lucy’s portfolio at Lucy Willcox Garden Design to witness the magic she brings to each project.

Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Versatile Brilliance
In the world of outdoor living, versatility is key. Our fire pits, with their array of sizes, styles, and fuel options, offer boundless possibilities for customisation. Whether nestled in a cosy corner or commanding attention as a statement piece, our fire pits effortlessly adapt to any setting. Transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries. From our popular Hemi Fire Bowl, to the practical Tavolo Fire Table, there’s a perfect fire pit for every aesthetic preference. With endless design possibilities, customers can let their creativity soar and create outdoor spaces that reflect their unique style and personality.

A Blaze of Inspiration
The feature on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club has ignited a spark of inspiration among gardening aficionados nationwide. As Lucy Willcox’s visionary design captivates audiences, our fire pits steal the spotlight, capturing imaginations and fuelling dreams of outdoor splendour. With each flicker of flame, a new chapter in the story of outdoor living unfolds, inviting all to bask in the warmth of elegance and inspiration. From cosy nights under the stars to lively gatherings with friends and family, our fire pits set the stage for unforgettable moments and create lasting memories in the garden.

As our fire pits bask in the glow of admiration on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, we extend an invitation to join us on a journey of elegance and enchantment. With a growing community of satisfied customers, we are proud to be at the forefront of the outdoor living revolution, bringing warmth, style, and sophistication to gardens across the country. From their captivating design and sustainable ethos to their unmatched versatility and timeless appeal, our fire pits stand as beacons of sophistication in the world of outdoor living.

Embrace the allure of fire and transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth, beauty, and enduring style with Solus Decor. With our fire pits, every garden becomes a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls, contact us; | 020 88191495

Make an appointment for a product demonstration at our UK showroom; Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

Visit our stand on Pavilion Way PW191 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London 

For more information on Lucy Willcox Garden Design, visit;

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Transform Your Space into an Inviting Sanctuary

Solus Tradestand at RHS Chelsea 2024

 Outdoor Living with Solus Decor

at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

Solus Decor, renowned leaders in contemporary gas fire pits, tables and water features,  are excited to once again have our stand on Pavilion Way PW191 at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Held in the UK on 21st to 25th May 2024, as always this prestigious show will be held within the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. A venue steeped in history and where the Chelsea Pensioners reside. If you are lucky enough you will see them at the show. This year we want to transform your space into an inviting sanctuary.

Following last years’ successful collaboration with Cedar Nursery, Thermalux Saunas and Trex Decking, to showcase outdoor living at it’s best, we are so pleased to work with them again. We are also excited to work with a few new brands to inspire your garden design and transform your space into an outdoor oasis.

Cedar Nursery are experts in outdoor living solutions. This year they have worked with us to design a space that incorporates everything you could need to make your time in the garden perfect; from an amazing Oliveti outdoor kitchen, a statement pergola from Biossun and beautiful outdoor furniture. Alongside this, our stand planting will be complimented with bespoke pots that can be made to your specification.

Thermalux will have a standalone sauna on show. These saunas are certainly a talking piece and an attractive addition to your outside space (as well as being good for your health and well-being).

Trex composite decking is used once again on our stand. This hardwearing and outstanding quality surface solution is ideal in any outdoor setting, enhancing the ascetics in a subtle but essential way.

This year, we also have an example of click it up Balustrad. An addition to your outdoor space that is an attractive solution to section off areas without obstructing the view and which also acts as a wind break. A perfect example of form and function.

And then of course, we are showcasing a selection of Solus fire and water features. this year we will be displaying our newest design, the Luna Fire Bowl, Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed to redefine outdoor ambiance, the Luna Fire Bowl represents the pinnacle of style, quality, and functionality.

Solus Decor Luna outdoor gas fire pit
Transform your space with a Luna 42 fire bowl by Solus.

As outdoor living spaces continue to gain popularity, the demand for high-quality fire features that perfectly integrate with modern aesthetics has never been greater. Solus has consistently met this demand by combining innovative design with superior craftsmanship, and the Luna Fire Bowl is no exception.

Featuring a sleek, minimalist silhouette and a mesmerising flame, the Luna Fire Bowl instantly becomes the focal point of any outdoor setting. Its durable construction ensures year-round enjoyment, while its clean lines and timeless design make it a versatile addition to any garden as well as enhancing the guest experience on a hotel or restaurant terrace.

In addition to the Luna Fire Bowl, Solus will have the Tavolo Fire Table and Dome Water Feature on display. From the warmth and ambiance of a fire to the tranquillity of flowing water. Solus Decor’s products elevate living spaces with elegance and sophistication.

Solus Decor Tavolo outdoor gas fire pit/fire table
Tavolo Fire Table in Cinder
Solus Water Dome in Nori with Stainless Steel Dome
Water Dome in Nori and Stainless Steel by Solus








Our exclusive collection of cast concrete fire and water features provide endless possibilities for creating personalised retreats to transform your space into an inviting sanctuary.

Whether you prefer the soothing sound of water cascading over smooth surfaces, the cosy glow of a fire on a cool evening, or a stand-out feature for entertaining family and friends, Solus offers solutions that harmonise with nature and outdoor living.

All products are available to purchase on the Solus stand Pavilion Way PW191 at the show.

All brands displayed on our stand and many more are resident businesses at Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, Cobham, Surrey , KT11 4JX. If you are unable to make the show, we recommend a visit to Cedar Nursery for product demonstrations and to chat to the knowledgeable staff.

020 8819 1495 |

For all other brands visit



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Garden Trends and Ideas for Spring 2024

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024

In 2024, garden trends are redefining outdoor living as a year-round experience, while emphasising planet-friendly practices and biodiverse planting techniques. From cosy balconies to sprawling country gardens, enthusiasts are crafting multifunctional havens that seamlessly blend sustainability with style. Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship, gardeners are incorporating native flora, drought-resistant plants, and pollinator-friendly species into their landscapes, fostering vibrant ecosystems that thrive throughout the seasons. Even the smallest outdoor oasis can offer boundless possibilities for connection with nature and sustainable living. By maximising every inch of available space through innovative design and clever utilisation of vertical elements, the concept of outdoor living is evolving beyond mere summertime leisure.

Planet Friendly, Biodiverse Planting

Whether you ask a garden designer or just your average “hobby gardener”, they will say that gardening trends are shifting to focus on eco-friendly changes that encourage local flora and fauna to thrive. Cottage style gardens with mixed flower beds, edible plants and medicinal plants are extremely popular due to trends in natural wellness and self-sufficiency. Even those with limited space can incorporate containers of garden herbs or potted fruits and veggies (tomatoes are a great choice for container cultivation!).

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024

If you want to make your garden a beautiful and interesting place to be, encouraging more life, movement and variation is essential. Gardens that support local wildlife such as birds, insects, invertebrates as well as the animals that rely upon them are rising in popularity. For instance, if you have the space for a pond or flowering tree, these are fantastic for creating biodiversity. Berry-bearing shrubs and pollinator friendly plants are also great options if you can’t swing something quite so substantial. Moreover, spring pollinator plants such as lilac, crocuses and lilies of the valley are not only easy to get your hands on at any local garden centre, but fit into almost any style or type of garden.

