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Unveiling Elegance: Our Fire Pits Shine on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Solus Gas Hemi 36 Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden

Step into a world where fire dances gracefully amidst lush greenery and stylish design. Our fire pits have become the talk of the town, captivating the hearts of gardening enthusiasts everywhere. Recently, on the illustrious stage of ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, the visionary garden designer Lucy Willcox unveiled her masterpiece, featuring none other than our exquisite fire pits. Join us as we delve into the enchanting tale of how our fire pits brought warmth and allure to Lucy’s personal garden sanctuary.

Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Lucy Willcox on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Embodying Sophistication
In the realm of garden design, elegance reigns supreme. Lucy Willcox, a master of crafting captivating outdoor spaces, handpicked our fire pits to adorn her latest creation. With their timeless allure and impeccable craftsmanship, our Hemi fire pit seamlessly integrated into Lucy’s design, elevating the ambiance and enchanting all who beheld them. The Hemi fire pit was carefully selected to complement the surrounding landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of the garden while adding a touch of refined luxury.

Functional Artistry
Beauty, they say, lies in the harmony of form and function. Our fire pits embody this philosophy with finesse. Meticulously crafted from premium materials and engineered for performance, they stand as testament to the marriage of artistry and utility. Whether casting a warm glow over intimate gatherings or serving as the centrepiece of grand soirées, our fire pits radiate both warmth and functionality. Designed with safety and durability in mind, they provide peace of mind while enhancing the outdoor experience for homeowners and guests alike.

The Visionary Behind the Design: Lucy Willcox
Central to the enchanting garden featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club is the creative genius of Lucy Willcox. With a passion for blending nature with artistry, Lucy has earned acclaim for her stunning garden designs that seamlessly unite form and function. Through her meticulous attention to detail and innate understanding of space, Lucy transforms outdoor landscapes into breathtaking havens of beauty and tranquillity. Explore Lucy’s portfolio at Lucy Willcox Garden Design to witness the magic she brings to each project.

Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh's Gardening Club
Solus Hemi 36 Gas Fire Bowl in Lucy Willcox Garden for Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club

Versatile Brilliance
In the world of outdoor living, versatility is key. Our fire pits, with their array of sizes, styles, and fuel options, offer boundless possibilities for customisation. Whether nestled in a cosy corner or commanding attention as a statement piece, our fire pits effortlessly adapt to any setting. Transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries. From our popular Hemi Fire Bowl, to the practical Tavolo Fire Table, there’s a perfect fire pit for every aesthetic preference. With endless design possibilities, customers can let their creativity soar and create outdoor spaces that reflect their unique style and personality.

A Blaze of Inspiration
The feature on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club has ignited a spark of inspiration among gardening aficionados nationwide. As Lucy Willcox’s visionary design captivates audiences, our fire pits steal the spotlight, capturing imaginations and fuelling dreams of outdoor splendour. With each flicker of flame, a new chapter in the story of outdoor living unfolds, inviting all to bask in the warmth of elegance and inspiration. From cosy nights under the stars to lively gatherings with friends and family, our fire pits set the stage for unforgettable moments and create lasting memories in the garden.

As our fire pits bask in the glow of admiration on Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, we extend an invitation to join us on a journey of elegance and enchantment. With a growing community of satisfied customers, we are proud to be at the forefront of the outdoor living revolution, bringing warmth, style, and sophistication to gardens across the country. From their captivating design and sustainable ethos to their unmatched versatility and timeless appeal, our fire pits stand as beacons of sophistication in the world of outdoor living.

Embrace the allure of fire and transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth, beauty, and enduring style with Solus Decor. With our fire pits, every garden becomes a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

For more information on our fire pits, tables and bowls, contact us; | 020 88191495

Make an appointment for a product demonstration at our UK showroom; Cedar Nursery, Horsley Road, East Horlsey, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3JX

Visit our stand on Pavilion Way PW191 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London 

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Reimagining Hotel Spaces: The Art of Repositioning in a Cost-Conscious Era

Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hotel industry, the pursuit of creating inviting and memorable spaces for guests that don’t break the bank is an ongoing challenge. Recent times have seen hotels navigating through economic uncertainties, prompting a shift from grand redesigns and relocations to more resourceful and cost-effective methods of repositioning. Enter the Solus Decor fire pit – a small, yet transformative addition that can revamp a hotel’s space without costing a fortune.

The positioning of your hotel will define your brand and the benefits your hotel provides its guests, highlighting how it stands out from the rest. These highlights allow better branding and advertisement of your business and provide engagement opportunities for your marketing and social media team. Focal points such as a sleek, modern fire or water feature are a fantastic way of creating social hubs within your hotel that provide an edge in this competitive industry.


The Age of Cost Cutting

The past year has witnessed a significant focus on cost-cutting strategies within the hotel industry. As hotels adapt to economic challenges, the emphasis is on finding creative solutions that deliver maximum impact with minimal investment. Instead of opting for complete makeovers that demand substantial financial resources, hoteliers are exploring smaller, high-impact enhancements that redefine the guest experience. This is particularly pertinent to smaller hotel businesses that can’t afford to reimagine their spaces to the same extent as large corporate brands. 


The Advantages of a Contemporary Gas Fire Pit

  1. Enhanced Ambiance:

A modern gas fire pit brings warmth and sophistication to any outdoor area. The mesmerising dance of flames creates a captivating ambiance that encourages relaxation and social interaction, redefining the guest experience. This will not only optimise your customers’ experience but also increase the profitability of your hotel’s restaurant, bar or café by lengthening the amount of time they spend in your amenities.

  1. Cost-Effective Upgrade:

Unlike extensive renovations, incorporating a contemporary fire pit is a comparatively low-cost investment. It allows hoteliers to achieve a significant visual and experiential upgrade without draining their budgets. 

  1. Year-Round Appeal:

The adaptability of gas fire pits makes them suitable for year-round use. Whether guests seek a cosy spot to unwind on a chilly winter evening or a gathering place during the summer, these fire pits offer versatility that aligns with seasonal variations. Solus Decor’s fire pits are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and built to withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Their durability is unmatched by our competitors, with the best warranty in the business, making them a worthwhile investment for years to come.

