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Get Winter Ready; Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Getting Ready for Winter; Checklist for your Solus Fire Pit

Get A Winter Ready Fire Pit; How You Can Prepare Your Solus Fire Pit In 12 Easy Steps

Preparing your Solus gas outdoor fire pit for winter is essential to ensure its longevity and safe operation when it is not going to be used for months (although it can be enjoyed all year round).

By following these steps and the specific instructions provided by Solus or the retailer, you can ensure your fire pit remains safe and functional for years to come.

Step 1: Shut off the main gas supply and electrical switch (if equipped). Locate the shut-off valve and close it to prevent gas flow. This is to avoid accidental ignition. Remove leaves and stones inside the cage (if necessary).

Step 2: Remove all accessories like wood top and glass shield and store indoors. If your fire pit has removable components such as a glass wind guards, consider storing them indoors for the winter to prevent damage and to allow the cover to fit snugly.Clean and dry the components before storing them.

Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit
Accessories for a Solus Fire Pit


Step 3: Clean the exterior of the fire pit. Remove all debris, leaves and soot from the fire pit. Moisture, dirt, dust and other surface contaminants must be wiped and cleaned. Use warm water and soap.

Step 4: Clean the burner. Use a soft brush and avoid using abrasive materials that could damage the burner.

Step 5: Clean the Ignition (if equipped). For electronic ignition, use emery cloth or very fine sandpaper (above 400)  and gently buff the ignitor, the pilot assembly and the thermosensor only if they look discoloured or sooty. If they look clean, leave them alone. For manual ignition with a flame supervision device, if dirty, use the same method of emery cloth or very fine sandpaper.

Step 6: Check Pilot Assembly (if equipped). Check and remove any debris and soot inside the pilot cage and within the burner. Any debris can trap moisture during storage and can result in a clogged and blocked orifice. TIP: Using a compressed air duster or vaccum to clean the burner nozzles and pilot assembly really helps to blow any debris or water out and can avoid having to dissemble the pilot and significantly improve the strength of the pilot flame. These can be purchased online or in electronics and DIY stores.

Step 7: Inspect the firepit. Inspect the burner, gas lines, and ignition system for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Look for rust, cracks, or loose connections.  This requires you to remove the rocks (put them in a bucket) and pull the burner up via the burner manifold and inspect the connections underneath.  Ignition issues can often be a simple loose connection.  Make sure you put a blanket or some sort of fabric to protect the rim or the surface of the fire table.  The metal stand of the fire pit burner can scratch the surface so please be careful. 

Step 8: Protect Gas Lines. If the gas lines are exposed, consider insulating them with pipe insulation to prevent freezing. Freezing temperatures can cause the gas lines or hoses  to contract and split and potentially lead to damage.

For any replacement parts, please visit our online store;

Part replacement should be done by a professional technician or gas fitter.

Step 10: Cover your firepit with a Solus high-quality, weather-resistant cover. You must keep the burner dry. This is to protect your investment. If you have a table surface, the cover must be tented to ensure water does not pool on top of the firepit which will affect the surface negatively. Ensure the cover is securely fastened to protect the fire pit from snow, rain, and debris.  The all metal covers will also protect the firepit over the winter. If you no longer have your Solus cover or the all-weather cover is old and started to lose its’ shape (water can pool on top of the cover in winter). A replacement can be purchased from our online store.

All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit
All weather covers for your Solus Fire Pit

REMEMBER to test run. If you are going to use your fire pit this winter (and why not!)…DO THIS FIRST.

It is not uncommon for people to not use their fire pit for some months and then decide to throw a party. Or it is the first time using your fire pit in the Spring. If you are planning to run your fire pit, do a trial run before hand.

Step 11: “Purge” the gas line of air. If the fire pit is started after some time off, air can become trapped in the line or hose. In this case, the firepit needs to be purged.

Step 12: Perform a leak test – reverse and sequence plus. Before the first use, conduct a leak test to ensure there are no gas leaks. Use a soapy water solution to check all connections for bubbles, indicating a leak. If you find a leak, contact a professional for repairs. It is suggested you use compressed air on the burner jets prior to ignition.

And remember for electronic ignition to take off the cover!

 For further information, here is our troubleshooting guide for your winter ready fire pit: troubleshooting guide.

0208 819 1495

Shop online for parts, accessories, fire and water products

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Feature Designer: Take Root Gardens

water dome take root gardens

Take Root Gardens is an award-winning garden design and build firm based in Vancouver.

Take Root specialises in creating residential garden spaces that meet their client’s need both functionally and aesthetically. The focus for Take Root Gardens is naturalized gardens; combining lush planting with natural stone, wood and concrete elements that complement their clients’ homes. They are a small company that allows them to have a keen attention to detail during design and installation that has earned them a fantastic reputation.