If you really wish to lean into the wild and natural aesthetic, wildflowers such as bluebells, foxgloves, wild thyme and poppies add vibrant pops of colour to long patches of grass. Moreover, a less manicured lawn means less mowing! However, if you prefer a cleaner look, creating a wildflower border still promotes biodiversity whilst keeping your space sleek and simple. 

Water Saving Ideas

A great way to promote biodiversity, encourage critters and create a peaceful atmosphere is installing a water feature into your outdoor space. Self-circulating water features keep your water bill low whilst providing a water source for birds and small mammals.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Scupper Water Feature

Drought- resistant plants are also a trending gardening idea. Resilient plants such as succulents are not only eye-catching and unique but are also perfect for drought resistant bedding. If you’re looking for eco-conscious and water saving plants that can thrive in sand and gravel rich soil here are a few ideas: 

  • Aloe
  • Aeonium
  • Delosperma cooperi
  • Drosanthemum
  • Crassula 
  • Lampranthus
Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Aeonium, Drosanthemum and Aloe

Outdoor Living Year-Round

Making the most of your home inside and out is particularly important in a day and age where housing costs an arm and a leg, especially if you are lucky enough to have a garden. Therefore, comfortable living and entertaining spaces that can be used year-round are going to be even more popular in 2024. All-weather quick-dry furniture can be costly, but quality seating is a good investment for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Additionally, incorporating outdoor kitchens into these entertaining spaces are rising in popularity, accompanied by weatherproof pergolas and fire pits for extra warmth.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024
Luna Firebowl

If you’re looking to make your outdoor space more multi-functional, integrating “well-being zones” such as cold plunges and saunas may be for you. Cold water exposure is often used to improve your mood, immune system, reduce inflammation and muscle soreness. Heat therapy tools such as saunas are also great for aches and pains in your joints and muscles, as well as stress management, cardiovascular function and improving blood circulation. They don’t have to take up much space either! If you are looking for some at home self-care whilst saving space, try immersing your cold plunge or sauna within your planting areas. This will keep a cohesive look to your garden and create a peaceful surrounding whilst you relax.

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024, saunas
Thermalux Sauna

Although the dark and gloomy months are nearing their end, English weather is never predictable. So, why not brighten up dreary days with some colour? The neutral aesthetic has been popular for a long time and although it is understated and elegant, colour is vastly undervalued in outdoor spaces. We are not advocating for a neon yellow accent wall by any means, but blues, peach tones, and purples will complement your plants and make your space pop. However, if you’re not into colourful walls, tiles, or furniture, try some colourful plants! Tulips can come in dozens of colours, Continus Coggygria are a royal purple tone, Zinnias are a stunning lime green and African daisies are not only multicoloured but drought resistant! 

Making the Most of Small Space

If your garden space is limited there are still plenty of options to maximise what you have. Visual interest can be added through the use of elevated decking, raised beds or hanging baskets. Also, standing plant pots and repurposed containers are great eco-conscious ways to give your balcony, patio or garden a facelift. If your outdoor area is partially or fully shaded, Azaleas and Camellias are fantastic flowers to brighten up your space. They can either be planted in containers, small gardens or even used to fill gaps in borders (note that they work well together as they both prefer acidic soil).

Additionally, fire pits and water features are great space-saving ways to add a focal point to small areas. For instance, our Hemi 26 is the smallest fire bowl in our Hemi series, perfect for apartment living.If you don’t have access to your own garden, community gardens are also a rising trend for 2024. Shared spaces like this can provide community and a social space for those with a green thumb, giving you all the benefits of being outdoors without having to take care of an entire backyard by yourself!

Garden trends and ideas for spring 2024, patios and balconies

In conclusion, the gardening landscape of 2024 is a testament to the evolving relationship between humans and nature. Garden designers are embracing sustainable practices and biodiverse planting techniques to create vibrant ecosystems that thrive year-round. Whether you’re transforming a sprawling country garden or maximising a cosy balcony, the emphasis on planet-friendly gardening is evident in the incorporation of native flora, drought-resistant plants, and pollinator-friendly species. The concept of outdoor living has evolved beyond mere leisure, with the integration of all-weather furnishings, outdoor kitchens, and wellness zones like cold plunges and saunas. Even in the smallest of outdoor spaces, innovative design and strategic use of vertical elements offer boundless opportunities for connection with nature and sustainable living.

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Angela Two Stars’ Ockiyapi at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Ockiyapi by Angela Two Stars at The Walker Art Center

Ockiyapi – Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, The Walker Art Center


Solus Decor was very pleased to be incorporated into the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and proud to be a part of Ockiyapi, a thought provoking sculpture representing the beauty of Dakota culture. 

Okciyapi (pronounced OH-key-YUP-ee) was designed and inspired by the talented Angela Two Stars. The Native American artist and member of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, completed the commission and unveiled it to the public in the Fall of 2021. 


Ockiyapi at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden


Previously, the site was occupied by the sculpture “Scaffold”. However, this piece was deemed insensitive as it trivialized a significant and traumatizing part of Dakota history. Originally conceived as a commentary on capital punishment, Scaffold depicted the gallows that were the site of the largest mass execution in US history in which 38 Dakota men were hanged following the Dakota-US war in 1862. Ultimately, the presence of this sculpture and its tactless concept made the sculpture garden an unwelcoming space to the Dakota people.

The project, consisting of seven sections of custom-cast concrete seating, gracefully encircles the Solus domed water feature to resemble the ripples a drop makes. These seven sections represent the Oceti Sakawin – People of the Seven Council Fires, or The Great Sioux Nation, each inscribed with Dakota value words. In an effort to encourage further interaction, visitors can use their phones to immerse themselves in the stories of tribal elders in English and Dakota, fostering a deeper connection to the culture. 

Ockiyapi’s Inspiration


Inspired by the artist’s grandfather, Orsen Bernard, a noted scholar and teacher of the Dakota language, Two Stars imbued Okciyapi with profound symbolism. The integration of Dakota words and phrases not only honors the culture, but underscores the importance of the language’s revitalization. Moreover, it displays how Two Stars intended Okciyapi as a metaphor for her grandfather’s teaching of the language throughout the community. 


Ockiyapi at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden
The Artist, Angela Two Stars


Every element of the sculpture serves to weave together the fabric of Dakota tradition and identity, foraging a bond between land, water and language. For instance, the central water bowl is a reminder that the name Minnesota derives from the Dakota phrase; Mni Sota Makoce (the land where the water reflects the clouds). Just as the bowl’s gleaming metal disk and the water that runs over its surface allow us to reflect upon this thought. Even the gravel around the structure serves to absorb light during the day and glow blue in the dark to resemble a surrounding pool of water. Furthermore, the surrounding landscape adorned with medicinal plants such as prairie dropseed and sage, evokes a sense of healing and renewal that mirrors the Dakota language as a form of medicine, healing those that enter the space.

