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10 reasons to choose a Solus fire pit

Solus fire pits are in some of the finest homes, restaurants, commercial interiors and resorts around North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia. As experts at creating design solutions for fire features including outdoor fire pits and fireplace surrounds, we think you deserve to know what sets us apart from our competitors.

1) Solus concrete mix formulas produce the best concrete in the industry

Not all concrete is created equal. Concrete comparisons are not unlike diamonds, olive oil or single malt whiskies. There are your lower end and lessor quality concrete designs and there are ones that have been chosen for their taste, appearance, quality and hand crafted with special care. When it comes to concrete, we design the smoothest, highest quality, variety.

2) Our natural gas fire pits are 100 % certified as an appliance

On first glance most fire pits appear certified as they will tell you that their burner is certified. This is not the same thing – Many US states and Canadian provinces require the entire appliance to be certified as a unit – this includes the concrete and and all the attachments to it.   Not just the burner.  Think of other appliances in your home – it would be foolish if the elements on your stove were the only “certified” item on your stove.  You get the point.  Many regulatory authorities will require a “tag” for the appliance not just the burner or they will deny you a permit.  California, Washington, Massachusetts, NY, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta all require entire certification.

3) Silk/satin like finish

If you compare the concrete of a patio, driveway or competitor’s fire pit, you will notice it is thicker, grittier, rougher and has substantially more ‘bug holes’ or voids. Compare it to ours and you’ll notice ours has the smoothness of fine silk or smooth leather. As one of our client’s wrote recently, “the finish is like an Apple product….fine finishing, exacting tolerances and well made.”

Halo fire pit

4) Our burners won’t rust!

We have the best burners and the best warranty (limited lifetime warranty ) in the marketplace. Ours are highly efficient (burn up to 40% less than comparable burners), are more robust, kicking out greater heat and of course better than the average one year  warranty that others offer.  They are made of brass and for those of you who are mariners, you know what that means.  Brass is the only material that will not rust or corrode when exposed to water. We have all had stainless steel BBQs and know what happens to them after a few years…

5) Safety first

Our fire pits ship with lava and refractory stone (emulates river rock) but more importantly, they are made to withstand fire so they will not fly out of the fire pit at you. Lava rocks on their own are dangerous. Be weary of fire pits with only lava stones. Landscaping or river rocks should also not be used in fire pits.

6) Large colour selection

We offer twelve beautiful colours which are sure to match all décors. In addition, we coat the surfaces of our fire pits to give them extra resistance – important if you want them to age beautifully.


7) Fast turnaround time

We stock 150 fire pits at any time and therefore can ship within 2-10 business days (depending on the time of year), provided the colour and model you select is in stock.

8) Environmentally-friendly options

For those interested in using bio fuels, we offer ethanol burners which use a renewable, clean burning fuel source. And if you’re looking for more energy efficiency and convenience, a number of our fire pits come with an electronic start and timer so you can be sure it shuts off at a certain time, even when you’re not in the room. This timer is the perfect addition for fire pits in condominium common areas, commercial estates, office buildings, patio rooftop decks, poolside areas and hard-to-access landscaped areas.

9) Aesthetically pleasing accessories

Not only do we offer the most beautiful fire pits in the industry, we also offer many accessories to enhance the experience of using our products. For instance, we now offer propane tank holders that are beautifully designed and add value aesthetically and artistically to your project. We also offer fire pit covers made of the highest quality, marine grade all weather material on the market, perfect for protecting them from the elements when not in use. And when extra table space is needed, our fire pit table tops are the perfect addition, allowing you to convert your fire pit into extra space for glasses, plates or candles when heat is not needed.

10) Quality first

If Solus products don’t look they way they should, we don’t send them out the door. This goes for all our products – covers to concrete! Our motto has always been quality first, second and third. If it isn’t good enough to be in our showroom, it doesn’t go out the door.

So there you have it. All the reasons why you will love your Solus fire product.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” Benjamin Franklin.