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Relaxation with Water

solus water dome in spa

Studies have shown that being near water and the sound of water can positively impact on your overall happiness, mental health, productivity and self-awareness. Given this it’s no surprise that spas and retreats are using our water features to help guests to relax and unwind as soon as they arrive.

The new Anda Spa at Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis have created the ultimate space for relaxation with their newly renovated spa with the introduction of the relaxing sound of water at the reception. The Hotel Ivy have incorporated our Water Dome water feature at the reception desk of the spa. The Water Dome is a self circulating water feature and simply requires an electrical point making it ideal for a commercial setting.

solus water dome in spa
Hotel Ivy Minneapolis, a Luxury Collection property, with the newly renovated luxury Anda Spa.


The philosophy of the Anda Spa is rooted in balance and for all of us living the faced paced life of today we all need to seek out balance. Taking time out at of your busy schedule for a chance to relax and unwind at a spa can help you find the crucial  balance in your life. At the Anda Spa they focus on a deeper sense of well-being, allowing you to reconnect your body, mind and spirit. Personalised spa treatments and rituals are inspired by a sense of vitality which offers you a calmer, more balanced, perspective on life.

Relaxation with Water

These water bowls feature polished metal domes that appear to float inside concrete vessels. Water flows up through the center of each dome to run over the reflective surface of the hand-spun metal and then drop off the edges into the surrounding water creating sound. Like our concrete pieces, each metal dome is handmade and unique. The Water Dome is available in a choice of three sizes, ten different colours and a choice of stainless steel or brass for the dome.

water Dome
Water Dome in Cinder


If you would like an add an element of relaxation with water to your commercial or residential space get in touch with us to find out more about our range of water features.

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Winter Sun Inspiration

Solus firepit shown lit outside at monarch beach california

Looking for some Winter Sun Inspiration? The Solus Decor team have been taking some inspiration from our installations around the world.

The days are shorter and the winter coats are out, winter is on the horizon if not already here and it has us dreaming of some winter sun.  Looking at the travel experts advice we have fire pits installed in some of the best winter sun destinations around the world. Here’s a few few winter sun recommendations if you are looking for some inspiration.


Solus firepit shown lit outside at monarch beach california

Looking to keep a hold on to warmer days but still enjoy a gentle breeze? Look no further than California, ideal for those looking for a more gentle climate and you won’t get bored with so many things to see and do.  This a shot of our Elevated Halo fire pit at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica with fantastic view of the famous Santa Monica Pier. More than 7 million visitors a year come to Santa Monica as one of the most famous beach cities, noted as one of National Geographic’s top ten and its close proximity to other Los Angeles attractions. Santa Monica Beach offers on average more than 300 days of sunshine a year and has some of the best sunsets on the West Coast.


A wonderful haven with a fantastic climate for those in search of winter sun. You can hop around the islands to see the vast  flora and fauna and learn about the rich culture and history of the islands.

This is an installation at a residential property for a Canadian client, who built their dream vacation home in Maui, Hawaii so they could make the most of the winter sun every year.  They have framed the house beautifully using our halo low fire pits. A wonderful oasis of calm to enjoy the winter months.

Three Solus halo low fire features near modern home and swimming pool in hawaii
Private Residence with Halo Low fire pits in Maui, Hawaii


For those looking for a little more excitement and entertainment with their winter sun then the famous Waikiki Beach is what you need. Waikiki beach is on the island of Oahu and is Oahu’s main hotel and resort area and a vibrant gathering place for visitors from around the world. Along the main strip of Kalakaua Avenue you will find world class shopping, dining, entertainment, activities and resorts.

With so much in the surrounding area the Hyatt Regency Hotel Waikiki is the perfect beach place to base yourself to enjoy all that Honolulu and the rest of Oahu has to offer. After a day of exploring, the hotel has created the perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy the views with a a drink around the fire in the evening. The hotel have used the Hemi fire pits as part of the outdoor area in the Regency club area.


Looking for all inclusive luxury without the children? Look no further than Warwick Paradise Island  An all-inclusive resort hotel in the beautiful setting of the Bahamas.  All-Inclusive takes any stresses out of your vacation, leaving you to simply enjoy yourself. You can relax on the resort’s private harbour beach or take in some of the best views of Nassau Harbour.


St Barths

The definition of beach side luxury, Hotel Le Toiny is a five star luxury resort on the exclusive island of St Barths.

Solus Decor fire pit at Hotel Le Toiny
Solus Decor Hemi Fire Pit at Hotel Le Toiny


Bee Osborn has created a relaxed, light and airy space using soft creams with luxurious textures in the fixtures and fittings.  Hotel Le Toiny is  a 5-Star tropical paradise overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the hills of St. Barthelemy The Resort is made up of 22 luxury one and two bedroom suites nestled in of a lush palm grove bordered by Toiny beach.  The hotel has been designed as a sanctuary for guests to relax both indoors and outdoors.

Solus Decor are thrilled to be part of this stunning resort.  They have chosen to incorporate our Hemi fire pits on their beach terrace, providing a wonderful space for guest to enjoy at night.  The Hemi provide gently warmth as the sun goes down and a soft light that adds to the ambiance of this unique setting



Get in touch with us to find out more about our fire pits at these winter sun destinations.

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Solus Decor UK at The Independent Hotel Show

solus decor gas fire pit

Last week Solus Decor exhibited at The Independent Hotel Show in London and had the opportunity to discuss all things hotels with hoteliers from around the country and further afield.