Okciyapi stands not only as a testament to Angela Two Stars’ remarkable talent and vision but also as a site of progress in the heart of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Through her profound understanding of her Dakota culture and commitment to honoring its traditions, Two Stars has transformed a painful chapter of history into a space of beauty, reflection, and unity. Okciyapi invites visitors to engage with the Dakota language, to immerse themselves in its stories, and to connect with the land in a deeply meaningful way. In its design and symbolism, Okciyapi serves as a reminder of the resilience of indigenous communities and the power of art to inspire dialogue and understanding.



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Navigating the World of Gas Fire Pits: A Buyer’s Guide  

Navigating the World of Gas Fire Pits: A Buyer’s Guide  

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Gas Fire Pit

There is a world of options out there when it comes to gas fire pits, each promising to bring a spark of joy and warmth to your outdoor space. But how do you choose the right one? With over 25 years in the business, Solus Decor’s expert insights will help you find a gas fire pit that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. 

Sizing it Right  

The size of the fire pit you choose should be influenced by the dimensions of your outdoor space  and the number of people you typically entertain. It’s about striking the right balance between intimacy and accessibility, ensuring everyone can comfortably gather around the fire. Additionally, the size of the fire pit can determine the amount of heat it produces, gas fire pits can range from 30,000 btus to 120,000 btus. So if you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider a fire pit with a higher output. 

Small Spaces: For more compact areas, a smaller fire pit, such as the Hemi Fire Bowl 26”,  provides the warmth and ambience of a fire without overwhelming the space. It’s perfect for creating a cosy corner in smaller gardens or patios. 

A Happy Medium: If you’re looking for the perfect fit for an average suburban backyard, a 36 inch fire pit is often a great choice and permitted by most local fire departments/authorities with no need for permits. If you’re looking for more heat, look for a gas fire pit that offers 60,000 btus or more to keep you toasty.

Large Gatherings: If you often host larger gatherings, a more substantial fire pit like the  Tavolo Fire Table offers ample space for guests to mingle around, set down a drink or two, or even a few appetisers! It becomes not just a fire pit, but a piece of functional furniture around which conversations and laughter flow freely. 

Navigating the World of Gas Fire Pits: A Buyer’s Guide: Sizing and shape

Functionality Meets Innovation  

When you are shopping around, look for user-friendly ignition systems, adjustable flame controls, and options for natural gas or propane for versatility. A modern gas fire pit is often preferable because they are easy to use and lower maintenance than wood burning fires. This means more time enjoying the warmth and less time fussing with controls or cleaning up. Furthermore, some modern fire pits offer accessory options to make your appliance more functional. For instance, tabletops can create space when your fire pit isn’t in use and glass windshields can add safety and keep your flame from going out in windy conditions. 

Safety & Sustainability: Non-Negotiable  

With great fire comes great responsibility. Safety features are paramount, and Solus Decor fire pits  excel with integrated safety designs and adherence to stringent safety standards. Furthermore,  environmentally conscious manufacturing and fuel efficiency reflect Solus’s commitment to  sustainability, ensuring your fire pit choice is one you can feel good about. Oftentimes manufacturers of modern concrete fire pits are left with scraps of concrete or defective products that simply get thrown away. This is not only terrible for the environment, but a waste of completely usable material! At Solus we recycle all of our unused concrete through a local company that uses it to fix roads. Additionally, any products we don’t consider grade-A quality or have been previously used in our showroom don’t get discarded, but sold at a significant discount, keeping the environment and our customers happy.

Conclusion: Your Perfect Match Awaits  

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect gas fire pit might seem daunting, but armed with the  right knowledge, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision. Remember, the best fire  pit is one that brings warmth, beauty, and joy to your outdoor living space, embodying the Solus  Decor promise of quality, design, and innovation.

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space using Lava Stone and Firestone with Gas Fire Pits

Enhance Your Outdoor Space using Lava Stone and Firestone with Gas Fire Pits

Lava stone and firestone are extraordinary materials that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor sanctuary. Elevating your experience and creating a more cohesive look is important to many, particularly if you wish to spend your evenings gathered around a fire pit, enjoying the warm glow. So if you are looking for a practical and subtle way to change up your exterior design, consider lava stone and/or firestone.

Lava Stone: Nature’s Gift to Outdoor Heating

Derived from volcanic eruptions, lava stone, also known as volcanic rock, has become a staple in gas fire pit design. Beyond its visually striking appearance, lava stone possesses unique qualities that make it an ideal choice for outdoor heating. Not only do they disguise the burner and ignition elements, but they also finish off the fire pit, regardless of its construction material.

The porous nature of lava stone allows it to efficiently absorb and radiate heat, creating a consistent warmth that extends your outdoor enjoyment. Prioritising safety, lava stone’s ability to withstand high temperatures ensures a secure and reliable heat source. Its diverse colour palette, ranging from earthy tones to vibrant hues, offers a plethora of design possibilities, making it easy to customise your fire pit to harmonise with your outdoor aesthetic. However, it’s crucial to note that the porosity of lava stone can be a weak point, especially if it’s wet during ignition, potentially causing the stone to “pop.” To address this, Solus Decor also employs firestone.

Firestone: Sculpting Flames into Art

Enter the realm of firestone – specially crafted refractory stone kiln-dried at 600 degrees Celsius, designed to withstand the intense heat produced by gas fire pits while adding an artistic flair to the flames. Beyond its functional and safety purposes, firestone serves as a canvas for the dance of the flames.

Carefully selected and manufactured, firestone is strategically arranged to accentuate the beauty of the fire. This dynamic display transforms your gas fire pit into a sophisticated focal point, creating an ambiance that is both elegant and captivating.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space using Lava Stone and Firestone with Gas Fire Pits

Design Freedom and Arrangements:

Lava stone and firestone offer boundless design possibilities, inviting you to unleash your creativity and personalise your outdoor retreat. Whether experimenting with circular arrangements, mosaic patterns, or a combination of colours, these stones provide the freedom to craft a fire pit that resonates with your unique style.

The versatility of these stones extends beyond their visual appeal; they provide a tactile experience, inviting you to touch and feel the natural textures. As you design your gas fire pit, consider how the stones can enhance not only the aesthetics but also the overall sensory experience of your outdoor haven.

Low Maintenance, Long-lasting Beauty:

Practicality meets beauty with lava stone and firestone. These natural materials are not only durable but also low maintenance. Their resistance to wear and tear ensures that your gas fire pit remains a stunning focal point season after season. Periodic cleaning and inspection can keep the stones looking natural and organic, allowing you to enjoy the magic they bring to your outdoor space for years to come.

Incorporating lava stone and firestone into your modern gas fire pit design is a transformative journey that turns your outdoor oasis into a haven of warmth and beauty. As you gather around the fire, let the enchanting glow of flames on these natural stones create moments that linger in your memory. Embrace the magic, and watch as your outdoor space becomes a sanctuary of comfort and style.