  1. Easy Integration:

Solus Decor fire pits can be seamlessly integrated into existing outdoor spaces. Their polished and modern design complements various architectural styles, making them a flexible choice for hotels looking to enhance their aesthetics without a complete overhaul.


Repositioning your hotel/hospitality business without redesigning or relocation



In the current landscape of cost-conscious repositioning within the hotel industry, Solus Decor fire pits emerge as the perfect solution to revamp spaces without compromising on style or atmosphere. As hotels navigate through the challenges of the times, this small but impactful addition can make a significant difference in guest satisfaction and overall appeal. Embrace the art of reimagining, and let the inviting glow of a fire pit redefine the narrative of your hotel’s spaces.

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Attracting Solo Travellers as a Hotel or Hospitality Business

Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business


As a Rising Demographic, How Do You Attract Solo Travellers to Your Hotel, Restaurant or Bar?

Solo travel is on the rise, and hotels are adapting to meet the unique needs and preferences of this growing demographic. The majority of solo travellers are women over the age of 50 who are looking for hotel based, or locally based activities that are safe after dark (such as using hotel amenities). One way to enhance the experience of your solo travellers is by creating warm and inviting spaces within your hotel premises. One of the most effective additions to achieve this is a contemporary gas fire pit that creates a focal point for your guests to gather around.

The Solo Traveler’s Oasis

Solo travellers often seek more than just a place to stay; they crave an experience that resonates with comfort and a sense of community. A top complaint of this demographic is paying for a larger room than they require, stating that better amenities are more attractive and make the room’s price worthwhile. A modern fire pit can transform your hotel’s outdoor spaces into a cosy oasis, providing solo guests with a place to unwind, reflect, and connect with others. Therefore your business will stand out in comparison to your surrounding competitors. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

The Allure of Outdoor Ambiance

Picture this: a solo traveller, after a day of exploring the city, returns to your hotel and discovers a beautifully designed outdoor area featuring a flickering fire pit. The warm glow, the crackling sound of the fire, and the comfortable seating invites them to linger and enjoy the ambiance. It’s a perfect setting for solo travellers to meet fellow guests, share stories, or simply enjoy their own company in a serene environment.

Social Hubs are important to many solo travellers and fire pits can serve as focal points for social interaction. Arrange seating around the fire pit to encourage guests to gather and strike up conversations. This communal space is not only appealing to solo travellers but also provides an opportunity for your hotel to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Year-Round Appeal

One of the great advantages of a gas fire pit is their versatility. Whether it’s a cool autumn evening or a brisk winter night, these fire pits can extend the usability of your outdoor spaces throughout the year. Our fire pits (Solus Decor) are handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada and have been tried and tested through the harshest of Canadian conditions for decades. This adaptability and durability ensures that solo travellers can enjoy the outdoor ambiance, regardless of the season. Additionally, it will increase the length of time guests spend at your hotel bar or restaurant and thus the profitability of your business. 


Attracting solo travellers to your hotel, restaurant or bar business

Aesthetic Elegance

Solus Decor fire pits are not just functional; they are also stylish additions to your hotel’s outdoor design. Their sleek and contemporary aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your space, elevating the overall atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on your solo travellers. According to Tracey Nesbitt, (the owner of the majority of solo travellers are affluent, and there has been an 80% increase in those spending over $4000 on trips over a year. Therefore, a luxury modern fire pit could be an opportunity for hotels to drag in affluent clients looking for quality amenities.


Incorporating a contemporary gas fire pit into your hotel’s outdoor areas is a strategic move to enhance the appeal to solo travellers. By creating warm, inviting spaces that encourage social interaction and relaxation, you’re not just providing accommodation; you’re offering an experience that solo travellers will remember and share. Elevate your hotel’s charm and make it a top choice for solo adventurers seeking both comfort and connection.

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Chelsea Flower Show 2024 – An Exclusive Look

Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive look


The Chelsea Flower Show 2024, held in the vibrant heart of London, continues its legacy as a pinnacle of horticultural excellence and innovation. This illustrious event draws garden enthusiasts and professionals from across the globe, eager to witness the latest trends in garden design. As we explore the highlights and captivating displays at this show the Chelsea Flower Show once again proves to be a melting pot of creativity, sustainability, and groundbreaking garden aesthetics. It is an event Solus Decor is proud to be a part of and has been a source of inspiration, encouraging collaboration with numerous designers and clients. Consequently, it has enhanced our ability to deliver the ever evolving wants and needs for functional and beautiful products that the Chelsea Flower Show covets.


Exploring the Show’s Highlights

The 2023 show was particularly notable for its celebration of diverse gardening styles and the restorative power of gardening. From the meticulously manicured traditional English gardens to bold, contemporary installations, each exhibit offered a unique perspective on garden design. A significant highlight was the emphasis on sustainability, with many designers showcasing eco-friendly approaches to landscaping, including water-saving techniques and sustainable practices.


The Gardens and Exhibits – A Spectacular Display

The range of gardens displayed at Chelsea is always a feast for the eyes. Last year, Harris Bugg Studio, Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg designed Horatio’s Garden ( which was a standout, with accessibility being a key focus of their design. Meanwhile, Rosemary Coldstream’s, Feels Like Home ( showcased a beautiful garden inspired by New Zealand. Carefully choosing plants and colours that reminded her of the natural landscape as well as her childhood garden.


Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive look


In-Depth with Garden Designers

The garden designers at Chelsea are the stars of the show, and their insights provide a deeper understanding of the art and science behind each garden. These conversations often reveal the inspiration behind the designs, whether it’s a personal story, a particular landscape, or a global issue like climate change. The designers also share their challenges, from dealing with unpredictable weather to sourcing rare plant species.