Our fire and water features are used around the world by hotels in a variety of locations; a Caribbean luxury beach resort, a boutique ski Lodge in the mountains of Wyoming, a hip roof top bar in Portland Oregon through to a luxury resort in the champagne region of France. These hotels are all completely different in style and setting but there is one common thread that runs through them all hotels. All these hotels and any hotel around the world is looking to make the most of all their space, particularly outdoor space to ensure they have a profitable business throughout the year.

Hotels, restaurants and bars all want to make the most of their outdoor space and run at full capacity all year, however for many the garden or rooftop becomes a forgotten area when the summer is over. With our fire pits this is no longer the case, when the weather starts to cool at the end of the summer these outdoor areas or outdoor venues continue to be a warm and inviting space for guests to enjoy a cocktail or maybe mulled wine as we approach the festive season!

Altabira City Tavern at Hotel Eastlund, Portland with the Hemi fire bowlv
Altabira City Tavern at Hotel Eastlund, Portland with the Hemi fire bowl

Top questions from hoteliers at The Independent Hotel Show

What is the durability and longevity of a fire pit or water feature?

All Solus products are made from high performance concrete and are designed to withstand both extreme cold and heat that is not unusual for the Canadian climate where all our products are designed and made in our workshop in Vancouver. We have the best warranties in the business! We have been working with commercial designers for 20 years and know how important this is for any commercial project and our burners have a 25 year warranty. Click here for full details


Our range of fire and water products are flexible and easy to use. Our water features are self circulating, requiring no water supply, simply plug and play! Our fire pits come with three different fuel options; bio ethanol, LPG gas and natural with the option of manual or electronic ignition. In addition to this unlike many gas fire pits our burners are designed so they can sit on any outdoor surface; grass, decking or stone, making them compatible with any style of outdoor space.

Health and Safety

Naturally in a commercial space the question of health and safety is a question. As with any gas appliance this should be installed by a registered gas engineer if you opt for the LPG or natural gas fuel option. Unlike wood burning fire pits a gas fire pit can be controlled and there is no danger of hot ash or uncontrolled smoke harming guests. We also have the option of a glass screen to surround the flame as an additional safeguard as shown here at The Hotel Eastlund in Portland.

Altabira City Tavern, Hotel Eastlund, roof terrace with Hemi Fire Bowl

Altabira City Tavern, Hotel Eastlund, roof terrace with Hemi Fire Bowl

Get in touch with us to find out how you can enhance the outdoor space at your hotel or commercial space this winter!


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The House That Black Built Collaboration

Solus Decor Elevated Halo Fire pit

A look at the Solus Decor collaboration with the DIY Champion; The House That Black Built and their garden transformation.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the House That Black Built, it is an interior designer and lifestyle blog featuring Chelsea and her husband, following the renovation of their Victorian villa. Chelsea and her husband are DIY enthusiasts with an excellent sense of style in both their home and everyday lives. They document their DIY projects through the blog and wonderful Instagram feed, which has captured the attention of over 55 thousand followers!

Elevated Halo fire pit

One of the most recent projects that The House That Black Built have undertaken is the garden to their Victorian villa; a place they could enjoy all year round and take a rest from all the hard work inside the house.  After seeing the progress of their work and their design inspiration for the garden we knew a Solus Decor fire pit would be the perfect addition to this cool, contemporary space.  The House That Black Built have incorporated our Elevated Halo fire pit in Shiitake in their low maintenance outdoor living space. The fire pit is complimented by the Everscape Limestone tile from Topps Tiles and outdoor furniture from Maison du Monde, which brings this whole space to life! We love the finished design and how Chelsea has teamed the Elevated Halo with these elements to create a contemporary outdoor living space.

Solus Decor Elevated Halo Fire pit

Chelsea takes you step by step through the renovation process through her blog and Instagram stories; showing both the highs and lows. This warm and approachable demeanor is exactly why she has gained such a huge following and has been recognised by the Amara Interior Blog Awards. If you are thinking of undertaking a garden renovation be sure to check out The House That Black Built.



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Feature Project: The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Hemi fire pit in Champage

A look at the new Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa; the height of luxury in the heart of the Champagne region in France and how they have incorporated Solus fire pits in their outdoor areas.


Terrace Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa

The Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa opened its doors in the summer of 2018 and has set itself apart as the first contemporary 5 star hotel  in the Champagne region. The original 19th Century Post House where it is said that King Charles X of France stopped over before heading to Reims for his coronation has been re-imagined by architect; Giovanni Pace and interior designers; Argenta Project .  The original property was purchased by Boston-based Champagne Hospitality collection, a group of boutique luxury hotels and spas that includes the award-winning Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa in St. Barths.

The Royal Champagne Hotel and Spa is the height of luxury and what one would expect for the enviable location in the middle of the vineyards in hills of Epernay, the capital of Champagne, and the historic villages of Champillon and Hautvillers of Dom Perignon fame. We are fortunate to have our Hemi fire pits to compliment this wonderful outdoor space with the breathtaking backdrop.


The Hemi fire bowl is a popular choice with both the commercial and residential market due to the sculptural design and the additional accessories available to customise the fire bowl.  The Hemi is available in a choice of 10 colours, 3 fuel options and the option to use a hard wood table top or metal drinks ring and metal table top, making it adaptable to all spaces and styles.