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Reimagining Hotel Spaces: The Art of Repositioning in a Cost-Conscious Era

Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel industry, the pursuit of creating inviting and memorable spaces for guests that don’t break the bank is an ongoing challenge. Recent times have seen hotels navigating through economic uncertainties, prompting a shift from grand redesigns and relocations to more resourceful and cost-effective methods of repositioning. Enter the Solus Decor fire pit – a small, yet transformative addition that can revamp a hotel’s space without costing a fortune.

The positioning of your hotel will define your brand and the benefits your hotel provides its guests, highlighting how it stands out from the rest. These highlights allow better branding and advertisement of your business and provide engagement opportunities for your marketing and social media team. Focal points such as a sleek, modern fire or water feature are a fantastic way of creating social hubs within your hotel that provide an edge in this competitive industry.


The Age of Cost Cutting

The past year has witnessed a significant focus on cost-cutting strategies within the hotel industry. As hotels adapt to economic challenges, the emphasis is on finding creative solutions that deliver maximum impact with minimal investment. Instead of opting for complete makeovers that demand substantial financial resources, hoteliers are exploring smaller, high-impact enhancements that redefine the guest experience. This is particularly pertinent to smaller hotel businesses that can’t afford to reimagine their spaces to the same extent as large corporate brands. 


The Advantages of a Contemporary Gas Fire Pit

  1. Enhanced Ambiance:

A modern gas fire pit brings warmth and sophistication to any outdoor area. The mesmerising dance of flames creates a captivating ambiance that encourages relaxation and social interaction, redefining the guest experience. This will not only optimise your customers’ experience but also increase the profitability of your hotel’s restaurant, bar or café by lengthening the amount of time they spend in your amenities.

  1. Cost-Effective Upgrade:

Unlike extensive renovations, incorporating a contemporary fire pit is a comparatively low-cost investment. It allows hoteliers to achieve a significant visual and experiential upgrade without draining their budgets. 

  1. Year-Round Appeal:

The adaptability of gas fire pits makes them suitable for year-round use. Whether guests seek a cosy spot to unwind on a chilly winter evening or a gathering place during the summer, these fire pits offer versatility that aligns with seasonal variations. Solus Decor’s fire pits are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and built to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Their durability is unmatched by our competitors, with the best warranty in the business, making them a worthwhile investment for years to come.

  1. Easy Integration:

Solus Decor fire pits can be seamlessly integrated into existing outdoor spaces. Their polished and modern design complements various architectural styles, making them a flexible choice for hotels looking to enhance their aesthetics without a complete overhaul.


Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation



In the current landscape of cost-conscious repositioning within the hotel industry, Solus Decor fire pits emerge as the perfect solution to revamp spaces without compromising on style or atmosphere. As hotels navigate through the challenges of the times, this small but impactful addition can make a significant difference in guest satisfaction and overall appeal. Embrace the art of reimagining, and let the inviting glow of a fire pit redefine the narrative of your hotel’s spaces.

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Attracting Solo Travellers as a Hotel or Hospitality Business

Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business


As a Rising Demographic, How Do You Attract Solo Travellers to Your Hotel, Restaurant or Bar?

Solo travel is on the rise, and hotels are adapting to meet the unique needs and preferences of this growing demographic. The majority of solo travellers are women over the age of 50 who are looking for hotel based, or locally based activities that are safe after dark (such as using hotel amenities). One way to enhance the experience of your solo travellers is by creating warm and inviting spaces within your hotel premises. One of the most effective additions to achieve this is a contemporary gas fire pit that creates a focal point for your guests to gather around.

The Solo Traveler’s Oasis

Solo travellers often seek more than just a place to stay; they crave an experience that resonates with comfort and a sense of community. A top complaint of this demographic is paying for a larger room than they require, stating that better amenities are more attractive and make the room’s price worthwhile. A modern fire pit can transform your hotel’s outdoor spaces into a cosy oasis, providing solo guests with a place to unwind, reflect, and connect with others. Therefore your business will stand out in comparison to your surrounding competitors. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

The Allure of Outdoor Ambiance

Picture this: a solo traveller, after a day of exploring the city, returns to your hotel and discovers a beautifully designed outdoor area featuring a flickering fire pit. The warm glow, the crackling sound of the fire, and the comfortable seating invites them to linger and enjoy the ambiance. It’s a perfect setting for solo travellers to meet fellow guests, share stories, or simply enjoy their own company in a serene environment.

Social Hubs are important to many solo travellers and fire pits can serve as focal points for social interaction. Arrange seating around the fire pit to encourage guests to gather and strike up conversations. This communal space is not only appealing to solo travellers but also provides an opportunity for your hotel to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Year-Round Appeal

One of the great advantages of a gas fire pit is their versatility. Whether it’s a cool autumn evening or a brisk winter night, these fire pits can extend the usability of your outdoor spaces throughout the year. Our fire pits (Solus Decor) are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and have been tried and tested through the harshest of Canadian conditions for decades. This adaptability and durability ensures that solo travellers can enjoy the outdoor ambiance, regardless of the season. Additionally, it will increase the length of time guests spend at your hotel bar or restaurant and thus the profitability of your business. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

Aesthetic Elegance

Solus Decor fire pits are not just functional; they are also stylish additions to your hotel’s outdoor design. Their sleek and contemporary aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your space, elevating the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on your solo travellers. According to Tracey Nesbitt, (the owner of the majority of solo travellers are affluent, and there has been an 80% increase in those spending over $4000 on trips over a year. Therefore, a luxury modern fire pit could be an opportunity for hotels to drag in affluent clients looking for quality amenities.


Incorporating a contemporary gas fire pit into your hotel’s outdoor areas is a strategic move to enhance the appeal to solo travellers. By creating warm, inviting spaces that encourage social interaction and relaxation, you’re not just providing accommodation; you’re offering an experience that solo travellers will remember and share. Elevate your hotel’s charm and make it a top choice for solo adventurers seeking both comfort and connection.

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Top 6 Essential Considerations for Installing a Gas Fire Pit in the UK

Top 6 essential considerations for installing a gas fire pit


The desire for a cozy, inviting outdoor space is at an all-time high in the UK, and contemporary gas fire pits are leading the way in many gardens and patios. Whether you choose propane, natural gas, or bio-ethanol, each type of fire pit adds a unique element of warmth and style. Let’s explore the key considerations for installing the best gas fire pit for your home.


Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas

Selecting the right fuel type is crucial. Propane fire pits can be easier to connect the Natural gas as they don’t have to be connected to your gas meter. Natural gas fire pits offer a constant fuel supply and are cost-effective in the long run. Both fuel types are compatible with Solus Decor fire features ensuring ease of use whatever you set up.