Trends and Innovations

Trends at Chelsea often set the tone for the gardening world in the coming year. Last year, we saw a surge in the use of native plants, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of supporting local ecosystems. Another trend was the integration of outdoor living spaces within the gardens, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors and reflecting a lifestyle that embraces nature. This falls within Solus’ expertise as we strive to provide warmth and ambiance with modern gas fire pits that extend the usability of a garden throughout the year.


Focus on Sustainability

A significant aspect of the 2023 show was its focus on sustainability. Gardens showcased creative ways to reduce environmental impact, such as using drought-tolerant plants and creating wildlife-friendly spaces. This focus aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promotes gardening practices that are not only beautiful but also beneficial to the planet.


Chelsea Flower Show - an exclusive lookThe Art of Garden Design

Another highlight was the sheer artistry displayed in garden designs. This year’s show featured gardens that could be considered outdoor galleries, with intricate layouts, stunning color palettes, and innovative use of materials. These designs pushed the boundaries of traditional garden aesthetics, offering visitors a fresh perspective on what a garden can be.


The Role of Solus Decor

At Solus Decor, the Chelsea Flower Show is more than just an event; it’s a source of inspiration that influences our fire pit designs and product offerings. We take cues from the show’s trends and innovations to create outdoor fire features that resonate with contemporary gardening and outdoor living styles.

More information on the Chelsea Flower Show can be found here:

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Exploring the Artistry of Gardens: A Nod to the Society of Garden Designers

Exploring the artistry of gardens - a nod to the society of garden designers


In the realm of exquisite outdoor spaces, the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence. At Solus Decor, we understand the transformative power of a beautifully designed garden and how a contemporary fire feature can complement any outdoor space. It is our pleasure to celebrate the work of SGD members, who are reshaping our landscapes into works of art.


The Society of Garden Designers, rain chain
Solus Decor at Chelsea, the Rain Chain water feature

The Society of Garden Designers: A Brief Overview

Established over three decades ago, the Society of Garden Designers is the UK’s professional body for garden design practitioners. Boasting a diverse membership of new talent and seasoned professionals, the SGD is committed to maintaining high standards of practice in garden design. Members undergo a rigorous accreditation process, ensuring that they meet the Society’s esteemed criteria for excellence and creativity.

Why Garden Design Matters

Gardens are more than just outdoor areas; they are extensions of our homes, reflections of our personalities, and spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation. The work of a skilled garden designer can turn a simple backyard into a sanctuary, blending elements of nature with bespoke design to create an environment that complements both the architecture and the spirit of the place.

SGD and Sustainable Practices

In today’s environmentally conscious world, SGD designers are at the forefront of sustainable garden design. They incorporate eco-friendly practices, such as water conservation, use of native plants, and organic gardening techniques, ensuring that our gardens not only look good but also contribute positively to the environment.



Award-Winning Designs

The SGD Awards, an annual event, showcase the crème de la crème of garden design. From small urban spaces to sprawling country estates, these awards highlight the innovation and artistry of SGD designers, offering a glimpse into the future of garden design.


Collaboration with Solus Decor

At Solus Decor, we share the SGD’s passion for exceptional garden design. Our range of modern outdoor fire pits, water features, and accessories are designed to complement the visionary work of garden designers. Collaborating with SGD members, we strive to add that final touch of elegance and functionality to their stunning garden creations.



The Society of Garden Designers represents the pinnacle of garden design expertise in the UK. As enthusiasts and professionals in the realm of outdoor aesthetics, we at Solus Decor are excited to support and collaborate with the talented members of SGD. Together, we aim to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary gardens that leave a lasting impression.

More information can be found on the Society of Garden Designers here:

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Why Some Fire Pits Cost More Than Others

Why some fire pits cost more than others


The cost of modern gas or propane fire pits is variable and can range for several reasons. Therefore it’s essential to consider a number of factors when comparing different brands and models, particularly when it comes to the quality and longevity and warranties of the product. This can depend on the materials used to construct the appliance, such as the type of concrete or metal used for the container and  the burner components. 


Factors to consider when purchasing a fire pit:  


Materials:  The type and quality of materials used in the manufacturing of a fire pit can significantly impact its cost. Fire pits can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete (either UHPC or GFRC), brass, steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, or even brick. Higher-quality materials or intricate designs may contribute to a higher price.

Labour:  On the surface it may appear less expensive to build the fire pit from stone or pavers but the cost of labour depends on the complexity of the build and the material itself also adds up.  

Size and Design:  Logically, larger fire pits or those with more intricate designs may cost more due to the increased material requirements and the complexity of manufacturing. Additionally, custom or artisanal designs can command higher prices.


Why some fire pits cost more than others, sizing

(Solus Decor Hemi 26” vs Hemi 48” firebowl)


Brand:  Established brands with a reputation for quality may price their fire pits higher. The brand’s reputation, warranty, and customer service can be factors in the pricing. Some brands, like Solus Decor manufacture their products in North America, while less expensive brands are made overseas primarily in China. 

Warranties:  Lessor brands have lessor warranties (often 1-2 years).  This is indicative of materials that should not really be considered for an outdoor fire pit which needs to withstand varying climates such as freeze-thaw cycles, rain and extreme temperature variances. 

Features and Accessories:  Modern gas fire pits and fire tables can come with various features such as all weather covers, glass windshields, metal or wood table tops and drinks rings, cooking grates, spark screens and lids. There are also generally options for different fire pit toppings, such as lava rock, fire stones, fire glass or fire logs. The inclusion of these features can contribute to a higher price due to greater functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. 


why some fire pits cost more than others, accessories

(Solus Decor Ipe Hardwood Tabletop and our Metal Drinks Ring)


Fuel Type:  The type of fuel a fire pit uses can affect its cost. Modern gas fire pits, for example, might be more expensive than wood-burning ones due to the added complexity of the gas components and certification. 

Certification:  To certify modern gas fire pits as an appliance is expensive in not money but time.  Certification requires ongoing testing of burners and active testing of the burners before it leaves the facility.  However, this is not the case with an off the shelf burner installation. 

Ease of Installation:  Wood fire pits don’t require any installation, so they are generally favoured when clients don’t want their fire pit to be a permanent piece of garden furniture. Whereas gas fire pits do require professional installation, and the complexity of installation can influence the overall cost. 