Water Dome


Take Root Gardens


Project :

The client reached out to Take Root Gardens to help with an under-utilized front garden at their home in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. The area was overgrown shrubs with a small plot of grass and the client wanted a more functional space that was visually more in keeping with the clean lines of the architecture of their home. The intention was to create a contemporary landscape, combining a patio space for entertaining with a low maintenance naturalized plant palette with an emphasis on texture and bold foliage.

Low maintenance was high on the client’s list of priorities, so plants were selected specifically with this in mind. Large format boulders were craned in to the site to provide contrast to the planting and to give year-round interest to the space. Take Root have incorporated a Solus water dome adding the concrete element to the naturalized garden. The water feature is not directly visible on entry to the property, but it can be heard giving an added calmness to the space. The additional benefit of the water feature is that it masks the city noise and the sound of water can be heard in other areas of the property.


Water Dome


The Water Dome is part of our water feature range, made from high performance concrete and is available in our full range of colours with a brass or stainless-steel dome. The water dome is self-circulating with no plumbing required, simply plug and play. The self-circulating element gives greater flexibility, and it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Project Materials:

Water Dome: Solus Decor

Manhattan Paving Slabs: New Stone Group

Basalt boulders: locally sourced

Stone and Concrete supplies: Northwest Landscape Supply

Lighting: Kichler


Water Dome


The result of this garden overhaul is transformational and has created a truly usable space that the clients can enjoy for years to come with family and friends. The design compliments the architecture of the home perfectly giving additional wow factor as you arrive at the property.

To find out more about Take Root Gardens and their projects get in touch via their website or instagram.



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Feria Hábitat València

The Solus team are thrilled to be exhibiting at Habitat Valencia; the main international showcase for the spanish home industry which takes place in Valencia; home of our European headquarters.


Feria Hábitat Valencia is the main international showcase for the Spanish habitat industry with a wide range of furniture, lighting, decoration, upholstery and rest.  Every year it brings together more than 600 national and international firms and in its last edition it welcomed more than 48,000 professional visitors from 70 countries.

Feria Hábitat Valencia runs from 19th September to the 22nd September and we are excited to showcase our fire and water products at the show.  We will be located Pabellon / Pavilion: N2-P2 |stand: D47             


We  will be showcasing our new Luna fire pit at the show after launching at Chelsea Flower Show in May earlier this year. The undulations of its form is  slightly more substantive than the Hemi.  At 42 inches or 1050 mm it is ideal for a  party of 6 or 8 to gather round.  It’s elegant form can accommodate the optional all metal table and drinks ring.  The heat output is significant at 31 kW or 108,000 btus. The heat and flame are adjustable and it is available in either manual or electronic ignition

We look forward to seeing you at the show find us at Pabellon / Pavilion: N2-P2 |stand: D47



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Hospitality Highlight: Pacific Sands, Tofino

Fire pit pacific sands

A look at a hospitality highlight; those in the hospitality industry who have used our fire and water products to enhance their outdoor spaces and boost business. In this feature we are focussing on the Pacific Sands Resort in Tofino.


Pacific Sands is a beachfront haven on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, with front-row seats to nature’s greatest waterpark. From world-class surfing and tranquil beach walks, to year-round events and a celebrated local food scene. Pacific Sands beach resort is geared to outdoor living whether that is on the beach with your surf board, hiking a nature trail or a spot of whale watching.  With all this adventure, creating a relaxing environment at the hotel to recharge for the next adventure is a fundamental part of this Pacific Sands Resort.

Hemi fire pit pacific sands


The resort is geared to outdoor living so creating fantasic outdoor spaces is the key to this. Pacfic Sands have incorporated our Hemi fire pits into their grounds to create a relaxing space to relax at the end of the day and watch the sun go down.


The Pacific Sands Resort have incorporated our Hemi fire bowls into a number of locations around the resort to create warm and inviting areas for their guests to enjoy all year round.  The Hemi fire bowl is a very popular part of our range due to the curved design which encourages people to sit around the fire. The Hemi is available in 3 sizes; 26″, 36″ and 48″ in our 12 signature colours and three fuel options; natural gas, biofuel and propane.  We strive to give great flexibity with our products to ensure they work in any loaction whether that is commercial or residential. We also offer one of the best warranties in the industry to give greater piece of mind.


Feeling inspired to boost your business with a sensational outdoor space? Get in touch with us to see what we can.



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Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Rain Chain with self-circulating 36" Water Feature in Cinder and Stainless Steel

Highlights from Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

2023 has been bigger and better than ever before with a full outdoor living experience in collaboration with our partners at Cedar Nursery.


Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has been an opportunity to show our fire and water products in a real outdoor living space that can be recreated at home; complete with outdoor kitchen, sauna, and the perfect outdoor funiture to enjoy the space.

A highlight at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has also been the opportunity to launch our latest products, which have had fantastic feedback from visitors to the show. We have launched the Luna fire pit; an adaption of our classic Hemi fire bowl. The Luna has a soft oval shape which we teamed with elegant planting from Cedar Nursery at the show.

The show stopper of the show was the new Rain Chime; designed in collaboration with Robert Studer.  A unique evolution of our classic water domes reimagined to bring height and an element of scuplture with the rain chime forming part of the self circulating water feature.

The rain chain created the wow factor on the stand with it’s sculptural qualaties which many were eager to recreate in their own gardens.

Of course it was not just us at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 and once again we were bowled over by the talent and hard work that went onto the show gardens.  Here are a few of our highlights.

Eastern Eye Garden of Unity designed by Manoj Malde

Manoj Malde
Easter Eye Garden of Unity design by Manoj Malde


A colour palette of orange and pink is inspired by Manoj’s Indian heritage and the boldness of clashing sari colours worn by Indian women. There are marigolds used in Hindu worship and colourful spices set out on the table alongside little oil lamps (diya), which are used at festivals and religious ceremonies.

Bright posts positioned around the garden with sentences in braille, demonstrate that gardens and gardening are for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality or disability – a space to garden and be included with kindness and humanity is every person’s birthright.

The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey

Tom Massey
The Royal Entomological Society Garden designed by Tom Massey


An outdoor laboratory, built into a hillside, takes visitors down into the landscape, offering an ‘insect’s eye view’ and a space in which to study. The lab’s roof structure is inspired by a compound insect eye and the lab is used for real scientific research, monitoring and studying insects visiting the garden.

Diverse topography across the site — rammed earth floors, hoggin pathways, dead wood, piles of rubble, bare sand and gabion walls — provide numerous and varied habitats for insects. Water in still pools and flowing streams provides additional important insect habitats and adds interest to the aesthetic and soundscape of the garden.

Feels Like Home Designed by Rosemary Coldstream

Rosemary Coldtsream
Feel Like Home designed by Rosemary Coldstream


This garden is inspired by the Rosemary’s childhood in New Zealand. Plants, colours and natural materials are used to create a green oasis in which to relax and be in a place that ‘feels like home’.

These materials include, handmade clay pots, charred timber cladding, sliced boulder paving, a bench seat made from reclaimed kauri (an ancient New Zealand native timber sustainably sourced) and a bespoke stainless steel water feature of a fern leaf.
Get in touch with us  to find out more about our full range of fire and water products or visit us at our showroom at Cedar Nursery for full outdoor living experience.

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Getting Ready for Chelsea Flower Show 2023

The countdown has begun and the team are getting ready for Chelsea Flower Show 2023.  This year we are going bigger and better than before with a complete outdoor living experience for you to enjoy.


We are thrilled to have teamed up with the our partners at Cedar Nursery for Chelsea Flower Show to create Outdoor Living with Solus.  Solus will be presensting our fire and water range set against the backdrop of a luxurious outdoor living setting with decking from Trex; an outdoor kitchen from Kitchen in the Garden; sauna from Thermalux and beautiful plants, planters and outdoor furniture from Cedar Nursery.

Our vison this year was to create a space that you can reacreate in your own outdoor space; it could be a small corner or the whole space. Most importantly we have all the elements to recreate this at our home at Cedar Nursery in Cobham, a true outdoor living destination.


Chelsea Flower Show has typically been a time when Solus launch new products; last year it was the water box and this year we are thrilled to be launching not one but two new products.  The Luna; a 42 inch fire bowl; an elegant evolotion of the Hemi with a inbuilt pedestal. Our second new product is an addition to our water feature range and it is an amazing collaboration with Robert Studer to create the Rain Chain. We have incorporated the rain chain designed by Robert with our much loved water domes to create a real wow factor with the calming sound of water.


We are also excited to welcome the Robert Studer; the artist behind the rain chains to the stand on Tuesday 23rd May.

We look forward to seeing you there, you will find us at Pavillion Way stand number 191.

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Garden inspiration with Solus

Elevated Halo fire pit outdoor space

As the weather improves we all look for garden inspiration on how to make the most of our outdoor living space.  We have put together some looks to give you some garden inspiration with Solus Decor.

We’ve created two looks combining our fire and water features with a range of materials that compliment our products perfectly to create the perfect outdoor space.