Installation Space: Safety and Placement Considerations

Choosing the right location for your fire pit involves safety considerations. The fire pit should be placed on a stable surface and it’s important to adhere to specified clearances from overhead and adjacent structures. Ensuring enough open space around the fire pit is essential for safety and to fully enjoy its warmth.


Top 6 essential considerations for installing a gas fire pit


Size and Style: Selecting the Perfect Fire Pit

The size and style of your fire pit should complement your outdoor area. From beautiful, modern fire tables to classic fire bowls, select a style that enhances the aesthetic of your patio or garden. The right fire pit becomes a central feature, making it the best choice for your outdoor setting.


Maintenance and Care: Ensuring Durability

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity of your gas fire pit. Each Solus fire feature comes with a durable, all-weather fabric cover to protect it from the elements. Although routine cleaning is recommended, a yearly servicing can ensure your fire pit remains in top condition.


Top 6 essential considerations for installing a gas fire pit


Creating Ambiance: The Art of Fire Pit Design

A fire pit is more than just a functional element; it’s a design feature that enhances the mood of your outdoor space. Incorporating tasteful decorative elements can significantly enhance the ambiance, turning your fire pit into an enchanting focal point renowned for its exceptional warmth and style.


Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Considerations

When choosing your fire pit, consider fuel efficiency and environmental impact. Gas fire pits are clean-burning, providing a safer alternative for you and your family with minimal impact on surrounding air quality, unlike your classic wood-burning fire pits. 

In conclusion, selecting the best gas fire pit for your UK home involves careful consideration of fuel type, installation space, style, and maintenance. By taking these factors into account, you can create a safe, stylish, and environmentally friendly outdoor area that you and your guests will love.

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Why Some Fire Pits Cost More Than Others

Why some fire pits cost more than others


The cost of modern gas or propane fire pits is variable and can range for several reasons. Therefore it’s essential to consider a number of factors when comparing different brands and models, particularly when it comes to the quality and longevity and warranties of the product. This can depend on the materials used to construct the appliance, such as the type of concrete or metal used for the container and  the burner components. 


Factors to consider when purchasing a fire pit:  


Materials:  The type and quality of materials used in the manufacturing of a fire pit can significantly impact its cost. Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete (either UHPC or GFRC), brass, steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, or even brick. Higher-quality materials or intricate designs may contribute to a higher price.

Labour:  On the surface it may appear less expensive to build the fire pit from stone or pavers but the cost of labour depends on the complexity of the build and the material itself also adds up.  

Size and Design:  Logically, larger fire pits or those with more intricate designs may cost more due to the increased material requirements and the complexity of manufacturing. Additionally, custom or artisanal designs can command higher prices.


Why some fire pits cost more than others, sizing

(Solus Decor Hemi 26” vs Hemi 48” firebowl)


Brand:  Established brands with a reputation for quality may price their fire pits higher. The brand’s reputation, warranty, and customer service can be factors in the pricing. Some brands, like Solus Decor manufacture their products in North America, while less expensive brands are made overseas primarily in China. 

Warranties:  Lessor brands have lessor warranties (often 1-2 years).  This is indicative of materials that should not really be considered for an outdoor fire pit which needs to withstand varying climates such as freeze-thaw cycles, rain and extreme temperature variances. 

Features and Accessories:  Modern gas fire pits and fire tables can come with various features such as all weather covers, glass windshields, metal or wood table tops and drinks rings, cooking grates, spark screens and lids. There are also generally options for different fire pit toppings, such as lava rock, fire stones, fire glass or fire logs. The inclusion of these features can contribute to a higher price due to greater functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. 


why some fire pits cost more than others, accessories

(Solus Decor Ipe Hardwood Tabletop and our Metal Drinks Ring)


Fuel Type:  The type of fuel a fire pit uses can affect its cost. Modern gas fire pits, for example, might be more expensive than wood-burning ones due to the added complexity of the gas components and certification. 

Certification:  To certify modern gas fire pits as an appliance is expensive in not money but time.  Certification requires ongoing testing of burners and active testing of the burners before it leaves the facility.  However, this is not the case with an off the shelf burner installation. 

Ease of Installation:  Wood fire pits don’t require any installation, so they are generally favoured when clients don’t want their fire pit to be a permanent piece of garden furniture. Whereas gas fire pits do require professional installation, and the complexity of installation can influence the overall cost. 

Location and Regulations:  Local building codes and regulations may impact the design and construction of a fire pit. Modern gas fire pits or fire tables ( LPG or NG ) are designed to comply with specific regulations and this costs more. Certification as an appliance (not just the burner) is becoming more and more a requirement of individual states and provinces.  As an example Massachusetts requires approval by the local council prior to the installation of permanent fire pits.

Heat Output:  Higher quality modern fire pits are designed and calibrated for maximum heat and output.  For example, many fire pits lose heat to the bottom of the firepit due to heat sink and poor design.  This is often indicated by a fire pit’s inability to be put on a wood deck or combustible surface.  However, Solus Decor designs its burners to project heat up and out, allowing the bowl to remain cold, meaning no heat is lost to the bottom.  You can place Solus fire pits directly on wood decks or any other surface.  Although higher quality fire pits tend to have a high heat output, there is a point where too much heat can pose a problem.  An average furnace to heat a home is between 80- 100,000 btus. Reputable companies would not produce a product with a 200,000 or 300,000 btu burner, as it is a ridiculous amount of heat.  Burners like this exist but are totally impractical not to mention dangerous, they are for bravado, not for brains. Not to mention that the propane or gas bill that would accompany this burner would be astronomical.  

To conclude, when comparing fire pits it is crucial to consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget. For instance, what are your expectations for the longevity of the product and the quality of its finish? How do you expect it to look 5, 10, or 15 years from now? It is critical to understand what features are essential for your use, and balance those against your budget to find the best value for your requirements.


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Maïtanne Hunt’s Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award 2023 and Solus Decor

The Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award 2023: 


Surrounded by the iconic London landscape sits a rooftop terrace in Kensington that has been expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed. Aptly named “Sky Entertaining”, this stunning rooftop terrace has been reimagined to provide plenty of ambiance and warmth by the award winning garden and landscape designer, Maïtanne Hunt. As the nights grow colder and longer, outdoor lighting and warmth is a design essential and this is where Solus Decor’s fire features shine. 


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


The clients of this project were keen art lovers with a vibrant social life who wanted an inviting space that provided an intimate setting for parties, whilst emphasising London’s skyline. Maïtanne’s inspiration for the design came from the client’s bold art collection, incorporating two uniquely sculptural trees that linked the interior artworks with the exterior terrace. Cleverly considered lighting was key to her design, a gently flickering Hemi fire bowl created a soft glow and warmth to the space. Along with skilful lighting design, the terrace became a work of art in its own right, adding extra dimension and emphasising the play of light and shadow.