Location and Regulations:  Local building codes and regulations may impact the design and construction of a fire pit. Modern gas fire pits or fire tables ( LPG or NG ) are designed to comply with specific regulations and this costs more. Certification as an appliance (not just the burner) is becoming more and more a requirement of individual states and provinces.  As an example Massachusetts requires approval by the local council prior to the installation of permanent fire pits.

Heat Output:  Higher quality modern fire pits are designed and calibrated for maximum heat and output.  For example, many fire pits lose heat to the bottom of the firepit due to heat sink and poor design.  This is often indicated by a fire pit’s inability to be put on a wood deck or combustible surface.  However, Solus Decor designs its burners to project heat up and out, allowing the bowl to remain cold, meaning no heat is lost to the bottom.  You can place Solus fire pits directly on wood decks or any other surface.  Although higher quality fire pits tend to have a high heat output, there is a point where too much heat can pose a problem.  An average furnace to heat a home is between 80- 100,000 btus. Reputable companies would not produce a product with a 200,000 or 300,000 btu burner, as it is a ridiculous amount of heat.  Burners like this exist but are totally impractical not to mention dangerous, they are for bravado, not for brains. Not to mention that the propane or gas bill that would accompany this burner would be astronomical.  

To conclude, when comparing fire pits it is crucial to consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget. For instance, what are your expectations for the longevity of the product and the quality of its finish? How do you expect it to look 5, 10, or 15 years from now? It is critical to understand what features are essential for your use, and balance those against your budget to find the best value for your requirements.


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Maïtanne Hunt’s Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award 2023 and Solus Decor

The Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award 2023: 


Surrounded by the iconic London landscape sits a rooftop terrace in Kensington that has been expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed. Aptly named “Sky Entertaining”, this stunning rooftop terrace has been reimagined to provide plenty of ambiance and warmth by the award winning garden and landscape designer, Maïtanne Hunt. As the nights grow colder and longer, outdoor lighting and warmth is a design essential and this is where Solus Decor’s fire features shine. 


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


The clients of this project were keen art lovers with a vibrant social life who wanted an inviting space that provided an intimate setting for parties, whilst emphasising London’s skyline. Maïtanne’s inspiration for the design came from the client’s bold art collection, incorporating two uniquely sculptural trees that linked the interior artworks with the exterior terrace. Cleverly considered lighting was key to her design, a gently flickering Hemi fire bowl created a soft glow and warmth to the space. Along with skilful lighting design, the terrace became a work of art in its own right, adding extra dimension and emphasising the play of light and shadow.


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


However, this exposed rooftop garden was not always so cleverly constructed. Located on the seventh floor of a Victorian red-brick building in Kensington, London, the terrace was neither welcoming nor beautiful. Largely grey, it seemingly merged with the London skies, lacking shelter from the elements and dotted with irreparable furniture and decor. Revamping this space was no easy feat either, with the only access to the terrace being a 7-flight metal fire escape that every material and item of furniture had to traverse, including a Solus concrete fire pit. Nonetheless, with the help of our excellent team, a beautiful Hemi fire bowl found its home nestled amongst London’s rooftops. 


Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscape and Solus Decor fire pits

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus Garden Images & Maïtanne Hunt Gardens & Landscapes)


Although outdoor areas with limited space such as this terrace may not seem like ideal candidates for a fire feature, Solus Decor creates fire pits to suit every need. For instance, this project divided the space into three separate areas (dining, entertaining and relaxation). Consequently, this limited the amount of space available, which made our Hemi 26 fire pit the most suitable choice. Within our Hemi series we have 26”, 36” and 48” fire bowls, allowing our clients to have the style they desire that can suit a variety of projects. In addition, we offer a range of 12 colours, ranging from understated and neutral, to bright and fun. This along with a choice of finishes, tailors the fire pit, fire bowl or fire table to your specifications and is a primary reason many of our clients return to us specifically.


Since Maïtanne Hunt’s intervention, the terrace has been completely transformed from a dull, and neglected platform into a verdant oasis with spectacular views. Her hard work and spectacular outcome recently paid off earlier this month and won Maïtanne the Pro Landscaper Outdoor Lighting Award. Solus is not only proud to be a part of this project but we would like to congratulate Maïtanne and her team on their well deserved accomplishment. This project not only reshaped the functionality of the clients’ home but created a haven for them to enjoy year-round. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to add a cosy atmosphere and substantial heat to your outdoor living area, Solus would love to help.

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Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) vs Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)


In this post we compare Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) to Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Differences in compressive strength, finish quality and longevity are important when considering purchasing a modern outdoor fire pit, fire bowl or fire table


“Typical “ concrete that you may find on a gymnasium floor or on a driveway is NOT suitable for outdoor fire and water features. However, GFRC manufacturers will often compare it to their concrete in an effort to emphasise its attributes.  The type you might find on a gymnasium floor or typical construction site would measure its compressive strength somewhere between 2,500 – 4,000 psi. Although GFRC is typically stronger, the same visible level of quality is often apparent. For example, chunky and rough hewn appearance is common amongst many fire pit manufacturers.  Companies such as Elementi, American Fyre, Wayfair and many others are GFRC providers.  In fact, most “concrete “ fire pit and fire table manufacturers are GFRC. 

Solus modern fire pits and water features are not made of common concrete or GFRC.  Our products are made of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC).  In this article, we will delve into a comparison focused on the compressive strength of these types of concrete, highlighting their respective attributes. Additionally, we will explore the finish level (the aesthetics) of the UHPC concrete itself.


Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete, vs Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Understanding Compressive Strength:

Concrete technology is vast and the American Standards Testing of Materials ( and is an international standard for the testing of concrete amongst many other construction materials. More specifically, we test to ASTM C39 standards that involve a compressive strength test. This test measures the compressive strength of the concrete and its ability to resist penetration of fluids. Logically, this is very important when it comes to designing modern outdoor fire and water features.