Get in touch with us to find out more about this installation and our range of concrete fire and water features



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Feature Project: The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells

solus decor fire pit at spa hotel kent

We have had the great fortune of teaming up with The Spa Hotel to help create this wonderful outdoor space in the historic town of Tunbridge Wells.

The Spa Hotel is set in 14 acres of beautiful grounds close to the centre of  historic Royal Tunbridge Wells, the spa town from which its name is derived. The hotel first opened in 1880 and since then has built a reputation for style, sophistication, relaxation and fine dining.

Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells

The Spa Hotel has a long-established history in the town, and with its recent refurbishment it provides a luxurious location to stay, dine and for weddings and events. With 70 rooms, an award-winning restaurant and a new, contemporary  Bar and Brasserie, there is plenty for guests to enjoy.

As part of the refurbishment of the hotel, The Spa Hotel have just launched the Spa Temple and new outdoor entertainment area. The Spa Temple is a beautiful piece of design from our friends at Chilstone, providing a focal point in this picturesque outdoor setting and a wonderful place to say “I do”.

solus decor fire pit

We are thrilled to see our Hemi fire pit with metal drinks ring incorporated into this quintessential British countryside setting. The Hemi is our signature fire pit and is popular in both commercial and residential settings.  The Spa Hotel have incorporated the Hemi into the new Temple.  The sculptural curves of the Hemi mirror the architectural curves of the Temple.

The Hemi is available in three sizes, ten different colours and a choice of three different fuel options; including natural gas, LPG and Biothenol making it adaptable for any outdoor setting. We also have a range of accessories to customise your fire pit including the metal drinks ring at the Spa Hotel.

To find out more about our products get in touch with us.

Photo Credit: Penny Young Photography


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Questions You Should Ask When Specifying a Fire Pit

Halo and Halo with concrete ring firepits shown together in two different sizes

The trend for outdoor living is continuing to grow in the UK and Europe. Products such as fire pits are popular as they extend time in the garden or are a feature (that also provides warmth) for guests to sit around on a hotel terrace. Designers and their clients are increasingly specifying them in designs. So what are the considerations?

Hemi fire pit with ring at Salty's Restaurant Seattle
Hemi fire pit with ring at Salty’s Restaurant Seattle

Solus have put together a guide of useful questions to ask when contacting fire pit companies or as considerations when adding a fire pit feature into a design:

1. What is the difference between the fuel types?

a)  Natural Gas (NG): There is an immediate cost to set up a natural gas line to the firepit but the running costs are the least expensive. Natural gas also burns cleanly. It is the most convenient option as it is always available (no tanks to replace).

b)  Liquid Propane (LP): Like natural gas it can be hard-piped or run a hose (there is very little setup cost for a hose). Typically LPG is available in a variety of tank sizes that need to be refilled and hidden from view.

c)  Ethanol (Bio-Fuel): There is no setup cost. Typically this is the most expensive fuel type. There is less flame control with ethanol (no regulation) and it is the option chosen when either NG or LP are not an option. Ethanol burns with no off-gas or particulates.

d)  Wood: Wood can take up significant storage and require a lot of clean up. Costs of wood really depends on where you live. Wet wood, ignition issues, wood smoke, stinky clothes and neighbour complaints are the most frequent negatives one hears of wood fires. Wood sparks as it is burning and is therefore a potential fire risk. Many regions have bans on wood fires due to forest fires or clean air requirements.

2. Certification? What is it and why should you care?

a)  Certification (ANSI in the USA, CSA in Canada, and CE in Europe). This means the manufacturer (in this case Solus Decor) has paid an independent lab to test our products and certify them as safe according to the industry agreed standards. Part of the certification process is ongoing random audits to make sure that manufacturing standards remain at or above the certification standard. Ask for the certification documents and the product listing. Be wary of counterfeits or “built to the standard of CE, CSA or ANSI”.

b)  One needs to care. Having a product certified means that there is a guarantee that the product has been designed and manufactured in a way that will not be dangerous to the consumer. You wouldn’t buy a gas boiler, furnaceor a BBQ that hadn’t been certified as safe, so why not purchase a safe fire pit as well?

i)  When a product is “built to certification standard,” or “built to UL standard,” it is not actually certified. The product has not undergone the initial testing, nor does it undergo the random testing to ensure the manufacturing quality. The product must be certified and not just to the standard.

ii)  Combining a certified burner with a non-certified vessel or brick assembly may actually void the certification if installed incorrectly and the safety of the fire pit.

Certification also provides a measure of liability insurance for both home owner and commercial installations.

3. Burner / Ignition types.

a) Manual:
A standard ignition that is frequently referred to as a “match-lit burner” in the industry. This burner has an adjustable key valve on the side of the firepit that is used to regulate the gas flow from off to maximum. This burner does not require electricity, just a fuel source (LP, NG or ETH) and is common to North America.

b) Manual with Flame Supervision:
This is the same as the manual ignition, but it has an additional feature that monitors the flames. If the fire pit is blown out, the flame supervision device shuts off the gas flow. With this ignition you light a pilot light that will then warm a sensor. Once that sensor is hot enough the flame supervision system will open the gas flow and ignite the fire pit. This is required in the UK, Europe and some parts of North America. This burner does not require electricity. (only NG or LP).

c) Electronic (Auto):
It requires 110 volts (NA) or 220-240 volts (EU) to be run to the fire pit along with a light switch or timer. It is strictly an on/off burner and is ideal for commercial, common use, or public spaces. Flame supervision is included in all Solus Decor’s electronic ignitions.

d) Electronic with Adjustable Valve (Auto Adj):

This burner is the same as the electronic burner but it has an adjustable valve on the side of the firepit that allows our customers to regulate the gas flow. This means if the fire is a little too warm you are able to turn it down to a more comfortable temperature. Flame supervision isavailable in all of Solus Decor’s electronic ignitions. The extra valve also doubles up as an emergency shut off valve – often a requirement of commercial installations (particularly in California, New York and the UK).

e) Ethanol:

Ethanol burners are a basin into which the ethanol is poured. Once it is filled to the desired level (based upon desired burn time) a long wand is used to ignite the ethanol. When finished the flames can be snuffed out with the lid. This burner does not require electricity and may be placed almost anywhere.

