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Reimagining Hotel Spaces: The Art of Repositioning in a Cost-Conscious Era

Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel industry, the pursuit of creating inviting and memorable spaces for guests that don’t break the bank is an ongoing challenge. Recent times have seen hotels navigating through economic uncertainties, prompting a shift from grand redesigns and relocations to more resourceful and cost-effective methods of repositioning. Enter the Solus Decor fire pit – a small, yet transformative addition that can revamp a hotel’s space without costing a fortune.

The positioning of your hotel will define your brand and the benefits your hotel provides its guests, highlighting how it stands out from the rest. These highlights allow better branding and advertisement of your business and provide engagement opportunities for your marketing and social media team. Focal points such as a sleek, modern fire or water feature are a fantastic way of creating social hubs within your hotel that provide an edge in this competitive industry.


The Age of Cost Cutting

The past year has witnessed a significant focus on cost-cutting strategies within the hotel industry. As hotels adapt to economic challenges, the emphasis is on finding creative solutions that deliver maximum impact with minimal investment. Instead of opting for complete makeovers that demand substantial financial resources, hoteliers are exploring smaller, high-impact enhancements that redefine the guest experience. This is particularly pertinent to smaller hotel businesses that can’t afford to reimagine their spaces to the same extent as large corporate brands. 


The Advantages of a Contemporary Gas Fire Pit

  1. Enhanced Ambiance:

A modern gas fire pit brings warmth and sophistication to any outdoor area. The mesmerising dance of flames creates a captivating ambiance that encourages relaxation and social interaction, redefining the guest experience. This will not only optimise your customers’ experience but also increase the profitability of your hotel’s restaurant, bar or café by lengthening the amount of time they spend in your amenities.

  1. Cost-Effective Upgrade:

Unlike extensive renovations, incorporating a contemporary fire pit is a comparatively low-cost investment. It allows hoteliers to achieve a significant visual and experiential upgrade without draining their budgets. 

  1. Year-Round Appeal:

The adaptability of gas fire pits makes them suitable for year-round use. Whether guests seek a cosy spot to unwind on a chilly winter evening or a gathering place during the summer, these fire pits offer versatility that aligns with seasonal variations. Solus Decor’s fire pits are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and built to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Their durability is unmatched by our competitors, with the best warranty in the business, making them a worthwhile investment for years to come.

  1. Easy Integration:

Solus Decor fire pits can be seamlessly integrated into existing outdoor spaces. Their polished and modern design complements various architectural styles, making them a flexible choice for hotels looking to enhance their aesthetics without a complete overhaul.


Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation



In the current landscape of cost-conscious repositioning within the hotel industry, Solus Decor fire pits emerge as the perfect solution to revamp spaces without compromising on style or atmosphere. As hotels navigate through the challenges of the times, this small but impactful addition can make a significant difference in guest satisfaction and overall appeal. Embrace the art of reimagining, and let the inviting glow of a fire pit redefine the narrative of your hotel’s spaces.

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Attracting Solo Travellers as a Hotel or Hospitality Business

Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business


As a Rising Demographic, How Do You Attract Solo Travellers to Your Hotel, Restaurant or Bar?

Solo travel is on the rise, and hotels are adapting to meet the unique needs and preferences of this growing demographic. The majority of solo travellers are women over the age of 50 who are looking for hotel based, or locally based activities that are safe after dark (such as using hotel amenities). One way to enhance the experience of your solo travellers is by creating warm and inviting spaces within your hotel premises. One of the most effective additions to achieve this is a contemporary gas fire pit that creates a focal point for your guests to gather around.

The Solo Traveler’s Oasis

Solo travellers often seek more than just a place to stay; they crave an experience that resonates with comfort and a sense of community. A top complaint of this demographic is paying for a larger room than they require, stating that better amenities are more attractive and make the room’s price worthwhile. A modern fire pit can transform your hotel’s outdoor spaces into a cosy oasis, providing solo guests with a place to unwind, reflect, and connect with others. Therefore your business will stand out in comparison to your surrounding competitors. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

The Allure of Outdoor Ambiance

Picture this: a solo traveller, after a day of exploring the city, returns to your hotel and discovers a beautifully designed outdoor area featuring a flickering fire pit. The warm glow, the crackling sound of the fire, and the comfortable seating invites them to linger and enjoy the ambiance. It’s a perfect setting for solo travellers to meet fellow guests, share stories, or simply enjoy their own company in a serene environment.

Social Hubs are important to many solo travellers and fire pits can serve as focal points for social interaction. Arrange seating around the fire pit to encourage guests to gather and strike up conversations. This communal space is not only appealing to solo travellers but also provides an opportunity for your hotel to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Year-Round Appeal

One of the great advantages of a gas fire pit is their versatility. Whether it’s a cool autumn evening or a brisk winter night, these fire pits can extend the usability of your outdoor spaces throughout the year. Our fire pits (Solus Decor) are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and have been tried and tested through the harshest of Canadian conditions for decades. This adaptability and durability ensures that solo travellers can enjoy the outdoor ambiance, regardless of the season. Additionally, it will increase the length of time guests spend at your hotel bar or restaurant and thus the profitability of your business. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

Aesthetic Elegance

Solus Decor fire pits are not just functional; they are also stylish additions to your hotel’s outdoor design. Their sleek and contemporary aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your space, elevating the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on your solo travellers. According to Tracey Nesbitt, (the owner of the majority of solo travellers are affluent, and there has been an 80% increase in those spending over $4000 on trips over a year. Therefore, a luxury modern fire pit could be an opportunity for hotels to drag in affluent clients looking for quality amenities.


Incorporating a contemporary gas fire pit into your hotel’s outdoor areas is a strategic move to enhance the appeal to solo travellers. By creating warm, inviting spaces that encourage social interaction and relaxation, you’re not just providing accommodation; you’re offering an experience that solo travellers will remember and share. Elevate your hotel’s charm and make it a top choice for solo adventurers seeking both comfort and connection.