Compressive strength is a critical property of concrete, indicating its ability to withstand axial loads or forces pushing the material together. Therefore, it is key to determining the concrete’s durability and suitability for various applications particularly in outdoor applications where freeze thaw cycles are common.

Solus Decor’s Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC):

Compressive Strength:

Solus UHPC is renowned for its exceptional compressive strength, often exceeding 10,000 psi (pounds per square inch). This remarkable strength is attributed to its meticulous formulation, which includes a high concentration of fine materials and fibers. Moreover, ASTM C 39 standards have been confirmed and tested at Metro Labs Burnaby British Columbia Canada.

Finish Quality:

The finish quality of Solus UHPC is equally impressive and has been called inimitable by many of our clients, as it is what they see that matters most to them. Our concrete boasts a smooth, refined surface that enhances the aesthetic appeal of our products’ architectural and design elements. Fine aggregate and precise manufacturing contribute to a polished and sophisticated finish almost like a well worn leather.  Due to precise molding, we are able to create a mirror finish of the original mold.  Of particular note are the rims of our fire bowls and the edges of our fire tables.  These are crisp and sharp, without exposed aggregate like GFRC or construction concrete.  In addition, our fire features are cast in one casting ensuring the colour is uniform, without mottling and large pitting 

GFRC on the other hand is a layered approach.  The outer layer is sprayed or rolled in place and then additional layers are applied. Furthermore, GFRC often fails in the field as these layers can peel off or shale (dislodging from the surface). Especially in climates that go through freeze thaw cycles. Moreover, the edges of these GFRC fire bowls are often chunky, rough, pitted and the surface is frequently patchy or mottled.

Applying a surface layer of patching after the GFRC product has been taken out of the mold is never as good as casting it correctly the first time.  Consequently, GFRC is more suited to architectural elements that aren’t subject to outdoor wear and tear. The layering or back filling of the GFRC is often what “shales or flakes off as soon as it gets wet causing water to get between the surface layer and the core of the concrete vessel itself.

For instance, this review was left about a common GFRC fire pit manufacturer:

Review of common GFRC firepit manufacturer stating chipping, cracking and peeling


The high compressive strength of Solus UHPC makes it ideal for a range of applications, including architectural elements, structural components, and outdoor features like fire and water bowls. Its durability and resistance to environmental factors, combined with a premium finish, are notable advantages.If you read many of Solus fire pit google reviews you will hear comments from clients who say the product looks just the same as when they bought it 8, 10 or even 12 years ago.  


Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete, vs Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC):

Compressive Strength:

GFRC generally exhibits lower compressive strength compared to Solus UHPC. It typically ranges from 4,000 to 6,000 psi, depending on the specific mix and manufacturing process.

Finish Quality:

The finish quality of GFRC is often more textured than that of Solus UHPC. While it can be smooth, the inclusion of glass fibers may result in a  coarser surface. The finish is still good where a more textured appearance is desirable.


GFRC’s advantages lie in its lighter weight, making it suitable for applications where reduced load-bearing capacity is acceptable. It is often chosen for decorative elements, cladding, and panels due to its versatility in design and fabrication.

Choosing the Right Concrete for Your Project:

Design Flexibility:

For projects where design flexibility and reduced weight are priorities, GFRC offers a broader range of aesthetic possibilities while still providing reasonable compressive strength.

Finish Quality:

Solus UHPC stands out in terms of a refined and polished finish, perfect for applications where a premium aesthetic is crucial. GFRC offers a textured finish, suitable for projects that embrace a more natural or rustic appearance.

Environmental Factors:

Consider the environmental conditions your concrete elements will face. Solus UHPC’s resistance to harsh weather and durability makes it suitable for outdoor applications, while GFRC may be more suitable for indoor or less demanding outdoor environments.


Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete, vs Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete


When comparing Solus Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), compressive strength and finish quality reveal distinct advantages that each material offers. While Solus UHPC excels in outdoor applications like fire pits and water features with its exceptionally high compressive strength and premium finish, GFRC provides a lighter alternative with design versatility and a textured aesthetic. Choosing between the two will ultimately depend on the specific requirements of your project, balancing strength, weight, finish quality, and design considerations.

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Are Fire Pits Legal in the UK? Rules and Regulations.

Are Fire Pits Legal in the UK?


The UK’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, so making the most of your outdoor space can be tricky. If you lack a lot of outdoor space, the weather is unfavourable, or living in a smoke-controlled area, being able to enjoy your garden is difficult. Smoke-controlled areas are widespread in the UK and don’t allow most wood burning appliances, and authorised fuels must be Defra approved and “smokeless”. This is despite the fact that wood burning fire pits are for sale in most garden centres and big box retailers. However, gas, propane and ethanol (biofuel) fire pits that produce little to no smoke are the perfect solution. 


Elevated Halo gas and propane fire pit, legal in the UK and smoke controlled areas


In England, most of London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Birmingham are smoke-controlled. In Scotland, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow are as well. The smoke-controlled areas in Wales are unclear and would require you to contact your local council, but they do exist and it is important to take note of your local regulations. Northern Ireland is a largely smoke-controlled area, banning wood burning smoke in Belfast and Londonderry. Consequently, wood burning fire pits aren’t legal commercially or residentially in much of the UK. However, making your outdoor space warm, comfortable, and beautiful can still be done! 

Natural gas, propane and ethanol fire pits are legal commercially and residentially in the UK as they are clean-burning appliances that create virtually no smoke. Outdoor fire pits are subject to a few specific safety regulations and generally must meet CE and UKCA certification. However, this won’t be a concern with Solus Decor as all of our appliances are CE, UKCA, ANSI & CSA certified in their entirety (not just the burner). 

UK regulations state that fire pits must maintain a safe distance from combustible materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and positioning. Safety is of utmost importance to us and these rules are simple and easy to follow with gas or propane fire pits. Providing a controlled burn that doesn’t spark, there are no flying embers that often cause unintentional fires and injuries. Additionally, their clean-burning nature and controlled flame allow these fire pits to be used in covered patios (with adequate ventilation), whereas wood burning fire pits cannot.


