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8 questions to help you find the fire pit of your dreams

Hemi fire pit

Are you ready to create the outdoor space of your dreams but not sure where to start nor which kind of fire pit you desire? Don’t worry! We have compiled 8 questions that will greatly help you narrow down the choices so you can have the fire pit of your dreams in time for summer!

1) Will your fire pit be used more for entertaining or creating a cozy, campfire feel for your home?
If more for entertainment, then we would suggest a fire pit that will create an exciting ambiance for your guests like our Firetable or Elevated Halo. An additional benefit to them is that they have flat surfaces ideal for placing food and drinks. If it is more for a cozy, warm feel, then we would suggest a Hemi firebowl as they kick out a surprising amount of heat and will create that perfect, campfire feel for your outdoor living space.

Elevated Halo perfect for entertaining Hemi 26″ for a cozy, campfire experience

2) What kind of outdoor furniture seating will you have?
If you will have sectionals or outdoor sofas but not a lot of space, then we would suggest a square shaped fire pit like our Elevated Halo, Firetable and Fire Trough. However, if you have a large outdoor space, then you would also be able to place individual chairs around an Elevated Halo. If you will have individual chairs or large shaped chairs, than a round fire pit like our Hemi firebowl would be best suited.

Sectional around Elevated Halo Large chairs around a Hemi firebowl

3) How big is your outdoor space?
Generally speaking, Hemi firebowls and Firecube are more accommodating to smaller spaces and square shaped fire pits for larger spaces.

  • Smaller space: Hemi 26″ firebowl, Firecube
  • Medium space: Elevated Halo 36″, Hemi 36″ firebowl, Firebox
  • Larger space: Elevated Halo 48″, Hemi 48″ firebowl, Firetable, Fire Trough
Firecube great for smaller spaces

4) Do you wish to have more of a contemporary or traditional look?
Both the style of your home and the space available will depict which collection would be better. In general, if you live in more of a contemporary or modern home with flat roofs, concrete floors or high ceilings, our Halo collection fits beautifully with this style. This said, the Hemi collection can also work well depending on the space allotted. If you have more of a traditional home with ornate décor, rod iron fences or awnings, our Hemi collection would probably be a better fit although the Elevated Halo collection can also work (as you’ll see below).

Hemi 36″ firebowl in modern home Elevated Halo 36″ in contemporary home Elevated Halo 36″ in Traditional Home Hemi 36″ for a traditional setting

5) Are you looking for an architectural feature?
If you are looking for a fire pit to make a statement and not so much for the heat factor, then we would suggest our beautiful new Spire, our Halo or Firecubes lined in a row. Our Hemi collection can also be stunning.

Hemi as architectural feature Spire fire pit as décor feature Halo as architectural feature Hemi 26″ as décor feature

7) Will there be any combustible materials nearby?
Awnings, wooden furniture, planters? These might depict the size and style of the fire pit you choose. We suggest that you check the minimum distance towards any combustible materials nearby where you wish to place the fire pit and call us for more assistance on this matter to help you set up a safe fire pit living experience.

Halo at safe distance from combustible materials

8) Which fuel source will you use: Natural Gas, Propane or Biofuel?
These won’t depict the type of fire pit per se, but more so determine where the fire pit could be placed. If you have a natural gas line already in place, this might determine the placement of the fire pit, and thus what shape would fit best near the gas line. If you are using propane, then you will have more flexibility as to where you could place the fire pit and thus will have more choices for the style.

Designing your outdoor space should almost be as exciting as enjoying the finished result. Should you feel it has become daunting, let our design team experts help you get the best result for your space. Don’t ever hesitate to call and talk with our friendly team – 1 877 255 3146.