4. How does one determine placement? What factors are there to consider? (aside from aesthetic reasons)

a)  Fuel / electricity:
i) The first factor that should be assessed is where can the fire pit be placed and where it will have access to fuel or perhaps more accurately“Where can I run a pipe or hose for the firepit.” This is most importantfor Natural Gas and Liquid Propane burners.

b)  The Material (substratum) the firepit will be placed upon:

i) Many firepits (Especially burner without structures around them) cannot be placed on wood decks, composite materials, or grass.

ii) Solus Decor’s firepits are rated to be placed on all outdoor materials (wood, composite, grass, stone, pavers, or concrete). This is because the burners are designed to throw heat up and out to those seated around the firepit.

iii) Many firepits lose heat in an inefficient manner to the bottom and sides of the vessel which means the vessel and the area around it gets hot. It is important to know if a firepit can damage the material it is placed upon. It also calls into question how many btu’s or kw’s are necessary for your fire pit. If 30 – 50 % of the heat and btu’s or kw’s are lost to the bottom of the vessel it is a waste of fuel.

c) Safety Clearances:

i)  Safety clearances are the minimum required distance a firepit needs to be from combustible materials such as overhang or furniture. This is part of the certification process and in the CSA / CE documentation.

ii)  NG and LP are “controlled flames” unlike wood which is uncontrolled.

iii)  Solus Decor’s safety clearances for our firepits are:
1) 16” or 400 mm from the side of the concrete vessel 2) 6’5” or 1.9m from the FLOOR (not the top of the vessel)

5. Warranties, and why they are important.

a) Just in case. You cannot control the weather. These are outdoor products and sometimes things happen. Warranties matter! Ask about the warranty and how long it is.

b) What is the duration of the warranty? Most warranties are 6 – 12 months – basically one season. Solus warranties are the best in the business (3, 5 and 25 years).

page4image23768c) Product quality and who deals with your warranty. If a company is not willing to stand behind their product and provide a warranty then do you really want to buy that product?

The depth or breadth of what the warranty covers is also important. Solus certifies and build in-house and is therefore able to properly troubleshoot any issues.

1)  Concrete: All concrete vessels are cast in-house so providing a warranty replacement can be done in a timely fashion if necessary.

2)  Burners: We assemble all of our burners in-house and we are therefore able to troubleshoot issues as well as being able to provide replacement parts if necessary.

6. What media is best in a firepit?

page4image21432There are four main categories of media for a firepit

Solus refractory firestones
Solus refractory firestones

a) Lava Rock: A natural and inexpensive media that is used to reflect heat back out of the firepit. Does not contain heat for long. Solus Decor uses black lava rock as its primary media

b) Fire Glass: This is a tempered glass that is then rolled so that it loses its sharp edges. The glass will get very hot and remain that way for some time after the flame is extinguished. There is the potential to trap Liquid Propane if set up improperly (explosive hazard). This is extremely important.

c) Ceramic Logs: Purely cosmetic and will not maintain heat for long.

d) Concrete Media: There are specific formulations of refractory concrete that have been designed to withstand the heat of a fire pit. Solus uses these as “refractory concrete river rocks” around the burner and / or the entire fire pit.

What sort of media (stone, glass or other) can I put in my firepit? Be careful what you find on the internet – there are many inappropriate “fire pit media”. Part of the certification process is that the fire pit appliance is tested with the media. This means the certification says yes to only this media and nothing else (unless it has been certified). There are plenty of media readily available – it doesn’t mean it is all appropriate for your fire pit. Changing the media may invalidate your certification and therefore your insurance.

Heat (BTU or kW) (A BTU or kW is a unit that measures heat produced by a burner/grill/stovetop/bbq etc.)

1)  BTU or kW can be used to generalize how hot a firepit is, however it is not completely accurate.

a)  A better way of saying it might be that the BTU or kW indicates how much fuel a firepit can consume.

b)  How much heat you feel around the firepit can be influenced by the following:

i)  Wind: Strong winds can blow the heat away.

ii)  Efficiency of the burner: Is it directing heat everywhere or is it projecting heat up and out to those around the fire pit.

iii)  Height of the burner: Heat radiates up and out from its source. The lower the firepit the more heat you will feel on your body.

iv)  Fuel type: For example, propane burns a little hotter and brighter than natural gas.

2)  Many jurisdictions limit how many btu’s or kw’s the burner is allowed to produce.

a) Having a 300,000 BTU burner may or may not be acceptable to your jurisdiction and ergo your insurance company. (Even if it is certified). Additionally, is a 300,000 BTU burner necessary and how much would it cost to run?