Look 1: A contemporary look that would with dark furniture and materials.

To create the perfect base we have used Trex decking; a composite decking that is easy to maintaint and excellent longeivity to ensure your outdoor space will keep looking its best for years to come. Trex are based at Cedar Nursery with the us at Solus Decor.

As a back drop and to give privacy we have used Aspen fencing drom Charles and Ivy. The fencing from Charles and Ivy is also made from a composite material limiting the need to maintain every year.

We have complimented the space with the Moments range from Caneline; a contmeporary yet timeless look that will compliment any outdoor space.  The Caneline furniture is available from Cedar Nursery with this range on display for you to try.

Contemporary black planters add greenery to soften the space. Both the planters and plants are available from Cedar nursery in a range of colours and sizes to compliment your outdoor space.

To finish off this space we have added the Elevated Halo fire pit, to center the outdoor seating.  All our firepits are available in a choice of 12 colours with bio fuel, natural gas or LPG and a great range of accessories.

Elevated Halo fire pit garden inspiration

Look 2 – A calming corner for relaxation

For our second look we have opted for neutral tones to provide a calming space to enjoy relaxation with our Water Dome.

water dome garden inspiration

This look combines natural fencing from Jackson Fencing. The ventian style fencing gives a contempary look that works equally well in both a town and country garden.  We have teamed the natural wood fencing with large format tiles from the Everscape range at Topps Tiles.

To soften the look and add textures we have added multilevel planting in a variety of sizes. A before the planters and plants are available from Cedar Nursery.

Next step the finishing touches. We have used the Barlow Tyrie cocoon range which compliments our Water Dome in halva and brass. The water dome is a self circulating water feature, no messy plumbing, simply plug and play.

Feeling inspired and want to update your garden? Get in touch with us or come and visit the showroom in Cobham, Surrey.





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Romance Around the Fire Pit

Hemi fire pit romance

If you want to create the perfect setting for a little romance, there’s no better place this Valentine’s Day than around a fire pit.

Whether you’re looking for a cosy night in, a place to connect with a few drinks downtown, or even taking an extravagant trip to Paris, gathering around a fire is the most romantic place to be. Our contemporary fire features are suited to residential and commercial settings and are the perfect way to create a romantic evening.  What could be more intimate than watching the sun set with the person you love surrounded by the warmth and ambience of a fire pit?

Create warmth, ambiance and romance this valentine's day with a fire pit


Credit: Marissa Cribbs Photography

The Elevated Halo fire pit shown at the Brass on Baltimore provide the perfect romantic setting for a wedding and a honeymoon.  The Halo fire pit offers a great option when enjoying a glass of champagne or appetizers on Valentines Day as it is coffee table height with a surround that offers the perfect amount of space for a glass and small plate.

Our fire pits are operated with mains gas, LPG or bioethanol making them easy to operate with no complex set up or clean up like a traditional wood burning fire pit. This simple set up makes it ideal for those romantic moments.


Our modern fire features come in 12 colours, with the recent addition of a blush pink tone we’ve termed “Rosé”. This flirty and fun colour is certain to bring the entire night together, adding a touch of luxury and beauty to your evening.


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Fire Pit Feature Project: Carol Kurth in The Berkshires

Hemi fire pit

Carol Kurth Architecture and Interiors is the focus of our feature project this month. The project is located in the foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains in Conneticut.  We saw a snaphot of this project through Carol’s Instagram and we had to get in touch to find out more.

The Carol Kurth Architecture and Interiors is an award-winning integrated full-service architecture and interior design firm located in Bedford, NY. From luxurious modern retreats to urban high-rise living, the firm’s design projects span the tri-state area and beyond. Carol Kurth, FAIA, ASID, and her talented team create distinctive and welcoming architecture and interior spaces. The firm’s multidisciplinary design approach is inspired by the creative process, developing unique solutions for their clients.

Carol Kurth Hemi Fire Pits
The Oasis by Carol Kurth Architecture and Interiors

The Oasis as the project has been called is thoughtfully integrated with the site to create a sense of connectivity and privacy. This outdoor retreat exudes the ultimate in relaxation. Rolling terrain, wetlands and a conservation easement required complex approvals to achieve the axial design which is infused with modern architectural language. The gravitational and environmental energy of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water served as inspiration for the dynamic architectural forms which are illustrated through water features, the hemi fire bowls and a covered cabana designed with cathedral ceilings to capture the summer breeze. The dramatic rectangular pool with waterfall edge is a counterpoint to the covered pavilion. The integrated spa, lounge ledge and arch sprays offer an immersive aquatic experience. The space was designed to encourage conversation and entertainment.   The oversized dining area sits adjacent to an outdoor workspace with a vertical herb garden as a backdrop to the extended buffet, celebrating farm-to-table cooking.