Hemi gas and propane fire pit, legal in the UK

(our fire pits also perfect for covered patios with adequate ventilation)


Wood burning fire pits are a well-loved tradition in many British homes. They typically produce more heat, are more portable than other fire pits and are less expensive. However, our clients frequently come to us with complaints of smoke that stings their eyes and the smell it leaves on their clothes and in their hair. Furthermore, wood burning smoke that is considered a nuisance could lead to complaints from neighbours that the local council is obligated to investigate, possibly raising fines (of up to £1000) or rendering your fire pit unusable. Our fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables not only avoid this, but allow heat output to be controlled with little to no storage requirements for fuel such as with kindling and logs. 

Equally, natural gas fire pits require some preparation to be installed as they have to be connected to a natural gas line that should run under your deck or patio. Once installed however, fuel supply isn’t a worry and there are no unsightly pipes or hoses. Propane fire pits also require a connection to a propane tank which UK guidelines suggest should be stored outdoors, in a well ventilated area. This may seem like a hassle that you would rather avoid, but finding firewood storage, wet firewood and maintenance of a wood burning fire pit will require more time and cleaning long-term. A particularly low-maintenance option from Solus are ethanol burning fire pits which don’t require the pipes or hoses that gas and propane do, however we don’t provide this option outside of the UK or EU. 

To summarise, gas, ethanol and  propane fire pits are perfectly legal in the UK and are a modern and clean-burning alternative to your classic wood burning fire pit. Virtually smoke free, safer, and easy to maintain, we believe that they are the best alternative for those that want to make the most of their outdoor space and keep toasty this winter.


Fire pits legal in the UK, gas and propane for smoke-controlled areas

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Get Winter Ready; Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Getting Ready for Winter; Checklist for your Solus Fire Pit

Get A Winter Ready Fire Pit; How You Can Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Preparing your Solus gas outdoor fire pit for winter is essential to ensure its longevity and safe operation when it is not going to be used for months (although it can be enjoyed all year round).

By following these steps and the specific instructions provided by Solus or the retailer, you can ensure your fire pit remains safe and functional for years to come.

Step 1: Shut off the main gas supply and electrical switch (if equipped). Locate the shut-off valve and close it to prevent gas flow. This is to avoid accidental ignition. Remove leaves and stones inside the cage (if necessary).

Step 2: Remove all accessories like wood top and glass shield and store indoors. If your fire pit has removable components such as a glass wind guards, consider storing them indoors for the winter to prevent damage and to allow the cover to fit snugly.Clean and dry the components before storing them.

Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit
Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit


Step 3: Clean the exterior of the fire pit. Remove all debris, leaves and soot from the fire pit. Moisture, dirt, dust and other surface contaminants must be wiped and cleaned. Use warm water and soap.

Step 4: Clean the burner. Use a soft brush and avoid using abrasive materials that could damage the burner.

Step 5: Clean the Ignition (if equipped). For electronic ignition, use emery cloth or very fine sandpaper (above 400)  and gently buff the ignitor, the pilot assembly and the thermosensor only if they look discoloured or sooty. If they look clean, leave them alone. For manual ignition with a flame supervision device, if dirty, use the same method of emery cloth or very fine sandpaper.

Step 6: Check Pilot Assembly (if equipped). Check and remove any debris and soot inside the pilot cage and within the burner. Any debris can trap moisture during storage and can result in a clogged and blocked orifice. TIP: Using a compressed air duster or vaccum to clean the burner nozzles and pilot assembly really helps to blow any debris or water out and can avoid having to dissemble the pilot and significantly improve the strength of the pilot flame. These can be purchased online or in electronics and DIY stores.

Step 7: Inspect the firepit. Inspect the burner, gas lines, and ignition system for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Look for rust, cracks, or loose connections.  This requires you to remove the rocks (put them in a bucket) and pull the burner up via the burner manifold and inspect the connections underneath.  Ignition issues can often be a simple loose connection.  Make sure you put a blanket or some sort of fabric to protect the rim or the surface of the fire table.  The metal stand of the fire pit burner can scratch the surface so please be careful. 

Step 8: Protect Gas Lines. If the gas lines are exposed, consider insulating them with pipe insulation to prevent freezing. Freezing temperatures can cause the gas lines or hoses  to contract and split and potentially lead to damage.

For any replacement parts, please visit our online store;

Part replacement should be done by a professional technician or gas fitter.

Step 10: Cover your firepit with a Solus high-quality, weather-resistant cover. You must keep the burner dry. This is to protect your investment. If you have a table surface, the cover must be tented to ensure water does not pool on top of the firepit which will affect the surface negatively. Ensure the cover is securely fastened to protect the fire pit from snow, rain, and debris.  The all metal covers will also protect the firepit over the winter. If you no longer have your Solus cover or the all-weather cover is old and started to lose its’ shape (water can pool on top of the cover in winter). A replacement can be purchased from our online store.

All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit
All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit

REMEMBER to test run. If you are going to use your fire pit this winter (and why not!)…DO THIS FIRST.

It is not uncommon for people to not use their fire pit for some months and then decide to throw a party. Or it is the first time using your fire pit in the Spring. If you are planning to run your fire pit, do a trial run before hand.

Step 11: “Purge” the gas line of air. If the fire pit is started after some time off, air can become trapped in the line or hose. In this case, the firepit needs to be purged.

Step 12: Perform a leak test – reverse and sequence plus. Before the first use, conduct a leak test to ensure there are no gas leaks. Use a soapy water solution to check all connections for bubbles, indicating a leak. If you find a leak, contact a professional for repairs. It is suggested you use compressed air on the burner jets prior to ignition.

And remember for electronic ignition to take off the cover!

 For further information, here is our troubleshooting guide for your winter ready fire pit: troubleshooting guide.

0208 819 1495

Shop online for parts, accessories, fire and water products

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Solus at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Launch New Modern Accessory for the Outdoor Gas Firepit.

Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 exhibiting fire pits, fire bowls, water features and accessories in London, England

We are looking forward to once again showcasing our fantastic garden terrace fire pits as we preview what else is in store for visitors at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London.

This year Solus Decor are excited to launch a new accessory for the Hemi fire bowl. The metal table top  can convert into a drinks ring for the 36 and 48 Hemi fire pit and hence adds a new dimension to the use of this contemporary and sculptural firepit. A simple disk table top is also available for the 26 Hemi. They are constructed out of noncorrosive aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore they are perfect for social gatherings in residential or commercial settings.

Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. The metal table top turns this firepit into a modern table when not lit.
Solus Décor Hemi Gas Firebowl Firepit. With metal drinks ring. Shown on the terrace at Predator Ridge Resort Canada. The metal table top turns this firepit into a modern table when not lit.

Chelsea is at the forefront of the shows for the garden industry. This year is no exception and we are excited to see the CHERUB HIV Garden: A Life Without Walls designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen. Naomi is working with HIV partnership CHERUB to help raise awareness about young people living with HIV in the UK and beyond. Featuring a Solus Water Dome, Naomi has designed a space that could be recreated within a home garden context. The garden uses specialist planting and design to take visitors on a powerful symbolic journey helping to promote acceptance and understanding about the condition.

Chelsea 2018: The CHERUB HIV Garden designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen and featuring a Solus Decor Water Dome.
Chelsea 2018: The CHERUB HIV Garden designed by Naomi Ferrett-Cohen and featuring a Solus Decor Water Dome.

Another must-see garden will be The Myeloma UK Garden, designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell. It will highlight the work of Myeloma UK. A bold 7 tonne, 12 feet high sculpture will rise from the garden as its centrepiece and as a result, promises to be unique and contemporary.

Chelsea 2018: The Myeloma UK Garden Designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell.
Chelsea 2018: The Myeloma UK Garden Designed by John Everiss and Francesca Murrell.

On the Solus Decor stand on Pavilion Way PW/608, we will of course be displaying and demonstrating a selection of our best-selling fire pits and water features.

Next to us will be Chilstone on stand PW/607. This year Chilstone are proudly celebrating 65 years of handmaking cast stone in Britain and always have a fabulous display.

If you are visiting this year, please come and see both stands. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact us for more information on Solus products. Or visit our website: Made in Vancouver, Canada. Shipped worldwide.

For more information on the RHS Chelsea Flower Show visit:


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Feature Project: A residential redevelopment in San Francisco

San Francisco fire pit

Our feature project is a look back at a fantastic redevelopment in the Noe Valley area of San Fancisco as featured in Dwell.


A tech industry couple made the decision to make the move from Palo Alto to seek out a new life in San Francisco.  They were keen to create a contemporary property that could take on their style and smart technology that encompasses their day to day lives.  After much searching they eventually found the right property in the Noe Valley area of San Francisco but it needed considerable work to make their dream a reality.  In order to make their dream a reality they called on architect Christi Azevedo. Christi is a San Fancisco based architect with an impressive portfolio with an eclectic mix of property styles who is well know in the San Francisco area for her expertise in giving worn out houses a new lease of life.  The property in Noa Valley was a compartmentalized 1970s style property and Christi Azevedo transformed the property into an open plan living space with an emphasis on indoor outdoor living, by careful focus on the materials used both indoors and outdoors.


San Francisco Azevedo Design
San Francisco Project by Christi Azevedo


San Francisco project Azevedo Design
Rear Terrace of San Francisco Project by Christi Azevedo


The external facade of the building was transformed by the use cedar boards that were charred using the ancient Japanese art of shou sugi ban. The couple researched the technique extensively, and even considered doing it themselves, before Azevedo convinced them to outsource the job to a Texas studio, Delta Millworks.  The couple were thrilled with the results and love the contemporary back drop this creates for the outdoor living space that is opened up fully thanks to the installation of bifold doors.  To complete the renovation of the exterior the rear patio was raised to bring in line with the level of the kitchen and the original redwood decking was reused and supplemented with recycled pieces from other projects.  The couple added a Solus Hemi fire pit to complete this well designed outdoor living space. The couple selected the cinder finish to compliment the overall color scheme to the external facade.


Solus Hemi Fire Bowl San Francisco
Exterior as featured in Dwell featuring Solus Hemi Fire Bowl


The Hemi fire bowl creates a contemporary focal point to an outdoor seating area, and ideal spot to relax in the evening as the sun goes down and perfect for the weather in San Francisco, ensuring that the indoor outdoor living space can be used all year round even in the cooler months of the year. Available in three sizes to suit any space these round, concrete fire pits add heat, atmosphere and simple beauty. Our ‘cross-jet’ and ethanol burners provide ample flames and are built to last. As with all of our fire pits, Hemi 26, 36 and 48 are fully certified and come with warranties on parts and performance.


Hemi Fire Pit Cinder
Solus Hemi Fire Bowl in Cinder



We are thrilled to see our fire pit featured in such a sensational design, to find out more about the project read the full article on Dwell.  To find out more about the Hemi fire bowl or any of our other project get in touch.



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FAQs when specifying a fire pit

Solus Fire pit

Why is your product expensive relative to others?

Expensive is a relative term but as they say “you get what you pay for”. What do we do and is it any different than anyone else?  You be the judge. Here is what happens behind the scenes.