What other functions can the fire pit perform? Will it be needed to place drinks on the side while on? Can it be used as a table when not on? Will it have a sculptural presence in the garden? Will it complement the design / furniture / planting scheme and colour?

7. Important questions to ask yourself about what firepit you wish to own.

page4image237681)  What shape would work best in your space?

a) Square shapes fill a space more completely.
b) Round shapes are easier for people to navigate around and pull up additional seating.
c) Rectangular shapes can fit more people around them than square.


2)  What are you hoping to do with the firepit?

a) Is it going to be solely for sitting around and using as a firepit?
b) Would you like to use it as a coffee table during the day?
c) Would you like to leave your drink on the firetable as you relax around it?
d) Would you like to use the firepit occasionally as a cooking surface?

*NB The proper use of accessories can really expand the uses of your firepit. Solus Decor’s All Metal tabletop with removable center would allow you to use your firepit as a coffee table in the day and at night you can remove the center, so you still have a drink ring around your flames.

Solus Elevated Halo firepit shown on rooftop deck in Baltimore
Elevated Halo Firepit

8. What to consider when ordering a firepit.

What style works best for your space? Round? Square? Rectangular? Short? Tall?

What fuel type are you going to use? NG? LP? Ethanol?

What kind of burner / ignition would you like? Manual? Manual with Flame Supervision? Electronic (auto)? Adjustable Electronic (Auto Adj)?

What colour would work best in your space? Solus offers 10 to choose from!

Are there any accessories that would make your firepit more useful? Cover? table top? drink ring?

This guide is available to download or print as a PDF.

For further information, contact Solus.

[email protected]

0208 819 1495

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Solus Decor launch new fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Solus Decor launch “The Pacfic Rim” the new fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show


Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The launch of The Pacific Rim; combined fire and water feature

Solus Decor launched the new combined fire and water feature at Chelsea Flower Show last week. The fire and water feature is called the Pacific Rim,  which takes inspiration from our Canadian roots. For years people have asked if they can have the best of both our products. As a result our team in Canada have worked hard over the last year to create the pacific rim. The pacific rim creates a spectacular focal point in any outdoor setting. You can hear the water gently cascading over the metal surface while you enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Pacific rim
The Pacific Rim, fire and water feature


The Trade Stand

Solus Decor worked with a number of suppliers to create the ideal outdoor setting to compliment the concrete fire and water features designed and produced by Solus Decor.  The stand was build by Thorburn Landscapes. This year we have been fortunate  enough to work with Envirobuild who supplied us with a fantastic composite decking. The composite decking compliments our products like our fire and water features it is designed to withstand the elements. Anti-slip and reversible Hyperion Decking comes with up to 25 year limited residential warranty against splits, splinters, rot and fungal decay. This low maintenance solution is perfect choice for any commercial space or residential garden deck. We used the Hyperion Pioneer decking in silver  birch and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result.

solus fire pits

Our planting was provided by Worlds End Nurseries a beautiful oasis in Chelsea. A sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle. Worlds End Nurseries is a family run business that has been serving the local area for decades and if you haven’t visited it’s a must!

The final special touch was bespoke chairs from Brent Comber Originals from our home town in Vancouver. Brent created the perfect seating for our fire and water feature made from hand carved cedar. The Brent Comber chairs share the same curved design as the Pacific Rim, which created an inviting space for guests to enjoy the calming sounds of the water and the warmth of the fire.

Brent Comber originals chair

We were thrilled to be part of the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show and receive such wonderful feedback about the new fire and water feature; the Pacific Rim .  To find out more about the Pacific Rim or any of our other fire and water products get in touch with our team.








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D Day Celebrations at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

D Day 75 Garden

Solus Decor are exhibiting for the fourth time this month at RHS Chelsea Flower Show; the most renowned horticultural and outdoor living show across the world.


75th Anniversary of  D-Day Landing

RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London. Royal Hospital Chelsea is the home of the Chelsea Pensioners. The Chelsea Pensioners have become as much a part of the Flower Show as the gardens on show. This year is an extra special year for the Chelsea Pensioners at the Chelsea Flower Show as it marks the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings on 6th June 2019.

D Day 75 Reasons


The D-Day 75 Garden

The ‘D-Day 75 Garden’ will be exhibited at the Royal Hospital Chelsea during this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, 21st-25th May and will celebrate the lives of our Normandy veterans.75 veterans have been invited to take part during Chelsea Flower Show. They will share their incredible stories with the Chelsea pensioners and the public. The garden will then be gifted by the veterans to the town of Arromanches in Normandy. The ceremony will take place on 6th June 2019.


D Day 75 Garden


We can’t wait to see this fantastic design created by John Everiss, a multi RHS gold award winner at Tatton and Chelsea.  To find out more about “75 Reasons” and see how you can donate take a look at D Day Revisited.

To find out more about Solus Decor at RHS Chelsea Flower Show take a look at our blog with our high lights from last year including the launch of our new metal table top and drinks ring. We look forward to seeing some of you at the show this year. Visit us at trade stand #608 and see new products for 2019.


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Feature Project: Salty’s Seattle

Salty's Seattle

A look at Salty’s, the hugely popular seafood restaurant on Alki beach near Seattle.

About Salty’s

Salty’s restaurant is located on Elliott Bay with sweeping views of the Seattle skyline. The restaurant has been hailed as having one of the best restaurant views by critics. Salty’s on Alki beach is part of a small chain of seafood restaurants with additional locations in Washington and Portland.  Salty’s on Alki beach was acquired by Gerry Kingen; founder of Salty’s in 1985 and from then it has gone from strength to strength. Salty’s offer a wonderful menu with a mix of charbroiled steaks and local seafood so you can be sure there is something for everyone, with a focus on local produce and sustainability.