Hemi Fire Pits in he Oasis by Carol Kurth Architecture

Carol Kurth Architecture and Interiors has incorporated the Hemi fire pit with metal drinks ring into the design of the oasis. The Hemi fire pits frame the pool and create a wonderful impact combined with the infinity pool.  The show stopping infinity pool was by Wagner Pools 


The oasis by Carol Kurth was recently featured in Cottages and Gardens,  entitled a poolside pardadise againts the odds. This title could not be more accurate when you look at the space before and after. We are thrilled to see a solus fire pit incorporated in this sensational design.


This project like any is a success due the fantastic talent on board

Architecture + Exterior Design: Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors

Project Team: Carol Kurth, FAIA, ASID

Diana Wawrzaszek, AIA

Builder: Pelham Home Builders, Joe Fossi, Principal

Landscape Designer: Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors with Michael & Sons

Photography: Mike Van Tassell


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Boost Your Business with a Fire Pit

hotel firepit

Boost your business this winter.  As winter approaches many commercial settings lose out on valuable space as they close their outdoor areas, but that doesn’t have to happen.  Boost your business with the a fire pit. With a firepit you can make use of outdoor areas all year round and see the financial gains.

Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes are always looking to maximise their capacity as this translates into betters profits. However typically at this time of year outdoor dining and drinking become increasingly difficult as the temperatures drop. We have helped many commercial clients with the introduction of a fire pit or numeruous firepits to make these spaces warm and inviting and allow them to remain open all year round.


The Hemi fire pit in use at The fairmont Hotel and Spa in Canada, The Lakeside Hotel and Spa in the UK and Armitice Coffee in Seattle.


Event spaces such as the Brass on Baltimore above can benefit hugely from making use of outdoor spaces throughout the winter months. This allows for mutiple funtions to take place both indoors and outdoors such as Christmas parties to take place at the same time to build revenue during the winter period. The Elevated Halo is shown here which is coffee table height and lend itself perfectly to commercial spaces with the surrounding space perfect for resting a drink or appertizer plate.

Our firepits are available with a range of accesories including hardwood and metal table tops. This allows the firepits to function as a coffee table when not in use making it a multi functional piece of furniture for your commercial setting.  We are often asked if safety is a concern when in a commercial setting, to ease this concern we have a range of glass shields to protect the flame.

Our fire pits are designed and manufactured by our team in Vancouver with a wealth of experince to helo you. Get in touch now to help make the most of your outdoor space and boost your business in the winter months.

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Fire Pit Feature Project with Marlene Lento Design Studio

hemi fire pit Kent

This month in our fire pit feature project we have Marlene Lento Design Studio. Marlene designs gardens in Kent and East Sussex. Her designs range from traditional to contemporary with an emphasis on creating outdoor living spaces that are usable and beautiful throughout the seasons:


“There is really nothing that you can’t do outside, even in our UK climate”

Marlene Lento



We are focussing on a recent project that Marlene undertook for a client in Otford, Kent.  When discussing the client brief with Marlene it was simply to design a spectacular entertainment area at the top of their steep garden overlooking the Kent countryside. Looking at the end result she certainly fulfilled the brief and more!  A garden of this nature needs the help of a designer to realise its true potential and really give it the wow factor, which Marlene has definitely done with her design.

In order to fulfil the brief  Marlene designed two circular decks that are set into the slope, one of which is a lounge area and the other a dance floor! The centre piece of the lounge area is a large Solus fire bowl which is surrounded by cosy upholstered outdoor furniture. A cantilevered heater adds further warmth making it a year-round destination. The elaborate lighting scheme and mature planting, some of which were helicoptered into the garden create real impact and luxury within this Kent garden.

hemi fire pit

Marlene has incorporated our Hemi fire bowl with gas connection and drinks ring.  The gas pipework has been carefully concealed beneath the decking; a key part of the planning process and something that we are on hand to help with along with any technical questions.

We are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic garden transformation. Get in touch with Marlene Lento Design Studio to see how she can help with your garden project.

The Look Book 

Plants/ Trees – Architectural Plants 

Decking – Millboard

Cantilevered Heater – Cuckooland

Outdoor Furniture – Indian Ocean

Fire Pit – Solus Decor 


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Fire Pit Feature Project with Andrea Newill Garden Design

Cinder elevated halo firepit

This month we are featuring Andrea Newill Garden Design as part of our fire pit feature project; with a spectacular outdoor living space in Greenham.