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


However, this exposed rooftop garden was not always so cleverly constructed. Located on the seventh floor of a Victorian red-brick building in Kensington, London, the terrace was neither welcoming nor beautiful. Largely grey, it seemingly merged with the London skies, lacking shelter from the elements and dotted with irreparable furniture and decor. Revamping this space was no easy feat either, with the only access to the terrace being a 7-flight metal fire escape that every material and item of furniture had to traverse, including a Solus concrete fire pit. Nonetheless, with the help of our excellent team, a beautiful Hemi fire bowl found its home nestled amongst London’s rooftops. 


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


Although outdoor areas with limited space such as this terrace may not seem like ideal candidates for a fire feature, Solus Decor creates fire pits to suit every need. For instance, this project divided the space into three separate areas (dining, entertaining and relaxation). Consequently, this limited the amount of space available, which made our Hemi 26 fire pit the most suitable choice. Within our Hemi series we have 26”, 36” and 48” fire bowls, allowing our clients to have the style they desire that can suit a variety of projects. In addition, we offer a range of 12 colours, ranging from understated and neutral, to bright and fun. This along with a choice of finishes, tailors the fire pit, fire bowl or fire table to your specifications and is a primary reason many of our clients return to us specifically.


Since Maïtanne Hunt’s intervention, the terrace has been completely transformed from a dull, and neglected platform into a verdant oasis with spectacular views. Her hard work and spectacular outcome recently paid off earlier this month and won Maïtanne the Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award. Solus is not only proud to be a part of this project but we would like to congratulate Maïtanne and her team on their well deserved accomplishment. This project not only reshaped the functionality of the clients’ home but created a haven for them to enjoy year-round. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to add a cosy atmosphere and substantial heat to your outdoor living area, Solus would love to help.

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Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?

Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?

Are Fire Pits Legal in London, UK?


Making the most of your outdoor space can be tricky in London, either due to lack of space, the weather, or living in a smoke-controlled area. However, gas and propane fire pits could be the perfect solution. All of Central London (except for the county of Newham) and most of Greater London are smoke-controlled areas, meaning that wood burning fires and fire pits aren’t legal in commercial or residential areas. However, making your outdoor space warm, comfortable, and beautiful can still be done! 


Natural gas, propane and ethanol fire pits are legal commercially and residentially in London and the rest of the UK as they are clean-burning appliances that create virtually no smoke. Outdoor fire pits are subject to a few specific safety regulations and generally must meet CE and UKCA certification. However, this won’t be a concern with Solus Decor as all of our appliances are CE, UKCA, ANSI & CA certified in their entirety (not just the burner). 

Are fire pits legal in London, UK?

UK regulations state that fire pits must maintain a safe distance from combustible materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and positioning. Safety is of utmost importance to us and these rules are simple and easy to follow with gas or propane fire pits. Providing a controlled burn that doesn’t spark, there are no flying embers that often cause unintentional fires and injuries. Additionally, their clean-burning nature and controlled flame allow these fire pits to be used in covered patios (with adequate ventilation), whereas wood burning fire pits cannot.

Wood burning fire pits are a well-loved tradition in many British homes. They typically produce more heat, are more portable than other fire pits and are less expensive. However, our clients frequently come to us with complaints of smoke that stings their eyes and the smell it leaves in their clothes and on their hair. Furthermore, wood burning smoke that is considered a nuisance could lead to complaints from neighbours that the local council is obligated to investigate, possibly raising fines (of up to £1000) or rendering your fire pit unusable. Our fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables not only avoid this, but allow heat output to be controlled with little to no storage requirements for fuel such as with kindling and logs. 


Luna, modern gas and propane fire pit

Equally, natural gas fire pits require some preparation to be installed as they have to be connected to a natural gas line that should run under your deck or patio. Once installed however, fuel supply isn’t a worry and there are no unsightly pipes or hoses. Propane fire pits also require a connection to a propane tank which UK guidelines suggest should be stored outdoors, in a well ventilated area. This may seem like a hassle that you would rather avoid, but finding firewood storage, wet firewood and maintenance of a wood burning fire pit will require more time and cleaning long-term. A particularly low-maintenance option from Solus are ethanol burning fire pits which don’t require the pipes or hoses that gas and propane do, however we don’t provide this option outside of the UK or EU. 


To summarise, gas and propane fire pits are perfectly legal in London and are a modern and clean-burning alternative to your classic wood burning fire pit. Virtually smoke free, safer, and easy to maintain, we believe that they are the best alternative for Londoners that want to make the most of their outdoor space and keep toasty this winter.

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Are Fire Pits Legal in the UK? Rules and Regulations.

Are Fire Pits Legal in the UK?


The UK’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, so making the most of your outdoor space can be tricky. If you lack a lot of outdoor space, the weather is unfavourable, or living in a smoke-controlled area, being able to enjoy your garden is difficult. Smoke-controlled areas are widespread in the UK and don’t allow most wood burning appliances, and authorised fuels must be Defra approved and “smokeless”. This is despite the fact that wood burning fire pits are for sale in most garden centres and big box retailers. However, gas, propane and ethanol (biofuel) fire pits that produce little to no smoke are the perfect solution. 


Elevated Halo gas and propane fire pit, legal in the UK and smoke controlled areas


In England, most of London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham are smoke-controlled. In Scotland, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow are as well. The smoke-controlled areas in Wales are unclear and would require you to contact your local council, but they do exist and it is important to take note of your local regulations. Northern Ireland is a largely smoke-controlled area, banning wood burning smoke in Belfast and Londonderry. Consequently, wood burning fire pits aren’t legal commercially or residentially in much of the UK. However, making your outdoor space warm, comfortable, and beautiful can still be done! 

Natural gas, propane and ethanol fire pits are legal commercially and residentially in the UK as they are clean-burning appliances that create virtually no smoke. Outdoor fire pits are subject to a few specific safety regulations and generally must meet CE and UKCA certification. However, this won’t be a concern with Solus Decor as all of our appliances are CE, UKCA, ANSI & CSA certified in their entirety (not just the burner). 

UK regulations state that fire pits must maintain a safe distance from combustible materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and positioning. Safety is of utmost importance to us and these rules are simple and easy to follow with gas or propane fire pits. Providing a controlled burn that doesn’t spark, there are no flying embers that often cause unintentional fires and injuries. Additionally, their clean-burning nature and controlled flame allow these fire pits to be used in covered patios (with adequate ventilation), whereas wood burning fire pits cannot.


Hemi gas and propane fire pit, legal in the UK

(our fire pits also perfect for covered patios with adequate ventilation)


Wood burning fire pits are a well-loved tradition in many British homes. They typically produce more heat, are more portable than other fire pits and are less expensive. However, our clients frequently come to us with complaints of smoke that stings their eyes and the smell it leaves on their clothes and in their hair. Furthermore, wood burning smoke that is considered a nuisance could lead to complaints from neighbours that the local council is obligated to investigate, possibly raising fines (of up to £1000) or rendering your fire pit unusable. Our fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables not only avoid this, but allow heat output to be controlled with little to no storage requirements for fuel such as with kindling and logs. 