Solus Hemi Firepit at Salty’s

Hemi firebowl with drinks ring at Salty's Seattle
Hemi firebowl with drinks ring at Salty’s Seattle

Salty’s have incorporated one of Hemi 48″ fire bowls on the terrace, a wonderful addition to this sensational space and the perfect place to enjoy the view with a drink on a cooler day. Salty’s have opted to accessorize their Hemi with a drinks ring; the ideal accompaniment to a restaurant setting. The drink ring allow space to rest a glass or small appetizer plate while you sit around the fire.

Salty’s have a number of spaces so they are perfect for a variety of occasions; a family dinner, happy hour after work or the perfect spot to celebrate a special family occasion in one of their three private dining spaces.

The Hemi is our signature fire pit and hugely popular in both the commercial and residential setting.  The Hemi is available in three sizes with three fuel options and a variety of accessories to make it adaptable to any environment, including our hugely popular new metal table top and drinks ring. To find our more about the Hemi and other commercial installations get in touch with the team.

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.

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Garden Design Trends 2019

External MDF

Spring is nearly here and it’s the time of year that people start to think about getting in the garden. The Society of Garden designers share their predictions on the key garden trends for 2019.


Climate change gardening

Gardening for a changing climate is set to be a key trend in 2019. Sue Townsend creates ecological gardens to cope with the extreme weather conditions experienced by the UK recently. She advises to grow the right plants for the conditions of each garden, to store water and to collect excess water for dissipation through the soil.

climate change garden
Natalia Odescalch


House Plants and Hanging Plants

Sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019. Joe Perkins MSGD says “the continuing rise in popularity of houseplants is being translated outside with exotic-style plants with architectural leaves and stems making bold statements inside and out.” Joe also predicts that we will be seeing more hanging plants in our gardens.  Not traditional hanging baskets, but plants with foliage, colour and texture which can be used as accessories as an addition to pots and planters.

House Plants
Gardens by Joe Perkins MSGD. Photo credit: Natalia Odescalch


Interior meets exterior

Both Darren Hawkes and Barbara Samitier think a colourful approach to interiors will creep into the garden in 2019. Hawkes predicts the arrival of bold print, clashing colours and large-leafed plants, advising to “take kitsch into the garden” by introducing bedding plants in bright coloured planters or letting Pompon Dahlias take centre stage.

Meanwhile, Barbara Samitier expects industrial and reclaimed materials and encaustic tiles will be used increasingly in urban gardens.

indoor outdoor living
Garden by Barbara Samitier MSGD


Teenage hang-outs

Karen Rogers thinks the growing demand for teenage garden hang-outs will gain momentum in 2019. Rogers incorporates secluded garden buildings or separate seating areas featuring outdoor fire pits or fireplaces in her designs. She says: “These spaces require clever screening from neighbours as well as good lighting and planting that absorbs as much noise as possible.”

Wild and loose

Nature will take the fore in 2019, says Louise Harrison-Holland of Blue Tulip Garden Design. We’ll see ongoing support for wildlife corridors in the wider landscape: “The move toward a slightly looser, wilder style of garden design will help support this initiative.” She predicts hedging will become the number one choice for garden boundaries next year.

wild and loose planting
Gardens by Louise Harrison-Holland MSGD



Vibrant hot colour

According to Sue Townsend, sizzling jewel colours are set to make a return to our gardens in 2019. Townsend predicts vibrant, hot colours combined with sultry purples and blues, while Barbara Samitier expects a move away from the blue and pink colour palette in favour of orange and yellow hues.

Jon Sims expects the rise of porcelain in garden design will bring the demand for indoor colour, outdoors. Replica stone will be replaced by hard landscape materials with bolder colours and patterns.

For a garden that suggests luxury, Joe Perkins recommends combining red and purple alongside greys and blue-greys in plant foliage. He too has spotted a trend in younger garden enthusiasts looking to style their outdoor space as they would an indoor room, using bright coloured accessories or furniture. Joe cautions that simplicity and repetition are the key for success here.

bold dahlias
Pompom dahlias from Darren Hawkes


Landscape materials:

Crazy paving

Crazy paving, charred timbers and gabion walls are expected to dominate in 2019. Sue Townsend says: ‘“Crazy paving and stepping stones using large irregular slabs– the bigger the better– are making a come-back.” Townsend foresees the continued popularity of porcelain paving which looks like real stone but has a non-slip quality.

Log walls and multiple metals

Barbara Samitier confesses to being obsessed with log walls, saying, “They can act as a feature wall, a boundary or a screen while providing a necessary habitat for insects and a wide range of wildlife.” She also expects we will be seeing more metal in the garden as it’s “such a versatile material that lends itself to so many applications.”

Samitier designs metal arches and pergolas for many of her current projects. She’s incorporated metal walkways, mirrored stainless steel and perforated Corten steel in her gardens for walls and pergola roofs.

log wall
Garden by Barbara Samitier MSGD


Gabion walls

Both Louise Harrison-Holland and Barbara Samitier are introducing more gabion-style walls and structures into their garden designs. Louise predicts stone work will be used in a less structured way in 2019. She says: “I have noticed a move away from stark modernism towards a style that still retains a strong geometry but is tempered with a choice of materials in softer tones.”