Andrea Newill garden design is based in Berkshire and her design ethos is based around the client first and foremost. Andrea’s work is primarily in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Her project in Greenham is the focus in our fire pit feature project.

The gardens I design are always client focused, interpreting my client’s ideas to create a garden that also complements the style of the house and sits comfortably within the surrounding landscape. Always focusing on practicalities like budget and build quality my aim is to ensure that investing in a new garden always meets and surpasses expectations.

We love to work with garden designers and see how they incorporate our products within their designs and Andrea has created an exceptional outdoor space for this client. Andrea has included our elevated halo fire pit in cinder to create a focal point in the relaxed outdoor seating area which is covered with the pergola from Harrod Horticultural. A firepit can really anchor an outdoor seating area in garden designs as it becomes the heart of the seating area adding both warmth and ambience to relaxed outdoor seating, as seen here in Andrea’s design.


In the project  Andrea has opted for the gas option to fuel the firepit. All our firepits are available with the option of natural gas, LPG and biofuel subject to what works best for your setting. The firepits are also available in 12 colours and we have a wide range of accessories to help customise your fire pit; metal and wooden table tops, glass flame protectors, covers and additional stones.

Andrea has cleverly created different zones within this scheme, with the all important garden studio, which have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years with the growing need and desire to work from home. Who wouldn’t want to work from home in a setting like this!

Elevated Halo cinder

The Look Book

Porcelain from London Stone

Aluminium Planters and retaining wall from Adezz

Garden Studio from Green Retreats

Pergolas from Harrod Horticultural

Fire Pit from Solus Decor

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Fire Pit Feature Project by Catherine Clancy

Catherine Clancy Greenwich Garden

This month on the blog we are featuring Catherine Clancy; who has long been a trusted garden designer by Solus Decor.


Catherine is based in London and designs residential projects throughout London and the South East. Catherine’s garden style is based around beautiful, careful and considered design with a simple aesthetic and a focus on quality to ensure longevity.  Catherine works closely with clients to create a garden with a wow factor that also fulfills the needs of everyday life whether for a family or an individual.

We are focusing on a recent project completed by Catherine Clancy,  The project is located in Greenwich in south East London. The starting point is the client brief, which then allows Catherine to then move forward with the design process.

Client Brief:

We have a small back garden in Greenwich that we had not really used in the four years since we moved in. An old shed took up much of the space and the rest of the garden was planted with large trees and bushes, leaving little available space to enjoy. We asked Catherine to design a patio garden that we could spend lots of time in and have various areas for entertaining. 

Catherine Clancy Greenwich Garden

Catherine worked with Bes Landscapes to create the perfect outdoor living space for her clients to enjoy with friends and family.  Catherine has carefully combined dark grey stone with squid ink paint softened with beautiful planting to give a contemporary look and feel to this outdoor space.


London Stone – silver grey porcelain
London Stone – Chelmer Valley charcoal grey pavers
Paint and Paper library squid-ink paint on the rendered walls
Plants from Provender nurseries

The seating area in this garden is centered around our Elevated Halo fire pit in cinder, which compliments the garden tones perfectly and allows Catherine’s clients to make the use of the garden throughout the year.  The elevated halo is available with natural gas, LPG and bio fuel, making it adaptable for a variety of outdoor spaces.


If you are looking to make the most of your outdoor space get in touch with Catherine to see how she can help you.

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Chelsea Flower Show 2022

solus at chelsea flower show 2022

Last week saw the return of the Chelsea Flower Show  in its traditional place in the month of May and Chelsea Flower Show 2022 did not disappoint. Guest were met with an array of colours, beautiful blooms, complex planting and well considered garden design as they entered the gates in Chelsea.


This year saw the first collaboration between Solus Decor and Cedar Nursery. As we marked the second anniversary of our first UK showroom at Cedar Nursery it seemed fitting to show how the two brands fit together to provide the ultimate location for planning and sourcing for outdoor living.

This year at Chelsea Flower show also saw the debut of the new Water Box, the latest addition to our product range.  The Water Box is a fresh take on the water dome; still self circulating, still plug and play just a different shape. It was fantastic to see the reception to the new design and we look forward to adding this to our outdoor living  showroom.



water box

The water box wasn’t the only water feature getting the attention at Chelsea Flower Show. We were fortunate to have been asked to be a part of the Mandala, Meditation & Mindfulness Garden designed by Nikki Hollier, who incorporated a Solus water dome to provide the calming sound of water within this garden design.

Nikki created a fantastic space to escape to as a way to relax and unwind, which was inspired by the events of the last two years and the judges though so too. We were thrilled that Nikki was awarded silver for her container garden design. To find our more about Nikki and her clever packages to help you get the most out of your garden planting take a look at her website.