  1. Certification is painful, expensive, time consuming, laborious and requires deep technical expertise.  The Solus plant undergoes regular unannounced audits by the certification lab to verify what we are doing and our testing procedures and paper trails are in order.  Each and every fire pit we make must be burn tested and checked for ignition, leaks and performance.
  2. We use brass burners – not anodized  pan metal burners so we can give you a 25 year warranty (with the purchase of an all weather cover) on the burners. Best in the business
  3. Our brass “top side” burners means that our fire is projected up and out (therefore efficient) and does not lose heat out of the bottom. It is why you can use our fire pits on wood decks – many burners and metal fire pits cannot be used on a wooden deck due to heat being directed into the bottom.  The amount of KW is only relevant if it burns at close to 100 % efficiency. We design our own burners to maximize heat to provide maximum customer experience.
  4. We design, fabricate and continuously improve our designs based on constant direct customer feedback.  As we handle our own customer and technical service calls, direct feedback is the most important thing we do.
  5. We offer ten different colors with no difference in price
  6. Depending on stock levels and customer urgency we can ship within 1-6 weeks depending on project necessity.
  7. We offer hardwood table tops for our Hemi 26″ and 36″ bowls and our Firebox 30″. We design for both form and function.
  8. We offer bio fuel ( ethanol ) and a propane tank table for unusual plumbing situations.
  9. Electronic versions offer adjustable flame height regulation– a unique Solus feature
  10. Options including hardwood table tops, drinks rings, covers that fit, adjustable electronics all designed and made by Solus – we know our products.
  11. Solus has incorporated a recycled fly ash into its mix designs and has an active recycling and sustainability program with 75% of our byproducts recycled.
  12. Firestone – made to mimic riverstone – specifically made for Solus and is included in your purchase – Safety plays a large part in our philosophy. As an option we can sell additional firestone for that rock effect.
  13. Our Solus pits are finished by hand which creates the inimitable Solus fire pit each and every time – they are not mass produced by robots or overseas low cost labour factories.
  14. We build our products for tough Canadian climates and have thousands of fire pits in the field – Built tough with elegant designs for people who appreciate quality and durability.
  15.  Solus products leaving Vancouver are packed in museum quality crates and our ship rate has a 99.3% success rate. Our products are so well packed we have many testimonials raving about not just the product but the manner in which they are shipped.
  16. We represent ourselves – if you do have an issue in the field you call us – not a foreign call centre or clueless retailer who has no idea what they have sold you.
  17. Our testimonials speak for themselves – we have reviews on Houzztrust pilot and many reference our price being worth it.  Take a look!013-1024x683

As a designer I frequently get asked for fire bowls/pits within landscapes. I find the Solus products to be beautiful, functional and of superb quality.”

“The solid brass burners will last unlike the cheaper thin stainless burners found on other fire pits”

“Of all the fire pits I looked at, this is the best designed, sleekest and most beautiful. I love it!”

Is the fire pit Certified as an Appliance and why should you care ?

It means that the burner inserted into the vessels or enclosure is also certified to CE standards and tested as such (and CSA/ANSI in North America) .


Most fire pit companies buy an off the shelf burner simply insert a “certified CE” burner into their vessel which means the two have not been tested in relation to each other.  This is changing due to regulatory and insurance changes in the field.  In North America many states and provinces are introducing new code for fully certified fire pits as appliances.  The proliferation of fire pits in big box retailers and on line has spawned a wave of regulatory and insurance changes and therefore the code and compliance of fire and fire pits in residential and commercial settings.


What is happening the world of fire pits that matters to you ? 

In many jurisdictions in North America the gas fitter or inspector has rejected burners that have been set into uncertified vessels or enclosures built on site. States and provinces in North America where we know this to be on the radar as of 2015 based on Solus fire pit inspections include:  New York, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. It is our anticipation that many other jurisdictions across North America will follow suit and reject non certified fire pits in the coming year.  It is very likely that this will start to infiltrate the UK market as gas fire pits become more common in the UK and the rest of Europe. Fire pits in the UK and Europe in general have traditionally been thought of as wood burning only but this has its limitations due to the smoke, burning embers, wet wood and smell, which consequently limits the usage and the locations on where these can be installed given the additional work required to set up a wood burning fire on each occasion.  People in Europe are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of a gas fire pit given their “plug and play” nature and the flexible nature of their installation catering to both town and country.

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Fire Pits & Outdoor Rooms Can Increase Real Estate Value!

Fire Pits & Outdoor Rooms Can Increase Real Estate Value!

We all know, or can at least imagine, the comfort and relaxation that comes from being able to relax outdoors in our own patio, deck or outdoor oasis setting.

Being able to prepare a meal outdoors, dine “al fresco” or entertain around a fire pit is one of life’s many pleasures.

Now it seems that adding an outdoor room can also be a boon to our bottom line.

Hemi 26″ Firebowl in deck and stone setting by With Impact Landscaping

New home builders, realtors and renovators are taking note and starting to write about the positive return on investment that outdoor living spaces are offering home owners.

Here is a link an article published recently in Professional Builder on-line magazine.  Well over half of the respondents said that outdoor living was more important today than two years ago.  And fire pits ranked number two, with only decks surpassing them as a best selling outdoor feature.

Real Estate companies through out North America are recognizing the added value a beautiful outdoor space offers.  Here’s an example of the kind of articles we are seeing pop up.  This article is from a company in Illinois – Optimizing Outdoor Spaces for Enjoyment and Value”.

Halo 36 Fire Pit with water, rock and “zen” landscaping by Beneath Your Feet Landscaping

This article on Bob Vila’s site suggests that “Landscaping in general is a good investment and can add 20% to the value of your property…with Outdoor rooms, terraces, and decks being also high-yield structural or hardscaping investments.”

If you are thinking of investing in an outdoor living space and need some more great ideas, take a look through our site’s fire pit images.  There is a lot of information on line and you can also plan to visit some of the many Home and Garden shows that are run through out North America.

Solus Fraser Surround in Outdoor “See-Through” Fireplace by Houston Landscaping

The pictures shown here are of the beautiful Outdoor rooms that Friends of Solus displayed at a recent Home & Garden Show.  We hope you will have fun and enjoy planning your Solus fire pit investment!

Solus Block Surround in Outdoor Living Room “See-Through” Fireplace by Houston Landscaping


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The Drake Hotel FirePit

The Drake Hotel in Toronto has been a multi faceted hotel/entertainment/art and top rated coffee house for Toronto culturists since its revitalization in 2004. 

We love the way they use the Solus, Hemi 36 Firebowl in their open air Sky Yard!   

The fire pit creates a great setting for those who need to light up and stay warm, as well as for gathering around and talking away into the wee hours.

We know of a few creative collaborations that have ignited over this firepit.  Cheers to many more!