External MDF

Prepare to see more charred timber cladding in gardens this year. Jon Sims experiments with Shou-Sugi-Ban and is also introducing rough shutter-faced concrete into his projects. He foresees a greater use of external MDF in gardens as it offers numerous options in terms of colour and shape. It’s durable, too.

External MDF
John Simms



Wild and perennial meadows 

Many designers experimented with wildflower and perennial meadows in 2018 and this trend is set to continue into the new year. The good news is you don’t need a large plot to incorporate one into your garden.

Sue Townsend explains: “I’ve really enjoyed creating small-medium sized meadows in many of the gardens I have designed this year. The most exciting venture was sowing my first perennial meadow. In a few years, it will provide interest from April to late November with relatively little maintenance.”

perennial planting
Planting by Sue Townsend MSGD


Louise Harrison-Holland echoes the sentiment: “A wilder style has been helped along by the increasing use of instant wildflower meadows. I see designers trying to recreate this look with a mix of herbaceous perennials and grasses that have a more permanent structure, helped by the increasing use of shrubs in planting borders.”

For more information about the Society of Garden Designers and its members, take a look at the SGD website.


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Feature Project: Hotel Le Toiny, St Barts

Solus Decor fire pit at Hotel Le Toiny

A look at the luxurious island retreat of Hotel Le Toiny, rebuilt including a Solus firepit, on the exclusive island of St Barts.

Rebuilding Hotel Le Toiny and St Barts

Hotel Le Toiny
Entrance at Hotel Le Toiny

Over the last couple of years the hotel much like the residents of St Barts have proven themselves unwavering in their strength and ability to bounce back following the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.  The island of St Barts suffered significant damage and destruction much like the rest of the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Hotel Le Toiny suffered extensive damage but the hotel and interior designer Bee Osborn quickly regrouped and in doing so have created a resort that is even more outstanding than before. Bee Osborn has created a relaxed, light and airy space using soft creams with luxurious textures in the fixtures and fittings.  Hotel Le Toiny is  a 5-Star tropical paradise overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the hills of St. Barthelemy The Resort is made up of 22 luxury one and two bedroom suites nestled in of a lush palm grove bordered by Toiny beach.  The hotel has been designed with as a sanctuary for guests to relax both indoors and outdoors.

Solus Decor Hemi Firepit at Hotel Le Toiny

Solus Decor are thrilled to be part of this stunning resort.  They have chosen to incorporate our Hemi fire pits on their beach terrace, providing a wonderful space for guest to enjoy at night.  The Hemi provide gently warmth as the sun goes down and a soft light that adds to the ambiance of this unique setting.

The Hemi is available in 3 sizes, 10 different colours, 3 fuel options and a choice of accessories including a choice of metal and wooden table tops.  The Hemi is adaptable for the commercial setting whether that’s a restaurant or hotel.

To find out more about the Hemi and our other concrete fire and water features get in touch with us.  To find out more about the Hotel Le Toiny, why not book a stay.

Solus Firepits for Commercial Projects

Solus provides quality commercial grade firepits for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial locations. Our firepits have the best warranty in the business and outstanding in-house customer service. We ship in museum quality containers almost anywhere in the world. We have CAD drawings for all of our designs and regularly assist architects, designers and developers in specifying a Solus firepit for commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.

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Searching for some Winter Sun with Solus

Solus Hemi fire pit lit on wood terrace at Hotel le Toiny on St Barths

Have you had enough of the cold, grey weather and searching for some winter sun? Take a look at these hotels with the Solus stamp of approval.

Hotel Le Toiny is set on the picturesque island of  St Barths, a collection of 15 private villas set in the hills, providing a luxury private escape. With a private infinity pool and sun loungers across the terrace to provide sea views while you enjoy for each private bungalow. Guests can enjoy the spectacular views beside a Solus hemi fire bowl. The only thing to tempt you away from your private bungalow is the top-tier French-Caribbean restaurant, prime surfing beach below and warm shell massage at the Serenity Spa.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki is just steps from the azure blue waters and soft sands of Waikiki Beach, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa offers magnificent personalized services and luxurious amenities including world-class dining, award-winning spa, interactive cultural activities, 24-hour fitness center, swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Looking for all inclusive luxury without the children? Look no further than Warwick Paradise Island  An all-inclusive resort hotel in the beautiful setting of the Bahama.  All-Inclusive takes any stresses out of your vacation, leaving you to simply enjoy yourself. You can relax on the resort’s private harbour beach or take in some of the best views of Nassau Harbour .

These winter sun locations all feature the Solus Hemi Fire Bowls in a variety of sizes, which have proven to be an excellent addition to commercial outdoor spaces whether that’s a beach resort in the Caribbean or a ski chalet in the Alps. The Hemi is available in three sizes, three fuel options, a choice of ten colours and a variety of accessories making it adaptable and flexible to any commercial or residential space.

To find out more  more about the Hemi or any of our other fire and water products get in touch with us!

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What are the essential considerations when specifying a fire pit in the UK?

Solus decor gas fire pit

Here are our Top 7 tips to guide your specification:


  1. Legalities

Check it has a CE mark. If it is a gas or LPG unit it must be CE marked.  Many clients will source fire pits in America or China and be disappointed to understand that they cannot be installed in the UK unless they have a CE mark ( link )

Check local authority regulations. Wood is a popular option but there are many urban areas and counties that ban wood burners – check out with local authority.  Be particular about the questions as it is sometimes vague as to what is allowed.   Some allow wood burners but they may need to be DEFRA certified and/or burn only certain fuels.  There are various discussions surrounding its poor air quality and considering an outright ban of new real fire installations.