We will be posting some of our highlights from the show on Instagram and Facebook over the coming weeks.

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Chelsea Flower Show 2022 Preview

solus decor autumn

We will be displaying the ultimate in outdoor living as we team up with Cedar Nursery at Chelsea Flower Show 2022

For Chelsea Flower Show 2022 we are teaming up with Cedar Nursery where our UK showroom is based.  Cedar Nursery provides the one stop shop for everything you need for outdoor living.  Our UK showroom at Cedar Nursery is surrounded by everything you need to create your outdoor living space; outdoor kitchens, decking, planters, plants, outdoor furniture, garden rooms and of course fire pits and water features.

We are thrilled to be able to feature just a slice of these outdoor living components at Chelsea Flower Show this year.

Outdoor Furniture from the Cane line furniture range


Outdoor Kitchen featuring the impressive Wolf outdoor grill



Outdoor Grill
Wolf Outdoor Grill


Fire Pits; our signature firepits made from high performance concrete

Water Features; our range of water features including the Pacific Rim, which combines both fire and water

This year at Chelsea Flower Show we will be at stand PW608, if you would like to find out more about how you can create your own outdoor living space at home pop by and say hello!

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Top 3 Questions when contemplating a fire pit?

Fire pit questions

We thought we would share some of the key questions we ask when people visit our UK showroom at Cedar Nursery to ensure they invest in the right fire pit that works for their lifestyle and location. These questions apply whether you are installing a fire pit in London, Vancouver, Maui or Marbella, we ship to all locations!


Pipework -The very first thing we ask – are you planning for a gas fire pit and if so, have you thought about the pipework. If you are in the planning stages of your garden, we always say “lay the pipework and better still lay electrical cables too”. Having this infrastructure in place allows to have not only a gas fire pit but the option for electrical ignition to light the fire pit.

We have talked to countless people who discover that they would love to have a fire pit, but the porcelain tile or concrete base has already been installed.  Having this infrastructure in place at the beginning opens up your opportunities later down the line.  There are solutions for this but if you have the opportunity “lay the pipes” even if you don’t install the fire pit for a year or two.  Future proofing by laying the pipework and cables gives you so many more options when you come to eventually install a fire pit in your garden.

solus hemi fire pit

Fuels – What will work best for you, your lifestyle and location? If the amount of heat is important and candidly in most countries heat is important and one of the key reasons for installing a fire pit then you should be considering natural gas or LPG.  Natural gas is the easiest and least expensive but requires pipework to go in before patio or decking is installed.  LPG is the second choice and if you are working with an existing garden design it is possible to surface mount with a quick disconnect hose across the surface that can be concealed beneath outdoor furniture or within planting. Alternatively, if you are looking for ultimate flexibility, perhaps space is at a premium or maybe you’re renting a property then you have ethanol fuel as an option.   As much as everyone loves a wood fire you cannot escape the mess, smoke in the eyes, and the lasting smell of the wood fire caught in your clothes and hair at the end of the night.

Warranties– Consider warranties and what the warranties cover. Many fire pits are made overseas and candidly the certification standards are somewhat suspect. The warranties are very short, in some cases non existent and often it does not cover every element of the fire pit.   If anything is going to fail it will be the ignition system, the burner or the vessel (or bowl) itself.  Certification costs where we make them in Canada are $100 – 150 per unit.  If you are looking at something online retailing at £400 – 500 you must question the durability and safety of these products. How you can provide a warranty for something that that costs next to nothing in comparison to certification costs.  Ask yourself how safe is it?  How durable is it? How sustainable is it?  What sort of warranty does it have – if any?

For more information please see our SAQ and FAQs

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An Autumnal Outdoor Santuary

solus decor autumn

This year at Chelsea Flower Show we created an Autumnal outdoor sanctuary as the show was held in September.  We opted for warmer tones and materials, which gave us more of a woodland feel. Here’s a look at our trade stand and how we created this sanctuary.

We collaborated with some fantastic brands to add the design elements to the stand that really brought it to life. We were fortunate enough to work with Artizans of Devises, which inspired the woodland element of the stand.  Artizans of Devises launched their National Trust tile range earlier this year and we were thrilled to be able to use the Woodland Glade Porcelain tile as part of our stand. The Woodland Glade tile was the starting point for the overall look of the stand and fueled the mood board.