Equally, natural gas fire pits require some preparation to be installed as they have to be connected to a natural gas line that should run under your deck or patio. Once installed however, fuel supply isn’t a worry and there are no unsightly pipes or hoses. Propane fire pits also require a connection to a propane tank which UK guidelines suggest should be stored outdoors, in a well ventilated area. This may seem like a hassle that you would rather avoid, but finding firewood storage, wet firewood and maintenance of a wood burning fire pit will require more time and cleaning long-term. A particularly low-maintenance option from Solus are ethanol burning fire pits which don’t require the pipes or hoses that gas and propane do, however we don’t provide this option outside of the UK or EU. 

To summarise, gas, ethanol and  propane fire pits are perfectly legal in the UK and are a modern and clean-burning alternative to your classic wood burning fire pit. Virtually smoke free, safer, and easy to maintain, we believe that they are the best alternative for those that want to make the most of their outdoor space and keep toasty this winter.


Fire pits legal in the UK, gas and propane for smoke-controlled areas

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Solus Decor Fire Pits at The Berkeley Hotel

Solus gas and propane fire pits at The Berkeley Hotel, London

Elevating Outdoor Luxury with Solus Decor Fire Pits at the Berkeley Hotel


At Solus Decor we strive to provide ambiance and atmosphere that elevate the space’s appearance. We are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into havens of warmth and unforgettable experiences. One of our recent highlights is our collaboration with The Berkeley Hotel in London, where we’ve had the pleasure of introducing our exceptional luxury fire pits. Our product has not only elevated the outdoor atmosphere at the hotel but has also exemplified our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.


The Solus Decor Difference

If you’re visiting London or staying at The Berkeley Hotel, we invite you to experience the magic of Solus Decor’s fire pits. The private terrace of the Hyde Park Penthouse overlooks London’s most iconic Royal Park. Featuring prominently on their spacious terrace, our Hemi fire bowl is the perfect place to gather around and share stories, drinks, and laughs.


The Berkeley Hotel, Hyde Park, penthouse fire pit by Solus Decor

Credit: Maybourne Hotel Group


This winter, The Berkeley Hotel’s brand-new extension known as The Emory will feature another fiery focal point. This project has been defined as “elegantly restrained and exquisitely private” and we are delighted to take part in coordination with Rainey & Best project managers. Solus strives to be the cherry on top to this modern architectural masterpiece, enhancing the atmosphere and warmth of this luxury London hotel.

Crafting Timeless Elegance

Solus Decor is renowned for its unwavering dedication to crafting products that stand the test of time and mother nature. Individually handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, they are the embodiment of modern elegance and quality. Each fire pit is a piece of art, designed to be both visually stunning and functional, lit, or unlit. We offer a variety of styles, sizes and colours, allowing us to tailor our fire pits to seamlessly fit into the unique aesthetic of outdoor spaces.

The Berkeley Hotel, Hyde Park Penthouse, fire pit by Solus Decor

Credit: Maybourne Hotel Group

Innovative and Quality Design

We take pride in the innovative technology behind our fire pits. Designed with gas-burning technology, they provide clean, smoke-free fire that offers not only warmth but also serves as a captivating visual centrepiece. In addition, they are built to endure the rigours of the outdoors as they are made with Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and are engineered to age gracefully. Solus fire pits will remain a stunning addition to your home, business or project for years to come. Our fire feature warranties are the best in the business!

Why Solus Decor?

Crafted with exceptional materials, our fire pits serve as a stunning point of convergence that will draw in your guests and leave a lasting impression. Whether placed by a poolside, on a rooftop terrace or within an ambient dining area, our fire pits provide warmth and a soft glow that encourages guests to relax and connect. Their contemporary design, high-quality craftsmanship and captivating flame combine to elevate the overall outdoor experience, making them an essential element to upscale hospitality settings. We have collaborated with many commercial clients within the industry, such as Hyatt, Marriott, Four Seasons to name a few and we are well versed in their needs and expectations.

The Berkeley Hotel, Hyde Park Penthouse, fire pit by Solus Decor

Credit: Maybourne Hotel Group

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Get Winter Ready; Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Getting Ready for Winter; Checklist for your Solus Fire Pit

Get A Winter Ready Fire Pit; How You Can Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Preparing your Solus gas outdoor fire pit for winter is essential to ensure its longevity and safe operation when it is not going to be used for months (although it can be enjoyed all year round).

By following these steps and the specific instructions provided by Solus or the retailer, you can ensure your fire pit remains safe and functional for years to come.

Step 1: Shut off the main gas supply and electrical switch (if equipped). Locate the shut-off valve and close it to prevent gas flow. This is to avoid accidental ignition. Remove leaves and stones inside the cage (if necessary).

Step 2: Remove all accessories like wood top and glass shield and store indoors. If your fire pit has removable components such as a glass wind guards, consider storing them indoors for the winter to prevent damage and to allow the cover to fit snugly.Clean and dry the components before storing them.

Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit
Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit


Step 3: Clean the exterior of the fire pit. Remove all debris, leaves and soot from the fire pit. Moisture, dirt, dust and other surface contaminants must be wiped and cleaned. Use warm water and soap.

Step 4: Clean the burner. Use a soft brush and avoid using abrasive materials that could damage the burner.

Step 5: Clean the Ignition (if equipped). For electronic ignition, use emery cloth or very fine sandpaper (above 400)  and gently buff the ignitor, the pilot assembly and the thermosensor only if they look discoloured or sooty. If they look clean, leave them alone. For manual ignition with a flame supervision device, if dirty, use the same method of emery cloth or very fine sandpaper.

Step 6: Check Pilot Assembly (if equipped). Check and remove any debris and soot inside the pilot cage and within the burner. Any debris can trap moisture during storage and can result in a clogged and blocked orifice. TIP: Using a compressed air duster or vaccum to clean the burner nozzles and pilot assembly really helps to blow any debris or water out and can avoid having to dissemble the pilot and significantly improve the strength of the pilot flame. These can be purchased online or in electronics and DIY stores.

Step 7: Inspect the firepit. Inspect the burner, gas lines, and ignition system for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Look for rust, cracks, or loose connections.  This requires you to remove the rocks (put them in a bucket) and pull the burner up via the burner manifold and inspect the connections underneath.  Ignition issues can often be a simple loose connection.  Make sure you put a blanket or some sort of fabric to protect the rim or the surface of the fire table.  The metal stand of the fire pit burner can scratch the surface so please be careful. 

Step 8: Protect Gas Lines. If the gas lines are exposed, consider insulating them with pipe insulation to prevent freezing. Freezing temperatures can cause the gas lines or hoses  to contract and split and potentially lead to damage.

For any replacement parts, please visit our online store;

Part replacement should be done by a professional technician or gas fitter.

Step 10: Cover your firepit with a Solus high-quality, weather-resistant cover. You must keep the burner dry. This is to protect your investment. If you have a table surface, the cover must be tented to ensure water does not pool on top of the firepit which will affect the surface negatively. Ensure the cover is securely fastened to protect the fire pit from snow, rain, and debris.  The all metal covers will also protect the firepit over the winter. If you no longer have your Solus cover or the all-weather cover is old and started to lose its’ shape (water can pool on top of the cover in winter). A replacement can be purchased from our online store.