CE Trade mark

  1. Fuel Source

Natural gas will need to hook up to the mains of the house.  Distance from the gas connection to the fire pit and the other appliances ( hot tubs, bbq ‘s and pools ) and the demands on the gas pressure will need to be calculated by a gas contractor.

LPG (liquid propane gas) can be run off the bottle or underground tank.  Planning   for where to “hide” the tank is part of the design process.  It can be placed some 5 – 7 meters from the firepit.  It need not be directly beside it.

Bio fuel or ethanol requires no plumbing and simple placement of the fire pit is all that is required.

outdoor firepit


  1. Ignition

Manual lit with flame supervision device start – is “old style” pilot light that is lit and the pit ignites once the pilot is lit.  Great for most homes.  It is extremely safe and cannot be accidentally lit.   Solus does not use the “sparker” you find on most barbeques or other firepits – they are notorious for failure and frequently break after six months.

Electronic ignition with adjustable flame height and output. This requires an electrical conduit as well as the gas pipe – available in natural gas and LPG.  Warranties are extremely important with electronic units and require investigation.


  1. Substrate

What is the fire pit being placed upon?  If the design is considering a wood or “composite” deck then wood is non-starter.  If building a fire pit from masonry then substrate is a consideration as many independent burners, although CE marked, are not to be placed on wood, composite or grass surfaces.  Heat from the burners or wood pits direct a lot of heat to the bottom and at the ground (which is also an inefficient waste of heat.).


  1. Client use

How often will the fire pit be used? Running costs for fuel would have natural gas at the least expensive, LPG next and bio fuel would be the most expensive unit to run. Wood costs comparison????

Will there be other functions required of the fire pit?  How often might your client use it? Do you wish it to double up as a coffee table – will it replace the table.   Is your client primarily looking for heat, for ambiance or for large social gatherings?  The design of the fire pit, along with optional extras, such as a removable table top or a ring to use for drinks when the fire is in use should be a consideration.

Solus Decor Metal Drinks Ring Hemi Fire Pit


  1. Aesthetics and longevity

No doubt “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and what will it look like in six months or six years is important.  Does the firepit look attractive when it is off as well as on?  The fire pit needs to function as a fire pit but it will likely be off more than on so it ‘s architectural presence and colour is important to compliment the garden design.


  1. Warranties and guarantees

Does the product have warranties and guarantees that last more than a single season?  As a designer, your client will live with your design for years and it stands as a testimonial to your work. Make sure durability and longevity factor into the equation. How easy will it be to contact the company for after sales support? Where the company is based and how they manufacturer their products should be considered to ensure the best quality.

For further information take a look why not take a look at the products on our website or get in touch with us.

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Ski Season

solus decor gas fire pit

With Christmas fast approaching we can’t help but think about the ski season and trips to festive ski lodges. We are featuring some of our favourite ski resorts that we are lucky enough to have worked with.

Snow King Resort, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Located at the base of Snow King Mountain, just a few blocks from downtown and 20 minutes from the Jackson Hole Airport, Snow King Resort Hotel boasts breathtaking views of the Teton Mountain Range. As Jackson’s largest venue, Snow King Resort Hotel offers offers beautiful accommodations, in addition to  extensive conference and event facilities.

fire pit snow king resort


The Snow King Resort have incorporated our elevated halo fire pits into their outdoor seating area to providing a warm and inviting space for guest to enjoy after a day on the slopes.  The space works well in both winter and summer while guests unwind with a drink.


Solus halo elevated gas fire pit
Elevated Halo in Portland

Elevated Halo

The elevated halo is available in ten different colour and three different fuel option; natural gas, LPG and bio fuel.  The elevated halo is coffee table height making it ideal for entertaining. The elevated halo is ideal in a commercial space like a hotel or restaurant.  The space around the fire provides the perfect space to rest a glass or an appetizer plate.

Aava Resort, Whistler

A mere two-minute walk from Whistler Village and a five-minute walk from the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain gondolas, Aava Hotel offers a  space of tranquility amidst the adrenaline and adventure that Whistler has to offer. Aava is a place you can enjoy affordable comfort and modern Style while you enjoy your mountain adventures.


solus decor hemi fire put whistler


The Aava Hotel has used the Hemi fire pit set in the middle of outdoor sofas to provide a relaxed and informal outdoor seating area.


Solus hemi firebowl fire pit in Halva colour on white background
Hemi Fire Bowl in Halva

The Hemi

The Hemi’s curved design creates a natural focal point in any outdoor space.  The Hemi is available in ten colours and three fuel options.  The Hemi also has a range of accessories including the hardwood table top and metal drinks ring and table top making it hugely adaptable for your outdoor space.

Caldera House, Jackson Hole

Caldera House is a boutique Hotel in Jackson Hole, which takes inspiration for the golden era of ski hotels with the design and craftsmanship of Mid Century America. The designers took inspiration from the 60s to create the ultimate in luxury ski hotel.



Caldera House have also incorporated the Hemi fire pit to create a place to gather as guests enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the sensational views in this wonderful location.

If you would like to create your own mountain retreat get in touch with us to find out more about our fire pits.