With a move to a more autumnal, woodland feel we knew that we wanted to go with warmer tones with both paint and decking. Having previously worked with Envirobuild at both Chelsea and our UK showroom we were keen to incorporate their Hyperion decking into the design.  Having previously opted for their grey tones we knew that we needed to add warmth with the decking on this occasion and opted for their oak Hyperion decking which compliments the colour palette of the Woodland Glade tiles perfectly

For the overall framework of the trade stand that created the all weather cover we used venetian fence panels painted with Little Greene Tom’s Oil Eggshell paint in Livid. This Little Greene paint is designed for outdoor use with excellent coverage and the colour complimented the woodland autumnal feel.

We teamed these outdoor living range products with a range of products from our high performance concrete fire and water products; including the new Tavolo fire table and the bio fuel Pacific Rim combined fire and water feature to give the wow factor and heat to our autumnal outdoor sanctuary.


We were very privileged to work with the very talented artist; Carrie Anne Funnel on a bespoke glass dome for our 36″ water dome. Carrie Anne worked with the colours in the Artisan of Devizes tiles to create a beautiful bespoke element to our outdoor sanctuary.

water dome chelsea flower show

Get in touch with us to find out more about the range of products on display at Chelsea Flower Show





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Chelsea Flower Show 2021

nhs tribute garden chelsea flower show 2021

This year at Chelsea there was an emphasis on sustainability and the idea of your outdoor space being a space for sanctuary and relaxation. These are key elements that have been prominent to all of us during the pandemic and it was lovely to see these themes evolve this year.

Many of us have used the garden as a place of sanctuary and over the last couple of years as we have worked from home and had limited or no face to face contact with family and friends. The sanctuary gardens was an area that we particularly enjoyed at the show this year; it shows how to make the most of your outdoors space even if this is limited in size.

Here are some of our highlights from the Sanctuary Gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2021:

Boodles Secret Garden 

The Boodles Secret Garden is inspired by the well-loved children’s story by Frances Hodgson-Burnett, and is an interpretation of the journey to an enchanted, life-changing sanctuary.

From naturalistic planting of tree ferns, grasses and spires of Verbena hastata in a palette of muted greens and creams in the outer beds, the viewer is enticed to look through an intricately carved, louvred oak wall into an enchanted, secret garden brimming with jewel-like plants.

The Finish Soul Garden

Finnish Soul Garden depicts a seaside garden intended to be used as a recreational facility by city dwellers. Situated near a public beach on a secluded peninsula, it features natural Baltic seaside vegetation, sauna and cool-off area. The garden provides an open view to the sea and nearby islands. It is a haven with an atmosphere of relaxation, recuperation and recreation.

The key features are a contemporary Finnish sauna with a vegetated roof and a water feature. The garden recreates the natural green seaside environment and, in the planted cool-off area, the flowers reflect the understated charm of autumn. This communal sanctuary reflects traditional seaside life in harmony with the surrounding nature. The Nordic tradition of seaside life has continued virtually unchanged for centuries.

Finding Our Way: An NHS Tribute Garden 

This garden celebrates the relentless work of the NHS to provide care and support during the Covid pandemic not just nurses and doctors, but also physiotherapists, pharmacists, porters, technicians and other unseen and unsung staff who keep the health service running. At the same time, the UK universities were working flat out to find treatments and vaccines.

Keep a look out for our next blog where we feature our very own sanctuary garden using our fire and water features that you can create at home.

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Feature Designer – Royal Pacific Landing

Royal Pacific Landing fire pit

We are focusing on Royal Pacific Landing; a landscape architecture firm based in Vancouver.  The team is headed up by founder Lu Xu and they specialise in Executive Residential and Multi-family Landscape architecture design. With an East meets West aesthetic. They seek to create a harmonious balance to your outdoor living space that is grand, elegant and refined.


We have been drawn to Royal Pacific Landing and the way in which they incorporate both fire and water into so many of their designs for outdoor spaces, creating the perfect sense of balance in the spaces they create. We are thrilled that they have incorporated a number of Solus products within their designs.

This development by H20 with landscape architecture by Royal Pacific Landing blends the fire and water harmoniously in this  boutique garden. A contemporary design using natural textures to bring the outdoor space to life.


Royal Pacific Landing have incorporated our elevated halo fire pit in cinder which combines perfectly with the concrete stepping stones and Mexican polished black pebbles. Take a look at the full project.


Royal Pacific Landing have once again incorporated the Halo fire pit in this elegant and refined project which blends seamlessly with the interior design by Beyond Beige Interior Design . A classic take on contemporary design is evident in this outdoor living space that works hand in hand with the interiors.

This project was a full garden renovation to both the front and rear sections of the garden. The design creates separate spaces  for outdoor entertaining and places for children to play. They have incorporated our halo low fire pit on the decked area which connects flawlessly with the inside entertainment area. Take a look at the full project.

To find out more about the products used by Royal Pacific get in touch with our team