All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit
All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit

REMEMBER to test run. If you are going to use your fire pit this winter (and why not!)…DO THIS FIRST.

It is not uncommon for people to not use their fire pit for some months and then decide to throw a party. Or it is the first time using your fire pit in the Spring. If you are planning to run your fire pit, do a trial run before hand.

Step 11: “Purge” the gas line of air. If the fire pit is started after some time off, air can become trapped in the line or hose. In this case, the firepit needs to be purged.

Step 12: Perform a leak test – reverse and sequence plus. Before the first use, conduct a leak test to ensure there are no gas leaks. Use a soapy water solution to check all connections for bubbles, indicating a leak. If you find a leak, contact a professional for repairs. It is suggested you use compressed air on the burner jets prior to ignition.

And remember for electronic ignition to take off the cover!

 For further information, here is our troubleshooting guide for your winter ready fire pit: troubleshooting guide.

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Is Your Fire Pit Ready for Spring?

Halo Elevated 36 Fire Table Ethanol

The All Weather Cover

We have found the best way to clean the cover is the combination of a stiff brush, hot water and dish soap.  Clean it right on top of the fire pit.  It may require a bit of elbow grease depending on where you live and how much “green” is on your cover.

Fire pit ready

The Burner

Once the cover is done – inspect the top side of the burner – remove any detritus – leaves, twigs dirt.  This can potentially block gas flow.   Inspect the top side for any evidence of spiders – particularly inside the pilot cage. Pilot cages are installed in all Electronic Start and Manual Ignition with Flame Supervision Device burners, to protect the pilot assembly from rocks and other debris. However it does not protect from spiders or any crawling insects.  We have seen a few instances where spiders have crawled inside the pilot assembly, clogged the orifice and pilot opening, therefore blocking gas flow.   Visually and carefully inspect the pilot assembly and/or thermocouple for any evidence of last years’  marshmallows or any corrosion. Clean when needed.  Get in touch  if you need replacement parts.

If your system has a cross jet or linear brass burner, (all units sold within the last 9 years), your brass burner should still be in great working condition. These burners come with a 25 year warranty. These jets have tiny pin holes inside and it doesn’t take a lot to block. In most cases, these jets can get clogged by even the smallest dirt or particles. In these cases, we recommend using a compressed gas duster and blow through the system with the nozzle.  This can dislodge the blockage and clear the opening. You could also do this with a vacuum.

Linear Single Stack Gas Fire Pit in Cinder (shown with full bed of rocks)
Linear Single Stack Gas Fire Pit in Cinder (shown with full bed of rocks)


Decorative Rocks

If the decorative rocks are sooty ( black )  as opposed to the black lava,  these can be thrown in the hot water bucket and scrubbed.  Especially for those of you who have propane burners. These rocks are especially made and tested for high temperature usage. If you prefer an “all rock” look and/or require replacement, please visit our new online shop. It has all the parts and accessories you may need.

Glass Shield

If you have a glass wind shield, part of the regular maintenance is to tighten all the fittings with an allen key and clean the inside and outside of the tempered glass.  Glass shields are available for all Solus fire features.

Glass shield

Lava Rock

Every ten years or so we recommend replacing the lava rock, especially if they are beginning to look a little thin. The evidence can be found below your firepit. Take a peek at the bottom by removing the rock and lava rock and lifting up the burner plate. Notice the accumulation of broken down lava particles/sands especially for propane burners. Make sure nothing is blocking the vent holes and drainage holes. Use a shop vac or rinse it out of the bottom.   For those of you in tropical climates make sure when you take a look that a snake hasn’t taken up residence in the bottom of the bowl!

Gas Connections

Before firing your firepit, check and double check connections. Make sure, connections are snugged tight and are connected to where they should be.  Gas leaks are very dangerous. For those of you with a propane tank connection, ensure that the tank you have is full and ready to go.  If the fire pit does not light up after a few starts, your system might need some purging. Purging is the elimination of unwanted substances that accumulated inside your gas line during the idle periods.   For those with extremely long connections it may take more time.

Concrete Surfaces

Mud, dirt and efflorescence (whitish streaks or appearance) are sometimes noticeable from outside the concrete bowl.  To clean the affected surfaces, use hot soapy water and scrub with a scotch brite pad.  Do this on a sunny day to hasten the drying. Once completely dry, re-apply a stone sealer. Stone sealers are available from any good hardware store.  Always test the sealer on a small area first – see instructions on refinishing.

For concrete table surfaces, we don’t recommend using the scotch brite pad. The surface of your table is coated with a special compound that provides its elegant transparent sheen Scotch Brite pad or any sharp and granulated paper can damage the finish.  Just hot soapy water and rinse and let it dry in the sunshine before recovering.  If your surface is marred by debris that has been left on the surface over the winter then try washing first and if unsuccessful call us (0208.819.1495 ) and we will guide you with the next options.

You might be interested to know that we have complementing self circulating water features that might be a nice addition to your fire pit available here.

As always we are available to help.  Give us a call on 0208.819.149

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Fire Pit Feature Project with Marlene Lento Design Studio

hemi fire pit Kent

This month in our fire pit feature project we have Marlene Lento Design Studio. Marlene designs gardens in Kent and East Sussex. Her designs range from traditional to contemporary with an emphasis on creating outdoor living spaces that are usable and beautiful throughout the seasons:


“There is really nothing that you can’t do outside, even in our UK climate”

Marlene Lento



We are focussing on a recent project that Marlene undertook for a client in Otford, Kent.  When discussing the client brief with Marlene it was simply to design a spectacular entertainment area at the top of their steep garden overlooking the Kent countryside. Looking at the end result she certainly fulfilled the brief and more!  A garden of this nature needs the help of a designer to realise its true potential and really give it the wow factor, which Marlene has definitely done with her design.

In order to fulfil the brief  Marlene designed two circular decks that are set into the slope, one of which is a lounge area and the other a dance floor! The centre piece of the lounge area is a large Solus fire bowl which is surrounded by cosy upholstered outdoor furniture. A cantilevered heater adds further warmth making it a year-round destination. The elaborate lighting scheme and mature planting, some of which were helicoptered into the garden create real impact and luxury within this Kent garden.

hemi fire pit

Marlene has incorporated our Hemi fire bowl with gas connection and drinks ring.  The gas pipework has been carefully concealed beneath the decking; a key part of the planning process and something that we are on hand to help with along with any technical questions.

We are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic garden transformation. Get in touch with Marlene Lento Design Studio to see how she can help with your garden project.

The Look Book 

Plants/ Trees – Architectural Plants 

Decking – Millboard

Cantilevered Heater – Cuckooland

Outdoor Furniture – Indian Ocean

Fire Pit – Solus Decor